Are Goldendoodles Loyal? Here is What you Don’t Know

When we talk about dogs, the first thing that we mention is that they are a man’s best friend, and that’s because they are known for being loyal.

However, there are many questions and factors related to a dog’s loyalty, such as Can they be less loyal if you mistreated them, or is there a breed more trustworthy than the others.

In this article, we will help you find out how loyal Goldendoodles are? How can you tell if your Goldendoodle is loyal to you? And can they be devoted to more than one person?

So, are Goldendoodles loyal? Yes, Goldendoodles are devoted and dedicated to their owners. They will often show their loyalty in the form of protection, and your Goldendoodle will try to protect you with their life. However, dogs still need love and affection to show their devotion.

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Are Goldendoodles Loyal?

goldendoodle on red leash to show why are goldendoodles loyal

Goldendoodles are incredibly loyal and trustworthy, and it’s no surprise since their parent breeds are Golden retrievers and poodles.

Golden retrievers are always the main characters of any story about dogs’ loyalty since Golden Retrievers are truly exemplary dogs when it comes to loyalty, no wonder they make such amazing therapy and service dogs.

Whenever I see the name Poodle, there are always three words following it: Friendly, intelligent, and loyal.

So it’s in Goldendoodle’s blood to be loyal and devoted.

How Loyal Are Goldendoodles? 

Goldendoodles are loyal by nature, but how loyal they are to you will be shown with time.

The amount of love, care, and affection you give your Goldendoodle will make them determine if you are trustworthy of their loyalty.

Goldendoodles tend to show their loyalty in protecting their family, whether from a dangerous wild animal or a small plastic bag that looks suspicious.

11 Signs Your Goldendoodle Is Loyal To You?

Here are 11 signs that your Goldendoodle is loyal to you.

  1. Always happy to see you
  2. Responds to you 
  3. Relaxes around you 
  4. Holds eye contact 
  5. Guards you while eating
  6. Gets excited when hearing your name
  7. Rub their faces on you
  8. Brings you things that need fixing
  9. Excessive tail wagging
  10. Snuggles with you
  11. Shares toys with you

Always Happy To See You

A Goldendoodle that is always happy to see you are a loyal Goldendoodle because it simply means that you are their favorite person, and most dogs will protect their loved ones at any cost.

You will find them waiting for you with excitement every day at the door when it’s time for you to be back home.

Responds To You

If Your Goldendoodle responds and obeys you more than anyone else, they love you and care more about you.

So They Will be loyal to you; dogs tend to respond to the alpha, and that’s how they see you, they also consider themselves a part of your pack, and in return, they will always have your back. 

Relaxes Around you

Dogs can’t chill or relax around people they don’t trust, so if they choose you between all your family members to sit next to you or sleep beside or in front of your legs, they are loyal to you.  

You can often tell how a dog feels by their body language, so here are some signs that your dog is relaxed around you.

  • Relaxed facial expression 
  •  They roll for you to give them belly rubs.
  • They blink slowly while looking at you.
  • Excessive tail wagging 
  • They stick their tongue out.

Holds Eye Contact 

A Dog that can hold eye contact with you is a dog that loves you and will do anything to protect you.

So if you are sitting and find your Goldendoodle staring at you randomly while holding eye contact, they are trying to let you know that they love you, so the next time your dog does this, pet them and tell them that you love them too. 

Guards You While Eating

If your Goldendoodle guards you while you eat, they consider you one of their pack, which wolves do.

Wolves tend to protect each other while eating because they consider themselves vulnerable during that time.

Gets Excited When Hearing Your Name

Dogs tend to save the names of the people they love, so if they get excited when someone mentions your name in the house, it means that your Goldendoodle loves you dearly and will forever be loyal and devoted to you.

So if your dog gets excited just by hearing your name, you should know that you are probably their favorite person.

Rub Their Faces On You

One of the most adorable ways dogs tend to express their love and trust is by rubbing their faces on you.

When Goldendoodles rub their faces against you, it’s an attempt to mark their owners as theirs.

However, if your Goldendoodle tends to rub his on the furniture or everything they see, they may have a skin issue and need to be checked out.

Brings You Things That Need Fixing

If your Goldendoodle tends to bring you toys that need fixing or anything, they generally trust you entirely and think that no one can solve their problem but you.

However, they may also bring you ANYthing that they see as broken or needs fixing, such as injured or dead prey. 

Excessive Tail Wagging 

The most obvious and common sign of all is the tail wagging.

All dogs tend to wag their tails excessively when they see someone or something they love, so if your Goldendoodle often moves his tail from side to side with excitement anytime they see you, they are basically screaming and telling you that they love to see you.

