Are Golden Retrievers Good With Kids? 7 Awesome Benefits

When you have kids, choosing the dog is a huge responsibility as you want to make sure that the kids are completely safe around the dogs and also that the dogs are calm and peaceful around the kids.

If you are thinking of getting a dog for your family and you think that maybe golden retrievers are the perfect dogs for a family with kids, you are right.

So, are golden retrievers good with kids?  Yes, golden retrievers are good with kids because they are a loving, caring, peaceful, trustworthy, gentle, and super sweet breed and will also teach your kid a lot about love, responsibility, and loyalty. Goldens are also even-tempered and patient which makes them especially good with young kids.

So, yes, go ahead and get a golden retriever for your kids. They are going to be absolutely fantastic. But to understand a bit more about what makes golden retrievers so great with kids and how you can make sure they are perfect around your kids, keep reading ….

Why Are Golden Retrievers Good With Kids? 

Little kid hugging a golden retriever to illustrate why are golden retrievers good with kids

There are so many reasons why are golden retrievers good with kids so here are some of them.

  1. They are calm and peaceful 
  2. Goldens are cuddly and affectionate 
  3. They are gentle 
  4. They are trustworthy
  5. Love nothing more than pleasing their owner
  6. Goldens are the best to make your kids outgoing and active
  7. They love playing 
  8. They are not aggressive 
  9. They are protective 

They are calm and peaceful

Even though golden retrievers are one of the most energetic dogs, they are a calm and peaceful breed and that makes them perfect for families with kids.

They are even-tempered and patient and can handle being around kids and the kids’ chaotic energy.  

Goldens are cuddly and affectionate

It’s a known fact that golden retrievers are a cuddly breed, and they love physical affection. You can learn more about why golden retrievers love to cuddle and show physical affection here.

Golden retrievers are also emotionally intelligent enough to know when your kids need a hug or someone by their side to offer them the needed affection and companionship.

They will teach your kids so much about love and affection that society will never teach them.

They are gentle

Golden retrievers are a large breed with a larger heart, and they are super gentle around kids and have a sweet temperament. You can learn why golden retrievers are super gentle here.

Golden Retrievers are sometimes too gentle that some people think they are lazy, but they are not. It’s just that golden retrievers are often aware that they are bigger than the kids and tend to be very cautious with their movements around kids.

They are also gentle with smaller animals as well, and you can learn more about why goldens are perfect with smaller animals here.

They are trustworthy 

Although I don’t recommend ever leaving kids alone with any dog no matter the breed, If you are going to do so, golden retrievers would be the most trustworthy dogs to leave with your kids.

I was raised with golden retrievers around the house and I’ve spent a ton of time alone with them and they have always been the loveliest dogs to be around.

Love nothing more than pleasing their owner 

Golden retrievers love nothing more than pleasing their owner. They try so hard to make us happy and all they ask for is our love in return and maybe a few praises and treats here and there.

This makes them really obedient and easy going.

Goldens are the best to make your kids outgoing and active 

It’s a proven fact that kids that grow old with a golden retriever are more likely to be outgoing, active, and social.

Also, raising them with a dog, in general, will make them stronger and less likely to have allergies.

If you have highly energetic kids, then getting a golden retriever that is also an energetic breed that loves exercising will be a great option because when you don’t have enough time to spend some time playing outside with them, they will at least have each other to keep active.

They love playing

Most kids love nothing more than playing, and guess what? so are golden retrievers and that makes them the perfect companion for kids.

Kids usually get bored easily and they will want to play outside and that is when the golden retriever will show why it’s perfect for them.

They will keep your kids active and will have much fun together and in that way, your kids will always be happy. Just remember to keep an eye on them and supervise them as much as possible.

They are not aggressive 

Golden retrievers are not aggressive but if they feel that one of the people they care about is in danger or scared they will step up and can be aggressive in that situation.

So if you are looking for the dog that is least likely to show aggression, a golden retriever really is your best option.

You would still need to learn about when they can be aggressive, though, and you can do so by taking a minute to read my post on golden retrievers aggression here.

They are protective 

They may not seem so protective with their adorableness and fluffiness but they can be very protective when it comes to their family.

They are not the best guard dogs but when the time comes and they feel the threat coming they will bite and can be a little bit aggressive, so don’t underestimate them.

However, if you want a dog for protection, you should really get something else like a German Shepherd which can also be perfect around kids, but not as goofy and friendly with strangers like Golden Retrievers. You can learn more about what golden retrievers do when intruders attack here.

7 Awesome Benefits of Golden Retrievers for Children 

Here are 7 awesome benefits your kids will get from growing up with a golden retriever in the house;

  1. Reducing possible allergies
  2. Keeping them active
  3. Teaching them responsibility
  4. Promoting calm behavior 
  5. They will have a caring best friend 
  6. Giving them confidence 
  7. Teaching them empathy 

Let’s take a minute to discuss each of these reasons really quickly;

Reducing possible allergies

Every three in 10 people with allergies have allergic reactions to cats and dogs in the US (15 to 30 percent of people with allergies have an allergic reaction to dogs and cats), and more than 50 million Americans have experienced various types of allergies each year because allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the US.

This is why it’s actually great to grow up with pets.

Research recently showed that kids who grow up with pets tend to have fewer allergies and illnesses than kids who were raised without pets.

They are still trying to figure out why but all we know now is early exposure to pets and animals gives the kid’s immune system a chance to adjust to the protein that pets secrete and their dander which makes the kids less likely to develop allergies later in life.

