Are Golden Retrievers Good for Singles? A Guide for Full-Timers

People normally think of dogs as family pets, while in fact, they make great life companions and partners. 

Dogs give unconditional affection, companionship, and security in life. Every day, they will be the ones waiting for you to return home.

Golden retrievers tend to match most personalities, living conditions and would make your days easy and full of love and attention instead of more challenging.

So, Are Golden Retrievers Good for singles? Golden retrievers make good partners for singles as they have endless unconditional love for their owners, loads of energy that will keep anyone active, and are intelligent and easily trainable. They are also great ice breakers and conversational openers and will help you meet new people.

If you’re searching for someone to keep you company and give a feeling of the partnership while you’re out and about, keep reading to find out why golden retrievers make great better halves for single people and how you, as a full-timer and someone with little time outside of work hours, can still raise a golden retriever.

Are Golden Retrievers good for singles? 

golden hugging owner to show why are golden retrievers good for singles

With their loveable attitude and kind heart, Golden retrievers provide everything singles would be looking for.

From their enthusiastic and energetic attitude that will keep you entertained, to their sportive nature and endless energy that will give you an added reason to be more active, and even their trainability and obedience that will urge them to always do what pleases you as their owners, this smart breed makes the perfect partner for a single person seeking companionship.

12 Reasons why Golden Retrievers are great for singles 

They will be your adoring, caring greatest pals.

Golden retrievers are considered to be loving and affectionate. As a single person, what could be better than a partner that will adore you after a long day at work, that will be sociable and fun while yet being kind and protective when necessary.

A Golden Retriever is renowned to rejoice with you when you are happy and cheering you up when you are sad; making him a dependable, 24-hour-a-day furry buddy.

They are athletic companions.

If you’re looking for a workout partner, you don’t need to be concerned about that; Goldens, as a big and athletic breed, like physical activity, requiring at least half an hour of intense to moderate daily activity. The Golden Retriever thrives in a sporting atmosphere, making them the ideal workout companion for you.

You can run with your golden retriever, hike with them, or take walks as long as you want, they will easily keep up with you. You can learn how to hike with your golden retriever here.

They are the friendliest breed on the planet

They are the friendliest dog breed, which is one of the reasons why everyone falls in love with golden retrievers. They will open up to you and become your best friend, which is something that any single person needs. They have a laid-back demeanor which makes them like playing and are rarely furious.

They have loads of energy

Golden Retrievers are endlessly energetic. This breed is full of vigor and endurance, they will keep you up on your feet all the time.

They thrive on activities like these since they are bursting with energy and like a good game of fetch (hence the name “retriever”). Because of their enthusiasm, your single days will never be flavored with boredom.

They are calm and quiet at all times.

A golden retriever is often calm and quiet, making it simple to train from basic to higher obedience levels. So, for singles who have no one to help out in doggie training that’s a huge plus. Because of his kind and friendly temperament, he is quiet, calm, and highly loving.

They pay close attention to their owners.

We all love attention, and to your dog, you are the only person in the world that deserves (and gets) their attention at all times. One of the Golden Retriever’s greatest assets is their ability to be completely attentive and passionate towards their owners.

These canine friends are eager to please and will form deep bonds with their owners. Goldens are loyal friends. He will follow you about the house and even sit with you in the kitchen. This is the greatest dog to bond with since it is desperate for human attention.

They have a deep-rooted desire to please their owners

Golden retrievers are so loving that they are constantly seeking ways to satisfy and make their owners happy.

Goldens will always be the partner that will make you happy just by being near them. They will gladly and joyfully fulfill your commands. 

They’re Well-Behaved

Who doesn’t appreciate a well-mannered companion? Golden retrievers, with appropriate training, can learn and comprehend what their owners like and dislike, as well as how to behave in front of strangers.

The good news is that Golden retrievers are very smart, the third smartest dog breed in the world, in fact, and they don’t have the stubbornness of other dog breeds, which makes them easier to train than most other dog breeds.

They are extremely Versatile

If you’re single and tend to travel about a lot or spend a lot of time in different areas, you should acquire yourself a pet that can adapt to any environment as well as you can.

Although goldens like the cold weather more, they are still heat and cold tolerant and would enjoy accompanying you on one of your work or road trips and days out.