Snuggles With You

Dogs often use snuggles and cuddling as a way to bond with their owner correctly. During snuggles, your Goldendoodle seeks your affection, and they offer you some in return.  

One of the most important things that a dog may do if they blindly trust their owner is sleep back to back with their owner or sleep with their back to you, in general, because dogs in the wild consider that a weak position because they can easily get attacked.

Shares Toys With You

The relationship between a pup and its toy is sacred, and you should never interfere, but if your Goldendoodle offers you their toy, you are the luckiest person on earth.

When that happens, all you have to do is accept their kind offer and begin sharing their toy with them and play tenderly. Your dog will bond even more with you. 

Can Goldendoodles Be Loyal To More Than One Person? 

Goldendoodles can be loyal to more than one person, but like any other dog, they will have one favorite person.

However, they will still love and care for the other family members, and if there is ever a threat, they will try to protect all of their family bravely.

How To Make Your Dog More Loyal To You?

Here is how you can make your dog more loyal to you:

  • Build a bond
  • Make a schedule
  • Train them 
  • Be more dominant 
  • Set boundaries 

Build A Bond

Any dog can be incredibly loyal to you if you know how to build an unbreakable bond with them.

So how can you build a strong bond with your Goldendoodle? 

You need to figure out what activity your dog loves the most; for example, if they love playing fetch more than anything else, you can play fetch regularly.

If your dog loves hunting, you can set a day every two weeks to go hunting with them or at least once a month if you are too busy.

Nothing will build a stronger bond with your dog than doing what they love the most.

Make A Schedule 

You can make a schedule for your Goldendoodle and stick to it.

Set a specific time for everything, such as food, the daily walk, exercise, nap time, and quality time.

Training your dog that everything has a specific time will make them more confident and closer to you, so naturally, your Goldendoodle will be more loyal.

Train Them

I don’t mean by training them the obedience training but things to keep them occupied.

Goldendoodle is amazingly energetic and can be destructive when bored, teaching your dog tricks, or doing small chores. 

You can train them to take the trash out, bring you the mail, help you carry the grocery, or bring small things you ask for, such as snacks, the remote, drinks, or bags.

Your dog will connect the dots that learning these skills from you makes you their leader, and so they will be loyal to you as part of your pack.

Be more Dominant 

Being more dominant doesn’t mean being aggressive with your dog or raising your voice at them; It means when commanding them, be firm.

It would be best to let them know that misbehaving is never acceptable, start rewarding them whenever they are well-behaving, praise your dog in a cheery voice, and give them the attention they need.  

However, when your dog misbehaves, you should withdraw all the attention from them and ignore them till they stop it; when your dog starts to well-behave again, reward them and repeat.

Set Boundaries

Every house has its own rules, and depending on these rules, you should train your dog; for example, if your pets are not allowed in your bedroom, your dog should learn that your room is off boundaries and never make an exception because it will make them test your limits in more things.

The boundaries you set for your Goldendoodle will teach them what they should and shouldn’t do, and it helps them be more aware of their environment and how they can be helpful and loyal.

Are Goldendoodles Protective?

Goldendoodles are protective of their family and their loved ones. They can become highly protective if they feel that their family is in danger or that something is threatening their house.

However, Goldendoodles are prone to separation anxiety, leading to them being possessive leading to over-protection.

It would be best to take your Goldendoodle to a specialist if you think they may suffer from separation anxiety because they may become aggressive when interacting with anyone.

Do Goldendoodles Get Attached To One Person?

Goldendoodles do not get attached to just one person. They are incredibly friendly and tend to form special bonds with all of their family members and not just one.

However, if one family member spends more time with the puppy than the others, they will more likely become the dog’s favorite person.

Related Questions 

Are Goldendoodles Known To Be Aggressive?

No, Goldendoodles are not known to be aggressive; however, Goldendoodles can become aggressive if their owner mistreats them; in general, Goldendoodles are tender, sweet, and affectionate, and like every dog, they need socializing and training.

How Do You Know If Your Goldendoodle Loves You?

Your Goldendoodle can tell you that they love you by licking your hands or face, sitting on your lap, wagging their tail whenever they see you, tend to stare into your eyes, rubbing their face against yours, or bringing you their favorite toys.

How Do Dogs Pick Their Favorite Person?

Dogs tend to pick their favorite person based on a few factors, such as who spent the most time with them during their puppy stage and trained them and the person who spends some quality time with them, for example, napping, watching a movie, playing, or spending one-on-one time.

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