Both kids and golden retrievers like to spend most of their time outside so being with their buddy outdoors will develop your kid’s immune system so it can be stronger.

Keeping them active

Golden Retrievers have seemingly infinite energy, and you know who else seems to have the same kind of energy? Kids.

Taking the golden retriever for a walk will be a fun activity for the kids and it will encourage them to do regular exercise with their companion. It can be lots of things such as swimming, hiking, running, or playing any sport at least an hour a day.

They can also play fetch or simply run around for as long as they both want while you watch them. It saves your energy and allows both your kid and dog to get the recommended dose of exercise every day.

Teaching them responsibility

Growing up with golden retrievers can teach your kid a lot about responsibility at a young age, the kind of things that are going to build their character early on and help them understand the world much better than their peers of the same age.

You know how parents suffer to get their kids to pick up their toys and clean their room, well, when you get them a puppy and they get attached to them they will learn some things such as feeding the dog, picking up the dog’s toys after playtime, taking them for a walk, bathing them, and grooming them.

The best thing is that your kid will want to do all these chores since they are going to be doing it for their adorable puppy, and it will just ingrain these values in them early on.

Promoting calm behavior

Golden Retrievers have the kind of calm presence that helps stressed, anxious kids calm down. They are stress-relief animals by nature and they can feel when their humans are stressed and help them calm down.

They also teach kids that it’s okay to simply lie down without really doing anything and just enjoy the companionship and spending time together. It’s the kind of subtle learning that stays with you for a lifetime.

They will have a caring best friend 

Golden Retrievers are the best friends ever; they love unconditionally without expecting anything in return. In a subtle way, it teaches kids that they are worthy of love and also teaches them how to be good friends.

They also teach your kids that friends should be there for each other as much as possible and teaches them about the importance of supporting each other and loving each other even if you don’t agree completely with what your friend is doing.

Giving them confidence

Like I’ve said before, having a golden retriever gives you confidence somehow, maybe it’s the feeling of being so loved.

However, there is one more thing that will make your kid more confident, it’s training the new puppy to follow their commands.

Teaching your kid how to train the dog to follow their commands will build their confidence much more than you think. It also teaches them how to be a good leader and how to take control.

The more the kid gets involved in the training the better because they will develop greater self-confidence.

Teaching them empathy 

Dogs can’t talk, so your kid will have to learn early on how to read the body language of others to understand how they’re feeling; a skill that’s so important it’s actually shocking how many people lack it.

It also teaches kids how to act when their friends are sad, angry, or in pain. It teaches them when to give space and when to be there. What is okay and what is not and how to prioritize what others are feeling above what you want at the moment.

12 things you need to teach your children about your golden retriever 

We talked about training your golden retriever so they well-behaved, well, your children also need to learn a couple of things so they can live peacefully with the golden retriever.

So, here the things you need to teach your children about your golden retriever.

  1. Make sure that your children never hit the golden retriever 
  2. Never try to ride them
  3. Never pull their ears 
  4. Avoid stepping on their tail
  5. Do not poke them
  6. Never grab their fur 
  7. Do not pull their tail or their paws
  8. Never pull their cheeks 
  9. Never slap them 
  10. Do not bother them when they’re eating and just leave them alone
  11. Do not wake them up (when golden retrievers are still puppies they sleep most of the day and they need that sleeping to grow properly)
  12. Never chase them when they don’t want to be chased 

How to know when they don’t want to be chased or when they are annoyed and they need you to leave them alone.

Here are some signs that your golden retriever is annoyed 

  • Flattening their ears 
  • Tightening their lips 
  • Closing their mouth 
  • Lowering their head 
  • Smacking you on the head or leg 
  • Walking away from you
  • Giving you the side-eye
  • Avoiding contact with you
  • Growling at you 
  • Hiding from you (they can hide under your bed or in the laundry)
  •  Giving you less affection than usual 
  • Rolling their eyes at you 

If you noticed any of these signs you need to stop whatever is upsetting them and back off, but if they generally seem upset then, you can start with their basic needs such as make sure that they had enough physical exercise, give them attention if that’s what they are looking for, and make sure that they are not hungry. 

You also need to teach the same rules to the kids of any guests you have around the house, especially during the holidays when the house is packed. Any child that interacts with the dog should know these rules by heart and follow them religiously, and if they can’t, they absolutely should not be allowed to interact with the dog.

Breaking these rules and doing any of these actions is how kids get bitten by dogs, it’s often because the kid pushed the dog too hard and the dog just snapped. While golden retrievers are the least likely dogs to snap, it’s not a risk you should take. They are still dogs, and even golden retrievers can still bite.

Conclusion: Golden Retrievers are the best family dogs 

Golden Retrievers are good with kids, they are absolutely great with them. They love being around people and they absolutely adore kids and babies.

But just like any living being, they require attention and care so if you can’t give them the care and the love they deserve then they might be not the best pets for you.

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Related Questions 

Is a golden retriever a good family dog? 

Yes, golden retrievers are good family dogs, that’s why they are one of the most popular dog breeds in the united states and for many reasons such as they are friendly, cuddly, loyal, not aggressive, easy to train, tolerant attitude, and intelligent. 

Are male or female golden retrievers better for children? 

The female golden retrievers are better for children than males, they are more independent and more intent on exercising their dominance by participating in the “alpha” behaviors such as marking their territory and growling.

You can learn about all the differences between male and female golden retrievers here.

Many families want to get a dog but they are scared because they have kids and they don’t want an aggressive dog or any pet that can harm their children, so if you know someone that is also struggling to make that decision, please share this article with them.

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