Are Golden Retrievers Boring? How Fun Is This Perfect Family Dog?

With great popularity, comes a lot of questions, myths, and misconceptions. One of these that has come to my attention lately is that some people think that because golden retrievers are such good family pets, they must be boring dogs.

But really, are Golden Retrievers Boring? No, Golden retrievers are not boring at all; Golden Retrievers are people-oriented, lots of fun, obedient, hilariously funny partners who are always curious with a sharp intelligence still shining in their wild, crazy character. 

If you have ever been told that golden retrievers are boring or overrated, I’ve heard it all before, so keep on reading and let me tell you about all the fantastic traits of a golden retriever that make them anything but boring.

Are Golden Retrievers Boring? 

golden retriever on stairs to answer are golden retrievers boring

As explained at the beginning, no, Golden retrievers are not at all boring, This breed is amiable and patient, making them excellent family companions, and their cleverness makes them wonderful working dogs. 

Golden retrievers are superb in fetching, tracking, sniffing out contraband for law enforcement, and serving as therapy and service dogs. 

Goldens are also very energetic and natural athletes that excel in canine sports like agility and competitive obedience.

Why You May think your dog is boring 

These are some of the reasons that may make you believe that your dog is boring.

You’re killing the fun

When Golden Retrievers are bored, they might act sluggish or indifferent. They will not be up for playing around and may not show any interest in their favorite activity or toy.

So let me tell you that if you think golden retrievers are boring, you could be the one boring the dog out. Remember when Joey depressed the super fun dog when had the hugest crush on Rachel? Maybe you’re like that now.

Feeling Lonely

Another reason why your golden retrievers may seem boring is that maybe it’s feeling lonely. Goldens are very social dogs. They are a playful, hyperactive breed that likes to have fun 24/7, and if it is feeling lonely, it will act dull, lazy, and boring.

If you have to leave your dog alone for long, there are some things you can do to help them stay alone but not be as lonely. You can learn how to leave your golden retriever alone here.

You got used to a routine..

 Are you sure your golden retriever is getting enough exercise? Golden retrievers may become lazy and tiresome if not engaged in enough activities, so make sure you shower them with playtimes and runs.

Remember that the time and intensity of the training should be adjusted according to many factors including their energy levels, health condition, age, weather, and more. So, maybe you are giving them the level of exercise that they needed while they were puppies but is currently insufficient.

Bad Nutrition

It is also possible that there is a problem with its nutrition. For example, it might be because they are overeating, not enough, or consuming items that they should not be eating. Here is the list of foods your golden retriever should never eat.

A diet problem is more likely if it has started acting differently following a diet change and if it does it more when it consumes particular foods. 


Older Golden retrievers may start to lose a bit of their hyperactivity, goofiness, and crazy character as they age. So your dog is not dull, it is just growing older. That’s particularly true when they start having health problems, and particularly hip problems that make it difficult for them to walk and run normally.

They are calm by Nature

As we all know, dogs have personalities. Despite the fact that golden retrievers are known for pouring themselves into walking and playtime and then looking for the next activity to keep them going, some golden retrievers may be born calmer than others.


Your golden retriever may not be lazy or boring, but actually, this lack of playfulness might be due to being ill; check for signs of discomfort or unusual symptoms and if you find anything questionable, visit the vet.

You can follow this guide if your golden retriever is lazy or boring to find out what may be causing the problem.


Is your golden retriever acting strangely and withdrawing? Is it now obviously inactive? Has it abruptly altered its eating and sleeping habits? Does it no longer partake in the activities it previously did?

Ask yourself these questions and if the enaswer is yes, notice if the symptoms go on for long as your dog might be suffering from depression

Fun Activities to do with your golden retriever (instead of the boring walks) 

Golden retrievers may love an active routine,  but when it’s the same thing every day, it can get boring after a while, and while walks and nice and all, they stop getting interesting. So here are some boredom busters to keep your dog playful and excited around the clock.


Golden retrievers may be quite mouthy, so incorporating activities that allow them to hold objects in their mouth and return them back accords with their instincts. As an added benefit, the game focuses on recall abilities.

Some golden retrievers can find this game a bit more difficult than others, and you can learn why some goldens don’t fetch or retriever and what to do here.

Hide and seek

We all loved this one as children and golden retrievers are no different. This game is also really great indoors when the weather is not suitable for a day out. 

Tug of war

This one is great for reinforcing behavior and learning commands. 

It’s also an excellent distracting activity when they’re misbehaving, puppy play biting, or concentrating on something they shouldn’t be.


Puzzles not only keep your dog distracted and concentrated but also stimulates their thinking abilities. You can find the list of my favorite puzzles for golden retrievers here, these are the toys I’ve tested a lot and I’ve been getting for my goldens for years.


Get your dog moving, and have an exercise session for yourself as well – one hour of running or jogging around your neighborhood is great to prevent your dog from feeling bored, releasing its pen up energy, and strengthening its muscles all at once.

You can learn how to teach your golden retriever to run with you here.


This one feels like heaven especially when the weather is not too cooperative; swimming is considered a great exercise, and also a way to lower your dog’s body temperature on the hot summer days. You can learn how to teach your golden retriever to swim here.

Related Questions 

Are golden retrievers overrated? 

No, Golden Retrievers are not overrated; they are fantastic family dogseven though and great partners to e around. Golden retrievers are the perfect people-oriented, fun, obedient, hilariously funny partners, whether for families, individuals, or even children; you get an all-in-one package.

Are Golden Retrievers playful? 

Yes, Golden retrievers are playful; in fact, if you think playful, the image of an all-smiles golden retriever pops in your mind right away. However, this breed is calm, clever, and loving. Golden retrievers are lively but friendly with youngsters, as well as other pets and strangers.

Do Golden Retrievers get shy? 

Yes, Golden Retrievers get shy, especially if still a puppy, as it might be going through a hesitant stage that many dogs go through. This is especially likely if your puppy is approximately 6 weeks old, as it is typical for Golden Retrievers to grow a little shy at that age.

Calling Golden Retrievers boring may be one of the most far from real things to be said about goldens. So if you ever sense that, make sure you know that there are always underlying reasons, and this breed is never boring by nature.

Golden retrievers are one of the most (if not the most) playful and compassionate dog breeds, and they are amazing family dogs too!

Helpful Resources 

Why Goldens Do That: A Collection of Curious Golden Retriever Behaviors by Tom Davis (An enjoyable and informative book which you can check on Amazon here).

Golden Retrievers for Dummies by Nona Kilgore Bauer

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