They also will be quite satisfied either indoors or outside on a regular day. One of the characteristics that distinguish them is their capacity to adapt to any given situation. You can learn how you can help your golden retriever stay cool in the heat here.

They have long lifespans.

Golden retrievers are typically healthy and can live for 10-12 years, adding to their already impressive list of qualities.

This will ensure that you and your mate have many more years of pleasant and unforgettable times together. You can follow this guide to help your golden retriever live even longer.

They are tenaciously loyal.

Golden retrievers are devoted to their owners. Spending time with your Golden retriever will cause them to warm up to you and become the most devoted friend you could possibly wish for. You can learn more about your golden retriever’s loyalty here.

They get along with just about everyone.

Golden retrievers are fast to warm up to people, or other household pets, such as cats or smaller animals. Their tranquil demeanor will also result in fewer if any, “furry disputes”. In addition to being a wonderful company, Golden Retrievers will frequently assist you in training and looking out for other pets.

How to leave your golden retriever alone as a full-time worker

Golden Retrievers can spend some time alone and adapt to any environment, but that doesn’t mean it is okay to leave them for a full workday all by themselves, this will cause your loving golden retriever to get behavior issues and even aggression. 

If you have to leave your dog alone for that many hours then look for options like doggie daycare or a dog sitter while you’re out all day. Golden Retrievers should not be left alone for more than 8 hours a day, and it shouldn’t be every day.

If it’s only for a couple of hours, Make sure you leave him/her with lots of mental stimulation games and activities, frozen or stuffed kong toys, things to do, chew toys, and anything that he/she finds interesting and will prevent boredom.

After you return, make sure you take your Golden out for a walk or engage him/her in an activity that will release the pent-up energy from sitting alone.

For a complete guide on how to leave them alone, check out my guide on training your golden to be left alone here.

Is a Golden Retriever right for me? 

To know if a golden retriever is right for you, you should consider four main things: size, shedding, personality, activity level.


Golden Retrievers are big-sized breeds, so it is important to have space saved for them, and outdoor space would be a great addition. They can still live happily in apartments, but a house with a yard will be better for golden retrievers.

If you live in a small apartment, you can follow my tips here to help your golden adapt to the small space.


Golden Retrievers are shedders, and I’m talking big time; so a thing you should consider while contemplating whether a golden retriever is right for you is their grooming routine.

You should know that daily brushing is mandatory for golden retrievers and bear in mind that you will be dealing with the heavy shedding once a year, these golden locks all over your couch, rug, and clothes.

I have a full guide on managing golden retriever shedding here which you should definitely check out.


It’s no secret that Golden Retrievers have an enthusiastic personality that is playful 24/7, always looking for fun, but at the same time calm and tranquil, this breed is also always looking to give attention, love, and affection to please their owners.

 so you must make sure your personality matches the breed before choosing your companion, for a smoother daily routine that is full of partnership instead of hard times.

Activity Level

Golden retrievers have an amount of energy that probably never runs out, so if you’re the type of person who would rather sit on the couch chilling all day then a golden retriever wouldn’t be your wisest choice of breed.

Golden Retrievers require at least one hour of exercise daily and engagement in energy-releasing activities like jogs, walks, or playing at the park.

Related Questions 

Can I get a dog If I work 8 hours a day?

You can get a dog if you work 8 hours a day yet plan not to leave him alone in a closed area the whole time you’re at work; dogs shouldn’t spend many hours alone or they might get behavioral issues so look for options like doggie daycare or hire a dog walker.

Should I get a dog If I’m single? 

You should get a dog if you are single in order to have a life companion that will lessen your feeling of loneliness, provide you with extra protection and alertness against any danger, and give you a reason to become more active.

What is a good first dog? 

A good first dog for first-time owners is a golden retriever; they are loving, friendly, and gentle dogs who adapt well to any environment. They are also easy to train, active, and require a lot of activity to stay happy and healthy so will encourage their owners to be more active.

Are dogs happy living with one person? 

Dogs can be happy living with one person just like living with a family. Dogs get especially devoted to the person who cares for them the most. They are also influenced by their owner’s level of attention and affection, which has an impact on their behavior. 

Are Golden Retrievers happy living with one person? 

Golden retrievers are happy living with one person, this breed in specific is unconditionally loveable towards everyone. They will hold the same amount of love to their owners if they are living alone or in a family, it is hard to know which person does a golden retriever love more.

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