Are Goldendoodles Good for Anxiety? (& How to Train Your Dog)

Life hasn’t been easy on a lot of people, especially since the COVID-19 outbreak; many are struggling with either anxiety, loneliness, or depression. 

Sometimes, when someone is struggling with anxiety, they don’t need to be surrounded by people. But other times, you don’t want to be alone either. 

So, many people resort to welcoming a dog into their nice little circle. Having a sweet furry friend is most probably the answer to your problems. 

And luckily, Goldendoodles are a great support in that area. 

I have a friend that has been struggling with anxiety and she’s been feeling better for a while now whenever her sweet little doodle gives her some smooches. 

Are Goldendoodles good for anxiety? Yes, Goldendoodles are generally a big help when it comes to anxiety. They are great service and companion dogs, taking after their Golden Retriever and Poodle parents. Both Golden Retrievers and Poodles have been known for being good companion dogs, so it’s no wonder that Goldendoodles are great companions. 

For some interesting reasons about why Goldendoodles are good for anxiety, how they can help with anxiety, and how to train your Goldendoodle to be emotionally supportive, read on. You are about to improve your life.  

Are Goldendoodles good for anxiety? 

man petting goldendoodle to show how are goldendoodles good for anxiety

Yes, Goldendoodles are excellent for anxiety, and they have been increasing in popularity for the last decade partly because they are such good companion dogs. 

It’s also no wonder that Goldendoodles are such good companions; they are intelligent dogs, which makes them easy to be around and train.  

This is, of course, other than the fact that they are stunning and easy to look at.  One look into their eyes can make your heart melt. 

They are also non-shedding, which will help you not worry about finding hair around the house. 

Anxiety can creep up on you out of nowhere, so if you have a Goldendoodle at home, you might seek some love from them, and they will happily give you all the love you need. 

A Goldendoodle can be your best friend if you have problems navigating everyday tasks due to your anxiety.

 In fact, due to the numerous physical and mental health benefits they provide, they may even improve your overall health (including your physical health). 

5 Reasons why Goldendoodles are good for anxiety 

Your Goldendoodle will have many characteristics that will help you eventually feel better. 

Don’t underestimate the power of a joyful and beautiful dog living with you. It’s one of the best feelings in the world. 

Let’s discuss their characteristics further to be able to understand whether they will be good for you: 


Some dogs have a hard time adapting to new homes or understanding their surroundings. 

Goldendoodles are totally different in that area; they adapt easily and are smarter than you might think. 

They will understand what is needed of them, and if they have been with you since puppyhood, they can probably detect when you’re in a bad mood too. 

Goldendoodles’ intelligence makes them also feel comfortable in their new home and will not be destructive due to fear or any similar emotions. 

In short, your loving and caring Goldendoodle will be able to identify your needs and act accordingly. 

Something that most humans (even intelligent ones) are not able to do. 

Eager to please/ Trainability

If your dog loves you, they will want to please you with everything they do. 

If they are behaving or acting a certain way that you don’t like, you can easily train them to act according to your needs. 

Their intelligence means they will learn quickly and easily. 

They will also fit in perfectly in training classes for doggos; they are very social dogs and will not cause a scene. 

They will also need mentally stimulating tasks to stay joyous. 

You can also teach them tricks they can do when you want to laugh. 

Calm demeanor 

If you feel drained and cannot keep a calm stance, take one look at your doodle. 

They probably will show their calm and nice demeanor; they will make it look easy to stay calm too. 

Their calmness makes them friendly and easy to be around, which is something a person with anxiety needs. 

Attentive and loyal 

Goldendoodles love to crowd your space (in a cute way); they love to be around you and to show you affection. 

They will probably always lurk around, making you not feel a minute of loneliness; they will want to cuddle with you on the couch or enjoy some one-on-one playdate. 

This is bound to lift your spirit. 

They will unconditionally love you and give you 100% selfless attention. 

