Can Goldendoodles Live in Hot Weather? Tips From Vets & Experts

Goldendoodles have a great and unique coat, their coat has the golden color from their retriever parent and the unmatchable texture of the poodle’s coat.

Besides making them look adorable their coat protects them from the cold weather and makes them tolerate it pretty well, but what about the hot weather? Can their coat help them tolerate the hot weather as well?

So, can Goldendoodles live in hot weather? Goldendoodles can live in hot weather but with a little help from you because they don’t tolerate the heat like they tolerate the cold, the perfect temperature for them is between 32°F and 45°F, so if it’s 90°F, you will want to keep them inside and keep them hydrated.

If you live in hot weather and have or wanna get a Goldendoodle, well, keep reading to learn more about Goldendoodles in hot weather.

Can Goldendoodles live in hot weather?

goldendoodle puppy on park bench to answer how can goldendoodles live in hot weather

Goldendoodles can live in hot weather with your help and care, there are many things that you can do to make summer more acceptable.

Dogs can get sunburned as well, so when it’s too hot for them to go outside in the sun but they have to go outside, make sure to apply sunscreen on your Goldendoodle’s coat and nose, also, don’t forget to give them some water frequently to keep them hydrated.

If the temperature is 90°F or higher, it’s best if you keep your Goldendoodle inside where there is an air conditioner, a source of cool and freshwater, and maybe some cold treats.

How hot is too hot for Goldendoodles?

Starting from 90°F and above is too hot for your Goldendoodle, 106°F is considered a heat stroke temperature which can lead to multiple organs dysfunction or even death, however, heat is never good for your Goldendoodle so make sure to prevent your dog from facing the sun when it’s too hot.

Do Goldendoodles get hot easily?

Goldendoodles can get hot easily just like humans and many other animals, however, how hot can a Goldendoodle get depends on many factors such as the environment, humidity, the type of their coat, and believe it or not, their personality and temperament.

Here are some signs that help you know your Goldendoodle has become hot easily:

  • Red gums 
  • Drooling 
  • Panting 
  • Vomiting 
  • Confusion 
  • Fast pulse
  • Seizures
  • Lethargy 
  • Red tongue 

However, if your Goldendoodle gets hot easily, it can mean that they have a health issue so watch them closely for any signs of health issues and if so, take them to their vet as soon as possible. 

Should you give your Goldendoodle a summer cut?

You should give your Goldendoodle a summer cut if the weather is too hot for your Goldendoodle to handle, a summer cut can help them feel more comfortable and get them through the hot weather, however, a summer cut is not the same as shaving their coat entirely, a summer cut is only trimming their coat and making it a bit shorter. 

Most people think that shaving their Goldendoodles in the summer will make the summer way easier for them but they are wrong and here is why.

Shaving your Goldendoodle prevents cool air from getting to their skin, weird right? I mean you literally removed the heavy layers that keep them warm in the winter so removing them must keep them warm in the summer.

Well, you forgot about one important thing, their undercoat is still there and now they have no coat to protect them from the sun which exposes your Goldendoodle to higher risks of skin cancer, overheating, and being overheated. You can learn why shaving any double-coated dog is a bad idea in this article on why you should not shave your golden retriever ever.

13 ways to keep your Goldendoodle cool in the summer

Here are the most important tips to help you keep your Goldendoodle cool in the summer:

  1. Fresh cool water is the key
  2. Lighter food can do the tricks
  3. Try cooling beds
  4. Choose the right time for any activity 
  5. Give them baths regularly
  6. Take them for a swim
  7. Cool treats can help
  8. Always check for ear infections and hot spots 
  9. Don’t skip flea meds 
  10. Don’t leave your pup in the car alone
  11. Keep them indoors 
  12. Be careful where your dog walks 
  13. Give your pup shelter

Fresh cool water is the key

Fresh cool water can make a huge difference in your Goldendoodle’s day when it’s too hot for them, the cold water can make them tolerate the weather a little better.

It’s not just providing them with water at home but also when you go out for a walk, run, or going anywhere, take a bottle of water for them as well.

