Are Golden Retrievers Gassy? Do They Stink Up Your House?

Golden Retrievers look and act wonderful, which leads you to think if the same can be said about their smells. Some dogs are also known for being gassy and possessing a unique ability to make your house smell very unpleasantly.

All dogs fart, but the question is whether it’s something you should worry about more than usual with golden retrievers.

So, Are golden retrievers gassy? Yes, golden retrievers are gassy and they are one of the three most popular breeds that are known for being gassy and they are more susceptible to bloat than other dog breeds, they can also be gassy as a result of a change in their diet. The good news is that it’s not as bad as you think.

While this may sound like bad news, it’s really not that bad. It’s very tolerable and you can handle it and live with it just fine like the millions of golden retriever owners around the world. To understand the whys and hows, keep on reading…

Are Golden Retrievers Gassy? 

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As explained earlier, golden retrievers are gassy. Some might think that they are gassy because they are more susceptible to bloat, but this is not entirely accurate, or at least we don’t have any evidence that this is true.

We also are not entirely sure why goldens are more prone to bloat than other dog breeds, but the most common theory is that their deep chests makes it easy to trap gas in there and cause all sorts of problems, which makes a lot of sense.

As for the question of whether golden retrievers can stink up your entire house, the answer is yes they can, especially if you live in a small apartment because the gas smell can get stuck in their coat and they will leave that smell wherever they sit or sleep.

Fortunately, there are things you can do about it. First off, a good grooming and bathing routine will go along way in removing any smells from their coats. You can learn how often to bathe golden retriever here and check my tips there on bathing your golden to remove smells, I think they will be quite useful to you.

What Causes Golden Retriever to be gassy (Causes of Flatulence) 

Here are the causes for flatulence in golden retrievers (what makes them gassy)

  • Change in their diet 
  • Poorly digestible diets 
  • Spicy food
  • Soybeans 
  • Milk products 
  • Peas 
  • High-fat diets 
  • Beans 
  • Eating too fast 
  • Eating too much 

How to treat Flatulence in your golden retriever 

If your golden retriever’s flatulency is abnormal and you just can’t tolerate it, the best thing you can do for them (and your family) is to take them to the vet.

The vet will recommend some medications such as antacid or simethicone to handle the frequency and smell of your dog’s farts.

They can also recommend changing their diet and limiting or eliminating certain foods and treats from their diets that could be causing the farting.

You can feed them dog food and treats that contain ingredients such as zinc acetate and yucca schidigera, it will help reduce the odor of your dog’s gas. 

But here is what YOU can do to reduce their flatulence 

  • Make sure to not feed them something they are allergic to or they are sensitive to
  • Avoid dairy if they are lactose intolerance 
  • If they eat fast, divide their food in half and let them eat two small meals a day 
  • Feed them healthy, nutritious, and highly digestible food 
  • Search for a brand that suits their age, breed, and lifestyle 
  • Make sure that their food does not contain low-quality proteins and corn products 

You can learn about all the foods golden retrievers should never eat here. I think it’s definitely a must-read for all golden retriever owners.

Why is my dog gassy all of a sudden?

The most common reason for the sudden gas is a change in their diet or the dog ate something spoiled, and most cases of chronic flatulence are caused by a diet that is poorly digested by your furry friend. 

What home remedy can I give my dog for gas?

You can give your dog natural digestive aids like ginger, edible peppermint oil, and yogurt.

They reduce the dog’s flatulence.

What can I give my dog for gas and an upset stomach?

  • You can add a tablespoon of plain, unsweetened Greek yogurt to their food. 
  • You can add bananas, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin to their diet, it will help to settle their stomach. 
  • Give them plenty of potty breaks 
  • Keep your dog on a daily probiotic like yogurt, it will help minimize their digestive episodes 
  • You can use Pepto-Bismol (consult your vet before using)

Is Pepto-Bismol safe for dogs?

Yes, Pepto-Bismol is safe for dogs, it can help settle your dog’s upset stomach, alleviate diarrhea, and can reduce gas, and unlike other medications, the U.S. food and drug administration has approved the use of Pepto-Bismol for dogs.

Does pumpkin help gassy dogs?

Yes, it can help gassy dogs; add one tablespoon of canned pumpkin and it will keep gas to a minimum, also green beans and cooked oatmeal will help as well, but do not overfeed them fiber because it can make the gas even worse.

Will bread help my dog’s upset stomach?

No, the bread will not upset their stomach, and bread can actually help your dog’s upset stomach if it is a little bit off, you feed them some bread, but if your dog was vomiting, has profuse diarrhea, or has any sign of being in pain then skip the bread, and take them to their vet.

20 dog breeds that are the gassiest 

  1. Boxers 
  2. Pit bulls 
  3. Golden retrievers 
  4. Beagles 
  5. German shepherds 
  6. Labrador retriever 
  7. Doberman pinscher 
  8. Pekingese 
  9. Boston terrier 
  10. Poodle 
  11. Mastiff 
  12. Pug 
  13. Shih Tzu 
  14. Brussels griffon 
  15. Bulldog 
  16. Lhasa apso 
  17. Chow chow
  18. Yorkshire terriers 
  19. English bulldog 
  20. soft coated wheaten terriers 

Related Questions 

Why is my golden retriever so gassy? 

Golden retrievers can be gassy for several reasons such as eating the wrong kind of food, eating too much and swallowing air while eating, or a change in their diet, also it could be that they are allergic to something or they are lactose intolerant and they drink milk.

Do Golden Retrievers stink? 

Yes, golden retriever can stink and have a bad odor, because of their double coat, the bad odor can be caused by bacteria, skin oils, and yeast metabolizing secretions if their skin is less healthy it could increase the population of yeast and bacteria and the smell will increase too.

I hope that this article helped you and if you liked it please share it with your family and friends, it may help them, and it will help me as well. 


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