Gentle and patient

Among the great traits of a Goldendoodle is their gentleness and patience with people. Goldendoodles are people-oriented dogs that are just happy to be here. 

They are energetic and joyful, but they won’t pressure you to play or get out of the house if you are not feeling up for it. 

They will be understanding and will rest next to you until you feel like moving again. They will not get irritated or destructive. 

How can your Goldendoodle help with anxiety

Here are a few ways in which your Goldendoodle can help with your anxiety and make things easier for you:  

A sense of responsibility

Having a dog at home is a big responsibility, which can also be beneficial. 

Picture this: You’re sitting at home, and your mind wanders off to all the things you want to quit in life. Your body is literally telling you to quit. 

These are mostly negative thoughts that are caused by your mental health situation. 

If you have an adorable little Goldendoodle at home, you will love them with all your heart, and you will not want to think about quitting them. 

They will give you a sense of responsibility and purpose that is bound to make you feel better.  

Exercise partner 

Exercise is essential to both humans and dogs. It releases endorphins, which will help battle anxiety. 

Your Goldendoodle might convince you to go out for a jog or even a walk with their little adorable and convincing eyes. 

It is guaranteed that you will feel better afterward. 

Trust me, their own happiness because of the walk will reflect on your happiness. 

Unlimited love and affection/Cuddle therapy

As I said earlier, Goldendoodles are affectionate dogs; they will cuddle with you if they sense that you need it. 

It has been scientifically proven that our mental health is automatically improved by petting our dogs or cuddling with them. 

This is because a hormone known as oxytocin is released. You might know it better as the “love hormone”. 

Since cuddling and bonding with people often feel hard for people with anxiety, it is better to bond with a dog. 

It just comes more naturally. 

Adorable distraction 

Instead of thinking of all the things that are goind wrong or all the stressors of life, you can focus on your pooch. 

They will love having your attention, by the way. 

It is especially important to focus on distractions when you get a sudden anxiety atatck, and having a dog at home is the perfect distraction. 

You can try to distract yourself by playing around with them and just having fun, even if it’s indoors. 

How do you make your Goldendoodle a good emotional support dog? 

Okay, so we have agreed on the fact that Goldendoodles are intelligent canines that make great service dogs and can help with anxiety. 

However, we should also not overwhelm them; they still need training. 

It is not enough to rely on their good personality and temperament; one must invest in them as well. Just like with children, you will need to put in the effort and time to mold them into what you need them to be. 

Thankfully, training your Goldendoodle will not be too hard because of their high intelligence level, but it will still take some time and effort. 

However, it is important to note that the younger they are, the easier and quicker they learn. 

So, for your dog to be an emotional support dog, there are two steps necessary:

  1. You need to be evaluated for a mental health disability by a licensed mental health professional 
  2. The professional has to confirm that your dog can help you cope with the symptoms of your mental or emotional illness. 

So, in the area of mental health and emotional support dogs, you need to trust the professional and go with the flow. 

Remember to take it easy on yourself and to trust the process. 

And your Goldendoodle is definitely here to pick you up. 

Related Questions 

Are Goldendoodles a calm breed?

Yes, most Goldendoodles are known for being calm and friendly around humans. If the oner desires some quiet time, their doodle will be able togive them just that. They are also happy to coexist with other pets and don’t cause problems. 

What is the calmest doodle breed? 

The calmest doodle breed is the toy doodle breed. For instance, if you want a calm doodle breed, then a Cavapoo or a Shih-Poo is your go-to. Micro mini Goldendoodles tend to be calm and laid-back too. But, remember that your doodle needs an adequate amount (for example, 1 hour) of exercise a day to maintain their health. 

What is a comfort Goldendoodle? 

Comfort Goldendoodles are doodles that have a mix of three breeds. They are usually 50% Poodle (so the majority), 25% cocker or cavalier, and 25% golden Retriever. They usually inherit the Poodle characteristics the most and come in mini sizes that can fit in your pocket or bag. They are adorable. 

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