Are Goldendoodles Good with Chickens? 9 Steps to Train Them

Are you interested in having a flock of chicken, loads of perks for that! Do you also happen to own a dog? Of course, you’d be considering whether your Goldendoodle would get along with a flock of hens or hazards will occur…

Goldendoodles, like all dogs, will have the potential of chasing or even killing chickens, they are curious; that is why they tend to chase anything they want to know more about, proper training is crucial, but breed traits also play a role, Goldendoodles are easily trained and obedient, so it’s not a tall order.

So, Are Goldendoodles Good with Chickens? Goldendoodles are good with chickens if trained to control themselves and if the introduction is done properly. If you take the time to introduce your Goldendoodle and Chickens to each other and help them get familiar, your Goldendoodle and Chickens will become friendly.

Goldendoodles are generally really friendly, but they can be hyperactive and impulsive, which can create problems if not handled correctly. Keep on reading to explore your Goldendoodle’s traits and how you can train them so they’d get along with your little hens.

How do Goldendoodles do with chickens? 

Goldendoodle and chickens to show why are Goldendoodles good with chickens

Goldendoodles are generally hyperactive; Their impulsivity may be all fun and games but it can also cause catastrophes. Usually, Goldendoodles will get along just fine with chickens; if you use the correct training methods, take it slowly, and provide them with a suitable environment, your dog might even befriend the flock.

This is really not surprising considering that Goldendoodles are a mix between golden retrievers and poodles, with the Golden Retrievers being very good with chickens themselves. You can learn why Golden Retrievers are good with chickens here.

Why are Goldendoodles good with chickens? 

Besides the fact that they are sweethearts by nature?  Goldendoodles generally do not have a strong prey instinct towards chickens; that is why they usually get along with the urban creatures, even if there are some exceptions to the rule.

The attitude of a dog toward chickens will always be unique to that dog and their individual personality. The dog’s breed has an impact, but personality plays the largest role. Goldendoodles being really intelligent and highly trainable, is also the cream of the crop.

How to train your Goldendoodle to not attack chicken

It is not a once in every blue moon thing that dogs and chickens coexist peacefully, even if they don’t appear to be the most compatible; Proper training can make that happen smoothly, but first things first, you need to understand your dog and its boundaries in order for your pooch and flock to live in harmony. 

  1. Trust in your dog’s nature.

Your dog may be curious, impulsive, and sometimes spontaneous, but even if Chickens pique your dog’s interest, they will not pique their appetite. So it’s not in their nature to just eat them.

Know that Even if your dog consumes chicken, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he will go out of his way to eat your hens.

  1. Start Young

There is no doubt that puppies are more malleable and easier to train, not to mention, also not so big in size; so if you have the chance, introduce your dog and hens at a young age; this will allow them to become familiar with each other and prevent hazards.

  1. Make boundaries 

To ensure maximum safety, your dog must be aware and listen to your commands in the presence of the hens, so make sure you constantly have him/her at “sit” & “stay.”

A flock of hens can entice your dog, even if he is not a naturally aggressive pet. These silly creatures can sprint into an entire run at any time. These repulsive birds may be provocative for your dog, and he/she might think chickens are toys. 

  1. Drain them of energy

Think about it, if you introduce your Goldendoodle to the chickens with all the pent up energy they have, they are more likely to start running around and become harder to control, so choose your timing wisely when they are a bit tired or just back from a walk

  1. Separation is Smart

It is wise not to jump right to it and leave your dog with the chickens; it is best to have your dog on a leash and the chickens in a safe, confined space. 

  1. Pay close attention

Keep a close eye on the scene, and don’t just leave the pets unattended as long as you’re still not certain of maximum safety – look at signs of nervousness, is your dog not listening to your commands? Does he/she seem stiff or uncomfortable?

  1. Seek a trainer’s help

Experts know best; if you are nervous or doubting if you would be able to handle it alone if something unexpected happens, then let the professionals offer a helping hand to protect both your dog & your urban little hens.

  1. The “leave it” command

If your dog knows this command like the back of his hand, you might just be safe from any unfortunate events; teach your Goldendoodle the leave it commands to ensure that even if he/she got a little too mouthy with the chicken, you’d be able to save the day

Do Goldendoodles kill chickens? 

Goldendoodles generally do not have a strong prey drive towards chickens, so they typically don’t, but in all honesty, if things get out of control, it can theoretically happen.

This goes to the fact that Goldendoodles are highly energetic. If your dog gets too excited or even distracted by the chickens, sadly this might lead to him hurting the hens or even killing one or two.

But let’s agree that the main contributor to that happening would be either due to lack of supervision or lack of behavioral training. 

Related Questions 

Can Goldendoodles get along with chickens? 

Yes, Goldendoodles can get along with chickens. With the correct training and gently taking the first learning curve, a controlled environment, with your dog on a leash and the chickens behind a protective barrier where your dog can view but not touch them, things will go as smooth as butter.

Is chicken poop toxic to dogs? 

Yes, chicken poop toxic to dogs; dogs may develop salmonella illness by being exposed to feces. Chicken poop includes numerous dangerous components which can make dogs sick and not just consumed. Dogs can also become ill with germs coming out of the wastes.

You can learn more about how birds can make dogs sick here.

Are chickens afraid of dogs? 

Yes, chickens are afraid of dogs; that goes back to the fact that dogs are predators and chicken are prey in this situation. If certain dogs are not trained to hunt or kill birds and other animals, it will be simpler than others.

The majority of people adore dogs. The majority of people adore chickens. And they’re all wondering how they’re going to make ends meet.

Training dogs not to murder chickens and chickens not to fear dog is a difficult undertaking that needs a great deal of patience, effort, repetition, and discipline. Dogs are predators, while chickens are prey. While you can do your best, you cannot change instinct, but you can make it work with some limitations. If your dog is correctly taught to heed your every instruction, he will have little difficulty learning how to cope with chickens.

Before you go, you might also want to check out our guide to the English Cream Goldendoodle here and find out what makes them so great and unique.

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