Are Goldendoodles Yappy? 9 Reasons and Their Solutions

You know that paranoid friend we always have who can’t keep their thoughts to themselves? They’d be walking back and forth, overthinking, over-worrying, and rambling non-stop; Yappy Dogs are actually no different.

Dogs are protective by nature and more alert than us, someone may keep calm and some may always want to express their feelings, and they do that through excessive barking on every occasion possible.

So, Are Goldendoodles yappy? Goldendoodles are not extremely yappy dogs; this breed has a moderately calm personality although so active and vocal, other than dogs who suffer from separation anxiety, Goldendoodles don’t typically have yappy episodes of bark in quick sharp bursts, yet it is possible to happen.

If you are a Goldendoodle parent who notices that your dog can be yappy at times, let’s explore reasons why your Goldendoodle may be yappy and how to calm them down. Keep Reading!

Are Goldendoodles Yappy?

happy goldendoodle to answer are goldendoodles yappy

Active, vocal, energetic, and always up for playtime, these are words that can describe a Goldendoodle, but yappy? Not really, at least not naturally.

Goldendoodles don’t bark too much. Their calm nature, according to many owners, is what makes them such wonderful dogs to stay indoors. This, like any other canine, is subject to change.

The Goldendoodle has a moderately calm personality if not suffering from anything that would make them convey a yappy behavior like anxiety, seeking attention, alerting, boredom, feeling a bit too cheerful and excited, or even greeting their favorite person or pet friend. 

9 Reasons why your Goldendoodle could be yappy? 

To be able to regulate a dog’s yappy behavior, you must first comprehend why it occurs. For a number of causes, dogs bark excessively. Barking is, first and foremost, how they communicate vocally.

Remember that Goldendoodles are no yappy by nature, so they might be expressing worry, boredom, or enthusiasm, or they could be play-barking to warn their owners of danger.

Here are the reasons why your Goldendoodle could be yappy:

Anxiety or Distress

Dogs experiencing anxiety will start barking and whimpering at the same time. This type of barking is a self-soothing coping strategy that serves as a defensive mechanism.


When a dog is in a frustrating situation like their ball sliding under the sofa, they want to enter a room but are prevented by a gate, or trying to get to the food on the counter and they can’t get to it, this type of bark communicates impotence and frustration.

Separation Anxiety, or compulsive barking

dogs bark excessively when left alone. Pacing, destructiveness, sadness, and improper elimination are some of the other signs they commonly display. Compulsive barkers appear to bark only to hear their own voices. They frequently engage in repeated motions, such as running in circles or along a fence.

Alerting or Warning

Dogs are very loyal to their family and homes. When a dog hears someone at the door or sees an unknown person or creature passing by out the window, it is natural for them to bark. This is their way of signaling that they are aware of a potential threat.


The attention-seeking bark is easy to recognize and rather common. When this happens, it’s possible that your eyes are riveted to your phone or television, or that you’re attempting to get some work done at home.

Intense excitement

Dogs will frequently scream out of playfulness and excitement, whether they are playing with you or other dogs, awaiting their supper, or simply pleased.


Dogs that are left alone for extended periods of time, whether in the home or in the yard, might grow bored or depressed, and will frequently bark to express their dissatisfaction.

Feeling territorial.

If anything or someone enters their area, they might become quite possessive. Goldendoodles desire to defend their territory as well as you. Barking is a dog’s first line of defense against intruders. If they believe their safety is being jeopardized, they are likely to bark more.

However, Goldendoodles are usually not very territorial, that’s why they are also very good with small animals such as chickens.

Greetings or amusement

When welcoming people or other animals, dogs frequently bark. It’s generally a joyful bark, with tail wags and leaping thrown in for good measure.

How to make your Goldendoodle quieter 

Here are the dos and don’ts you should follow with your Goldendoodle to help them become quieter when they are acting yappy.

Put this energy to good use

Providing the dog with adequate socialization and exercise is the most efficient approach to prevent and reduce barking.

The significance of early socialization cannot be overstated. If you’ve just gotten your Goldendoodle puppy, start socializing him as soon as possible with other people and dogs.

Make sure your dog gets enough physical and mental activity on a daily basis. 

A weary dog is a nice dog and one that barks less out of boredom or irritation. Your dog may require numerous lengthy walks, as well as a nice game of chasing the ball and playing with interactive toys, depending on their breed, age, and health.

Remove their Stimuli

There is a simple remedy for dogs who yelp as a warning every time they see someone go past the home via the window: shut the curtains. By removing the stimuli from your territorial barker’s visual access, you may quickly reduce the noise.

Distract them from stress

Give your scared, nervous, or bored dog some mental stimulation the next time he starts barking incessantly. 

While you’re busy or away from home, a puzzle toy or brain game that gives out rewards is a fantastic way to keep them occupied. 

Using their intellect will exhaust them and keep them focused on the game instead of the source of their worry.

Don’t give them attention

When you wish to stop an attention-seeking barker, positive reinforcement training comes in useful. You must essentially ignore them while they bark and reward them for behavior once they have stopped barking.

Here, consistency is crucial. When your dog barks, do not pay attention to them in any manner. This means no touching, no eye contact, and no chatting to your dog. Even the tiniest look in their way encourages them to continue making noise. 

When they begin to demand your attention, turn away or try to leave the room. This tells them that barking will get them the exact opposite of what they want.

Contact a professional

Make contact with a professional dog trainer who is qualified.

If you feel your dog is barking aggressively towards strangers, family members, or other dogs, or if the preceding methods don’t work, get advice from a qualified professional dog trainer.

You can also check this guide on how to calm down your golden retriever and follow the same steps as Golden Retrievers and Goldendoodles have very similar personalities and the same training methods will work with your Goldendoodle with the same effectiveness as with golden retrievers.

Related Questions 

Are Goldendoodles Vocal? 

Yes, Goldendoodles are considered vocal, but this depends on the individual dog personality. One could like barking, while another prefers to be quiet. Goldendoodles, on the other hand, tend to bark only when they have something to say. A full-fledged bark, a whine, or even a deep guttural sound.

Are Goldendoodles barkers? 

Goldendoodles are not barkers, even though they can be vocal and expressive. Many owners believe that their calm demeanor is what makes them such great house dogs. This, like any other canine, is something that can change and face exceptional circumstances.

Are Goldendoodles annoying? 

No, Goldendoodles are not annoying under regular circumstances; this may happen only if the dog is not well socialized, doesn’t get adequate exercise, or suffering from anxiety, which he/she will express through annoying actions like excessive barking, acting stubborn, or even nipping and biting.

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