Are Golden Retrievers Loud or noisy? 9 Steps to Quiet on Command

Getting a dog is a big responsibility, and sometimes this responsibility can be loud and stops you from getting a good night’s sleep and even cause the neighbors to call and complain.

But Golden Retrievers are known to be the perfect family dogs, and yet their large size may make some wonder if they are loud, noisy, or annoying. This is a very good point and one you should always consider with any new pet.

So, are golden retrievers loud? No, golden retrievers are not loud in general, but their barks are loud, they are a peaceful and quiet breed; however, they do bark, but they bark less than other dog breeds and they are usually calm and quiet, and they are also very easy to train to be quiet and only bark when necessary.

If you want to know more about how loud golden retrievers are and how to train them to be quieter, just keep on reading….

How Loud Are Golden Retrievers? 

golden retriever singing to illustrate the answers to are golden retrievers loud

Golden retrievers are really loud when they bark. Golden Retrievers were number 1 for having the loudest bark in the world at 113 decibels according to the Guinness world records.

However, golden retrievers rarely bark or whine without a reason, so they only bark when someone comes to the door or when they feel that something is wrong. Overall, golden retrievers are considered a quiet breed despite having the loudest bark recorded.

Are Golden Retrievers Quiet? 

Yes, golden retrievers are quiet, they tend to stay calm, and peaceful, that is why they are one of the most popular dogs in the history of the USA, they have a mellow nature that makes them more adorable to families and easy-going with kids.

Another reason that could indirectly also make golden retrievers seem quieter than other dogs is that golden retrievers are also very gentle, and you can learn why golden retrievers are gentle here.

But some golden retrievers can indeed be loud. If this is the case with you, we can discuss why are golden retrievers loud and what you can do about it..

10 Causes Why Your Golden Retriever is Loud 

  1. They want attention 
  2. Another dog triggered them
  3. Form of communicating 
  4. Separation anxiety 
  5. Lack of socialization 
  6. Excitement 
  7. Pain 
  8. They are being protective
  9. Fear 
  10. Hunger

They want attention 

One of the reasons your golden retriever could be loud is because they feel neglected and they want your attention.

They will bark loudly to get your attention, however, do not give them attention when they start barking because that will only encourage them to do it whenever they want your attention and the bad habit will be reinforced.

So instead, you should give them the attention and the care they need throughout the day. When they start barking, stop playing with them, get up, and leave to train them that barking will stop all the fun.

Another dog triggered them

You know how when a dog hears another dog barking so they start barking as well? it could be that your golden retriever heard another dog barking and it just triggered them to bark as well.

Form of communicating

Golden retrievers usually tend to bark at new people as a form of communication, they are basically telling the strangers to back off and they are not welcomed.

If your dog tends to bark at every new face they meet then you will need to train them how to act around new people and teach them the difference between family, friends, and strangers. 

Separation anxiety

 Most dogs that suffer from separation anxiety barks very loudly, growl, or even howl whenever their owner is not around.

So if your dog only barks when you are not around them then it’s because they have separation anxiety. Golden Retrievers are especially prone to separation anxiety, more so than most other dog breeds, because golden retrievers tend to become super attached to their favorite humans.

You can learn more how to leave your golden retriever alone here.

Lack of socialization 

If your dog didn’t have socialization training when they were young, they may bark at other dogs, people, or even random objects.

So if it’s a lack of socialization, you may need to work on that. Keep in mind that it’s true that socialization should start at a young age, it can be a lifelong process.


It could be that your golden retriever is really excited and that is how they are showing their excitement.

So if your golden retriever barks whenever you come back home, when they see their favorite treats, or when they are finally going for a walk.


If your golden retriever is naturally quiet and barks occasionally but lately started barking louder than usual, it could be they are barking due to being in pain.

They could also bark to let you know that there is something going on with them that needs your attention.

If you think this is the case, watch out for other signs of pain such as redness, crying, covering their face with their paws, or limping. If you notice these pain signs, then you need to take them to the vet.

They are being protective 

Your golden retriever could be barking because they are trying to protect you, a family member, their territory, or their possessions.

So if your golden retriever barks whenever there is someone at the door or when meeting someone new, you should train them to be well-behaved around new people and animals.


They could be barking out of fear. If they bark whenever they hear loud noises such as thunder, fireworks, or cars, then your dog is probably scared and you should calm them down, just let them know that everything is going to be okay.


It could be that your golden retriever is barking because they are hungry.

If they don’t usually bark but they barked when you fed them less than normal or if you missed their mealtime. They could also become vocal when they are not getting enough nutritional requirements from their diet because they are still feeling empty or hungry. If you have recently changed their diets, this could be the cause.

You can learn more about golden retriever foods here as I recommend foods for every age there that will be just right for your dog.

9 Steps to train your golden retriever to be quieter

Here are 9 easy steps you can follow to make your golden retriever calm and quiet.

  1. Choose a cue word to use as a quiet command such as “enough” or “stop” (anything that is easy to remember)
  2. If you know what makes your dog bark then do whatever makes them bark such as make someone ring your doorbell to get them to bark
  3. When they bark, check for the source which in this scenario is the door.
  4. Go back to your dog and make sure to get their attention, you can use a toy or treats 
  5. Wait for them to stop barking and give them the treat or the toy 
  6. Repeat the steps and wait for longer periods of silence before giving them the toy or the treat
  7. If your dog stays quiet multiple times, you can add the cue word to the training.
  8. Repeat the trigger to make them start barking again and this time say your cue word in a firm but upbeat voice while holding their reward and give it to them when they stop barking 
  9. Repeat it a few times till you feel they get it.

If you know someone who is thinking about getting a dog but they are hesitating because they live in a quiet neighborhood and they don’t want a loud dog, please share this article with them, it may help them and I will definitely be grateful.

Do you want even more tips on how to calm them down? You can learn more ways to help your golden retriever calm down and chill a bit here.

Related Questions 

Are Golden Retrievers good for a quiet neighborhood? 

Yes, golden retrievers are good for a quiet neighborhood, they tend to be peaceful and they don’t bark a lot, so when they bark they have a reason to, so if your golden retriever barks a lot and it’s not something they would usually do, you need to check up on them.

Why Does My Golden Retriever Bark at night? 

Your golden retriever could be barking at night because they are scared, they have separation anxiety, there is someone at the door, they are in pain, there is a problem with their sleeping environment, they didn’t get enough exercise that day, or they need to pee. 

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