Can Golden Retrievers Live in Florida? 10 Super Helpful Tips

I love a lot about Floria, and I think it’s safe to say that I love almost everything about the sunshine state except for its weather.

I can handle the weather there, but it exhausts me, and it does the same for my dog. Goldens were just not born to live in humidity and heat.

But can golden retrievers live in Florida? Yes, Golden Retrievers can live in Florida even though they don’t like the heat. Golden retrievers are vulnerable to hot temperatures and aren’t comfortable in temperatures in the 90s °F which happen in Floridan Summers. High temperatures put goldens at risk of overheating and dehydration.

Goldens can definitely live in hot weather but it’s not the best for them. They are more adapt to cold weather, but there are always things you can do to help your golden retriever adapt better to the weather in Florida if you are going to take them there with you.

Can Golden Retrievers Live in Florida Weather?

Yes, Golden Retrievers can live in Florida Weather but they will not like it especially in the summer. Golden retrievers are more adapt to the cold weather and are vulnerable to exhaustion, dehydration, and overheating in the hot weather of Florida.

A golden retriever with head in the sand to illustrate how can golden retrievers live in Florida

If you are thinking of getting a golden retriever in Florida, you can get one. There are actually plenty of people with Golden Retrievers in the state and they are doing just fine.

However, you should know how to help your dog adapt to the hot weather, especially if you’re planning on getting a double-coated dog like the Golden Retriever.

Below I’m going to tell you all the tips you need to know that can help you make your golden retriever comfortable in the hot weather of Florida, Texas, or any other hot place you are going to take them.

By the way, I have included even more tips than those below in my article on how can golden retrievers live in hot weather guide, so make sure to check it out as well after reading this one.

10 Tips to Help Your Golden Retriever live in Florida’s Weather

Here are 10 tips to help your golden retriever live in Hot weather:

  1. Choose walking times right
  2. Get them dog boots
  3. Bring them inside
  4. Give them shade
  5. Take them swimming
  6. Give them a kiddie pool
  7. Get them a cooling mat
  8. Plenty of water, all the time
  9. A short cut is okay, a shave is NOT
  10. Keep them on a fleas shampoo

Let’s go over each of these pretty quickly and see how they can improve your dog’s stay in Florida quite substantially.

Choose Walking Times Right

Taking your dog for a walk in the noon is a big no-no. You want to make sure your dog can comfortably walk on the ground without it being too hot on them.

An easy to find out if it’s too hot for them to walk is to use your own bare feet. If you can’t stand to walk on the ground because it’s too hot for your feet, then it’s too hot for their paws as well.

[su_box title=”Pro Tip” box_color=”#ec7050″]The ground can still retain some heat even after the sun is gone. Make sure to always test the ground yourself before you walk the dog using your own bare feet. . [/su_box]

Get them Dog boots

You can’t always choose the time you can walk your dog, but you can still make sure they’re comfortable and are protected from the heat and injuries with dog boots.

I usually get more than just one set of boots for my dog, because I take them running a lot and usually wear them down and because I like to spoil my dog.

My favorite boots for them recently have been the boots from QUMY (which you can check on Amazon here) because of their reflective straps and waterproofing.

Bring Them Inside

The easiest, most effective, and best way to protect your dog from the weather, especially during the day is to just bring them inside. If you have AC, bring them into the room with the air conditioning to protect them from the heat.

There will be days during the summer where you really don’t have options other than bring them inside to protect them from the heat.

Give them Shade

If you are going to be leaving your dog outside for any period of time, they must have protection from the sun. They must have an area that the sun doesn’t reach.

Dog houses do a good job of protecting them from the sun, but make sure to choose one that’s large enough to be comfortable for your dog.

Check out my recommended dog houses for golden retrievers here.

Take them swimming

Goldens absolutely love swimming, and if you can take them swimming, you absolutely should. Swimming is awesome because it hits so many birds with one stone. It counts as their exercise of the day, they love it so it also counts as a fun activity, and it is a great way to cool them down in a hot day as well.

Here are 5 Dog Friendly Swimming Spots in Florida:

  1. Fort De Soto State Park & Dog Beach
  2. Pier Park Dog Beach
  3. The Dog Wood Park
  4. The Smyrna Dunes Park
  5. The Crystal Isles Campground (for RVs)

Give them a kiddie pool

If you can’t take your dog swimming, you might want to consider getting them a kiddie pool and let them chill outside the house. I have tried a couple over the years and currently I have the GoStock large dog pool (check its latest price on Amazon here).

It’s large enough for my goldens to enjoy and they seem to love it, and so far it has been durable and seems to hold up well.

Get them a cooling mat

It can get hot inside, too. If you don’t have an AC, you should definitely let the windows open and let them sit down near a window that actually gets some airflow.

I also highly recommend getting them a cooling mat. It’s just so convenient to cool down your dog quickly and my dogs absolutely love it.

I like to use cooling pads when it’s more than 85 F and I found them to really make a difference. Cooling pads can offer very quick refreshing for dogs and can have a long-lasting effect of 8 hours, which means your dog can lay on them during the hot summer day.

My personal favorite is the Pet Dog Self Cooling Mat from Amazon, it works really well and the large size is just perfect for adult golden retrievers.

If you’re looking for something more affordable, check out this affordable and breathable cooling mat on Amazon as well.

Plenty of water, all the time

Your dog should always have access to freshwater whenever and wherever. This means that;

  • If you are going for a walk or run, you should have a water bottle just for them with you
  • IF they are staying outside, you should frequently add freshwater (preferably with ice) to their water bowl
  • If you are not at home, you should get them a dog water fountain and teach them how to use it

There should never be an instant where your dog doesn’t have easy access to water. Goldens are prone to dehydration in the summer, especially in places like Florida or Texas where the weather is always hot.

A short cut is okay, a shave is NOT

Some people like to give their dogs a short summer cut, and while a short summer cut doesn’t do as much to cool down the dog as you think, you can do it.

I personally don’t like giving my dog cuts unless necessary, and while they do seem to feel lighter and more refreshed with a short summer cut, I would rather keep them cool in all other ways before grabbing the scissors.

So, yes, a short summer cut should be fine. What is not fine is a shave. Shaving your golden retriever is never okay, and you can find out why shaving them is a terrible idea here.

Keep them on a fleas shampoo

Your dog doesn’t really thrive in the hot summer, but you know who absolutely love the hot and humid weather? fleas and insects!

In the summer, you must keep your dog on a fleas shampoo to prevent fleas from becoming a real issue. I have been using the Adams Plus Shampoo and it’s been great at fighting these nasty insects.

Related Questions

Can golden Retrievers be outside dogs?

Golden Retrievers can live outside but they shouldn’t. Golden Retrievers are family dogs and they are meant to live inside the house where the family is. Your Golden will become anxious and stressed if they’re left outside and they will suffer both mentally and physically.


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