Make sure to stop every once in a while to give them water and if you are at home make sure to refill their water bowl, if you tend to leave them alone for long periods, I recommend checking the PetSafe dog water fountain from amazon.

Lighter food can do the tricks 

We usually feed our dogs warm cooked meals in the winter to keep them warm, well, in the summer, you should feed them lighter food, and if you can serve them cool meals it will be much better.

Heavier foods are heavier for them to process and they don’t need to burn the food for warmth, also make sure to serve them too much too.

Avoid giving your Goldendoodle snacks after meals and switch their snacks to cold fruit such as watermelon, mango, or bananas.

A little tip for you if you are serving soup, put an ice cube in it for them. I have a few recipes for homemade ice cream for dogs in this article on can your golden eat ice cream, so make sure to check it out as well.

Try cooling beds

Cooling beds or cooling pads can really make a difference in your dog’s summer, it can offer them a cool effect that helps to make their naps in the heat more relaxing.

The effect lasts for 8 hours, they are perfect when it’s more than 85°F and I doubt that your dog is gonna leave it.

Here is my personal favorite cooling mat, the Chillz Cooling Mat For Dogs, it’s perfect for its price and fits every size.

Choose the right time for any activity 

Don’t take them for a walk at noon when the sun is at its brightest, instead, try taking them for a walk in the early morning, late afternoon, or at night.

Even if you are taking them for a swim to help them cool off, avoid taking them at noon as well because it can lead to sunburn.

Give them baths regularly 

Bathing and grooming them can make a big difference, it helps your dog to adapt, grooming their coat helps them regulate their temperatures.

Make a schedule for their grooming and baths so your dog’s coat can stay healthy and fresh, however, avoid shaving their coat because it will not help your dog at all. 

Take them for a swim

If you have a pool, let your dog swim but avoid the noon and the early afternoon as well because they may get sunburned.

If you don’t have a pool, you can consider this Fuloon PVC pet swimming pool portable foldable pool on Amazon. Swimming can be the best way for your dog to cool down and it can replace the daily walk as an activity.

Cool treats can help

Giving your pup cool treats throughout the day can help your pup cool down.

Try cutting some fruits, freeze them, and serve them, it’s the lightest and refreshing treat.

You can also give them frozen yogurt instead of ice cream, you can also look for a homemade treat to serve for your dog in the summer.  I have a few treats for cool homemade ice creams in my dog foods for every age for goldens and their mixes here.

Always check for ear infections and hot spots

Make sure to check for ear infections and hot spots because they are prone to them and other skin issues in the hot summer heat.

Check their underarms and skin for redness, you may also notice some signs such as scratching, itching, or spots on their skin.

Don’t skip flea meds

In the summer and high temperatures, dogs are more prone to fleas, ticks, and parasites than usual because simply these insects enjoy the summer heat and tend to thrive more.

So keep your Goldendoodle on a flea med and keep a close eye on your pup for any signs of fleas. Also, make sure to groom them and use a good shampoo that can get rid of ticks or fleas.

Don’t leave your pup in the car alone 

It’s common sense that you shouldn’t leave your dog in the car alone but still, you would be surprised.

When I say don’t leave your  Goldendoodle in the car alone, I really mean don’t leave them in the car for even a minute, don’t say you will go get something and it will only take you two seconds, take your Goldendoodle with you in these two seconds, just don’t leave them whatever the reason is.

Don’t leave the window partially opened for them, don’t leave the AC on for them, just take them with you.

Keep them indoors 

Keep your Goldendoodle indoors, if you think that leaving them outside is good for them because they can get fresh air, well, being indoors in the shade with AC on is way better for them.

The heat outside may lead to many things such as dehydration, sunburns, and overheating.

Be careful where your dog walks

When you are taking your Goldendoodle for a walk, make sure to find the shade and walk in it, you should always apply sunscreen on their coat and nose before going out to protect them from the sun.

You should also protect their paws because the floor can be too hot for them, you can get them a pair of boots for this cause. 

