Can Goldendoodles Have Blue Eyes? The Norms and The Problems

Goldendoodles are one of the cutest dog breeds of all time, well, can you imagine a Goldendoodle with blue eyes, adorable right? But have you actually seen one? Can they even have blue eyes? I mean I can’t unsee it in my head now, so let’s dig deeper than that.

So, can Goldendoodles have blue eyes? Goldendoodles can have blue eyes but it’s very rare, the standard eye color for Goldendoodles is brown so the blue-eyed Goldendoodle is not accepted or recognized by the AKC, however, they can have blue eyes as puppies but it usually gets darker as they grow older.

Well, that was the short version and of course, there is more to it so just keep on reading to learn more about it.

Can Goldendoodles have blue eyes?

Goldendoodle with blue eyes show how can Goldendoodles have blue eyes

Goldendoodles can have blue eyes but in really rare conditions, however, breeders tend to use that “rare” thing to earn more money, so just to be clear, saying it’s rare isn’t always a good thing, let me explain it better.

Some Goldendoodles can have blue eyes due to a genetic mutation and there is nothing wrong with that, it’s a good rare thing but there are some breeders that will try everything to have a Goldendoodle with blue eyes which isn’t a good thing because they usually neglect their health in order to get a puppy with blue eyes and eventually sell it for a ridiculous amount of money.

So if you do find yourself a Goldendoodle with blue eyes, make sure to check on their background and if you are getting them from a breeder, let them show you health clearances that prove that the dog has been tested and cleared from any health issues.

I should note here that blue-eyed dogs, in general, are in way different than any other dogs in all the important parts; they are still healthy, they still see just as well, and they are as loveable and affectionate as all other dogs.

There may be slight differences between them and dogs with other eye colors, and you can learn about it in my post on do dogs with blue eyes see differently here.

Now that we’ve gotten this out of the way, let’s discuss the 3 reasons that can cause Goldendoodles to have blue eyes.

3 Reasons Goldendoodles can have blue eyes.

Goldendoodles can have blue eyes for one of these reasons:

  • Genetic mutation
  • Inheritance 
  • Eye problems

Genetic mutation 

Goldendoodles can have blue eyes due to genetic mutation or by the merle gene.

The genetic mutation is caused by a duplication of DNA sequence near ALX4 (the gene involved in the eyes, hair, and skin.


It’s a very rare case but it does happen, Golden retrievers and poodles with blue eyes are already rare so if one of the parents has blue eyes, they may inherit it from them.

It can also be just a phase, some puppies have blue eyes when they are young but their eye color gets darker as they get older.

Eye problems 

If your Goldendoodle is not born with blue eyes but their eyes are turning blue when they are adults, it’s definitely an eye problem.

It can be cloudy eyes, cataracts, retinal dysplasia, glaucoma, Uveitis, underdeveloped optic nerve, corneal dystrophy, or nuclear sclerosis.

What happens if your Goldendoodle’s eyes turn blue?

An adult Goldendoodle’s eyes turning blue is not a good thing and you should definitely take them to the vet to see what’s going on.

Here are some other things you may also notice when your Goldendoodle’s eyes are turning blue:

  • They will stop making eye contact with you because simply they can’t see you clearly.
  • Bumpin ‘into the wall.
  • Having trouble locating their food
  • Can’t walk straight 
  • Reluctant to jump on off your couch
  • Becoming more clingy 
  • They may show signs of aggression because something is bothering them.

Whether you notice one or a few of these signs, you should take your Goldendoodle to the vet as soon as possible because it can be a sign of vision loss and it’s better to catch it early and save what can be saved.

To learn more, please check out my guide to what happens when a dog’s eyes turn blue here.

Should you worry if your Goldendoodle’s eyes turn blue?

Yes, you should worry if your Goldendoodle’s eyes turn blue because that’s an indicator of an eye issue such as lenticular sclerosis or nuclear sclerosis.

This condition only happens in middle-aged and senior dogs, it’s associated with age so there is nothing you can do, it will make their eyes look bluish.

However, if your dog is not a senior or middle-aged dog then it may be a sign of cataracts or glaucoma, whatever it is, you should not underestimate it so take them to the vet as soon as you notice that something is wrong with their eyes.

How do you tell if a puppy will have blue eyes?

You can tell if a puppy will have blue eyes by looking at their parent’s eye color, if one of their parents have blue eyes then there’s a good chance that the puppy will have blue eyes as well, however, it also depends on their breed, so if a husky is a parent, the puppy is more likely to have blue eyes.

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Related Questions 

Do dogs with blue eyes go blind sooner?

No, dogs with blue eyes do not go blind sooner, however, if your dog’s eyes turned blue, it can be an indicator of a sight issue such as cloudy eyes, nuclear sclerosis, cataracts, and lenticular sclerosis, so if your dog is not born with blue eyes but it’s turning to blue, you should take them to the vet.

Are blue eyes bad in dogs?

No, blue eyes are not bad in dogs, it’s completely normal for dogs to have blue eyes, it’s pretty common in some breeds such as huskies and Australian shepherds, and some puppies are born with blue eyes but it gets darker as they grow older, so in conclusion, blue eyes are not linked to health issues.

What is the rarest eye color for dogs?

Green is the rarest eye color in dogs, merle dogs can have a green eye, and the other eye partially brown and partially blue which can give you the same effect as green, green eyes are seen in American pit bull terriers, pomeranian husky, Australian shepherd, Weimaraner, and English springer spaniel.

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