Give your pup shelter

You can provide your pup with a shelter (a dog house) where you can also put the cooling mat so they can relax.

The risks of overheating and hyperthermia 

Hyperthermia is a real danger and it’s something you should know the signs of and how to deal with if it does happen.


Dogs who are at a higher risk of getting hyperthermia:

  • Overweights 
  • Puppies 
  • Dogs with underlying heart disease
  • Seniors 
  • Dogs with increased levels of thyroid hormone
  • Dogs with a previous history of heart-related diseases
  • Dehydration or insufficient water intake 
  • Poor lung or heart conditioning 

Signs of hyperthermia

Here are the signs of hyperthermia that you should look out for:

  • Vomiting blood 
  • Excessive drooling
  • Sudden breathing distress 
  • Shock 
  • Excessive panting 
  • Dehydration 
  • Rapid mood changes 
  • Increased body temperature to more than 103°F 
  • black, tarry tools
  • No urine 
  • Red gums 
  • Rapid heart rate 
  • Moist tissues of the body
  • Wobbly or drunken-like movement
  • Muscle tremors 
  • Unconsciousness
  • Seizures 

What to do? 

Here is what you should do if you noticed one or a few of the above signs

  • Bring your Goldendoodle to a cool area 
  • Spray your pup with cool water 
  • Wrap them in wet cool towels 
  • Put some cool water in front of them 
  • Stop the process when their temperature finally reaches 103°F
  • You can take them to the vet to make sure that everything is fine.

How to prevent hyperthermia?

To prevent hyperthermia, you should follow the tips mentioned above to keep your dog safe during the summer and to protect them from the heat.

Never underestimate what the heat can do, so always make sure that your dog is indoors with a source of water available or outside at the right time.

Should I shave my Goldendoodle in the summer?

No, you should not shave your Goldendoodle in the summer because it puts them at a higher risk of getting skin cancer, sunburns, and overheating since you shaved the coat that protects them from the sun, also, shaving them doesn’t help the air to get to their skin because they have an undercoat.

Do Goldendoodles tolerate heat?

Goldendoodles can tolerate heat at a certain level, they can tolerate the heat till it reaches 90°F or above that, in that temperature, they need your help such as keeping them indoors in a room with a cool shade, maybe give them a summer cut to help them tolerate the weather.

Can Goldendoodles live outside?

Goldendoodles are not built to live outside, it’s not safe for any dog to live outside, it gets colder at night and a dog shouldn’t be left outside for too long, you can leave them outside for 4 hours at most.

Extended periods of them being outside and alone may trigger some things in your dogs especially if they are suffering from separation anxiety then leaving them to sleep outside won’t be much of a sleep for you or them.

Plus, leaving your dog outside facing the heat can lead to multiple issues, so in conclusion, no Goldendoodles can’t live outside. 

Can Goldendoodles live in Florida?

Just like any other place, Goldendoodles can live in Florida with your help when it gets too hot for them.

If the heat ever reaches 100°F or above, don’t take your dog for a run, a walk, or a jog especially at noon because your Goldendoodles can get sunburned, dehydrated, or overheated. Florida is quite special for its humidity and tough weather, so make sure to check out my guide to living with your dog in Florida for more specialized tips.

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Related Questions 

Can Goldendoodles live in Texas?

Yes, Goldendoodles can live in Texas, and when the weather is too hot for them, you can keep them inside and help them cool off a little bit with fresh and cool water, so make sure to know when the temperature is too hot for them to go outside or at least apply sunscreen on their coat and nose.

Can Goldendoodles live in Mexico?

Yes, Goldendoodles can live anywhere as long as you take good care of them and know when they can go outside and when you should let them stay at home with the air conditioner and water beside them, also, if you have a pool, it will be a great way for them to deal with the heat.

Can Goldendoodles live in India?

Yes, they can live in India, however, Goldendoodles are not the most suitable pets for this climate, they can live in India but living there can be a bit challenging for them, I can’t assume that they will stay inside most of the year since they are an energetic breed that needs space and activities.

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