Can I put Chapstick on My Dog’s Dry Nose? Bad Idea or Easy Solution?

Dogs love to play outside and spend time under the sun, unfortunately, their noses don’t seem to like it the same way, and a dry dog nose can be a serious problem.

If your dog’s nose gets dry, it could lead to cracks and even bleeding, which is why it’s important to protect their noses by keeping them moisturized, and if you are looking for a quick solution, here is a very good one; chapstick.

So, can I put chapstick on my dog’s dry nose? Yes, you can put chapstick on your dog’s dry nose as it provides relief from chapped itchy cracked skin, chapstick also helps to protect your dog’s nose and skin against the sun, But the dog should never lick or eat the chapstick as it can contain harmful chemicals.

If you want to know if chapstick is safe for your dog or what are the alternative ways to moisturize your dog’s nose, just keep on reading.

Is Chapstick Safe for Dogs? 

 Can I put Chapstick on my dog's dry nose? A photo of a dog's nose to illustrate

It’s safe for dogs if you make sure that your dogs do not lick it but if your dog just as much as tastes the chapstick, then your dog needs to visit the vet and should be treated as an emergency.

That’s because chapstick contains xylitol, limonene, phenol, linalool which can be poisonous for dogs.

Is Chapstick toxic to dogs? 

Yes, chapsticks can be toxic to dogs and if your dog eats chapstick, you will notice some mild side effects such as diarrhea and vomiting, or they won’t experience any effects at all.

Usually, chapstick contains xylitol that is used as a sweetener and that causes low blood sugar in dogs and if they eat it, it can cause liver failure and you should definitely take them to the vet if they did taste a chapstick.

Alternative ways to moisturize your dog’s nose 

There are alternative ways to moisturize your dog’s nose other than chapstick.

Here is what you can put on your dog’s nose to moisturize it instead of Chapstick;

Shea butter 

Shea butter is great for moisturizing and softening hair for both humans and dogs.

You can use shea butter in small amounts on your dog’s crusty nose, it’s completely safe for your pup.

Olive oil 

Olive oil is literally the perfect oil for every living being, it can be used on dry nose, elbows, ears, and paws.

You can also add one teaspoon of olive oil to their meal to provide them with healthy skin and coat, it will help with their digestive system as well, however, you should consult your vet before making that decision. 

Coconut oil 

Coconut oil is the safest choice for your dog, coconut is the most effective moisturizer found in nature, it will help improve skin elasticity with its many minerals and vitamins.

Rub coconut oil onto your dog’s nose till you feel that your nose absorbed it.

Vitamin E oil 

Vitamin oil is safe for dogs and will do a great job with moisturizing your dog’s nose and will provide them with vitamin E, you can also add one teaspoon of vitamin E oil to your dog’s meal to promote better health and health and coats.

Almond oil 

Almond oil contains a number of important vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids to soothe their dry nose.

It’s highly effective for their nose, paws, coat, and lips.

Cocoa seed butter

Cocoa seed butter will moisturize and condition their dry nose and paws, it can also be used if your dog is sunburned or to protect their nose from the sun if they have the “snow nose” or the “ winter nose.

Castor oil 

Castor oil provides powerful healing properties for irritated and dry skin but in that case, you don’t want your dog to lick it because it can cause diarrhea and even vomiting so make sure to rub the oil onto their nose and leave it for 15 minutes while watching them then you can wipe it gently.

Can I put Vaseline on my dog’s nose? 

No, you can’t put vaseline on your dog’s nose because it can be toxic, however, if you used a really small amount it will not harm them as much but why risk that chance and you can use other moisturizers and will give you even better results such as vitamin E oil, shea butter, and coconut oil.

Can I put olive oil on my dog’s nose? 

Yes, you can put olive oil on your dog’s nose, it will help moisturize and soothe their nose and can be also used on their paws because olive oil penetrates deeply into their skin and will moisturize their skin for long periods.

It treats dry cracked and chapped paws and noses and if you don’t want your dog to lick their paws or walk and leave footsteps on your carpet, you can cover their paws with a child sock.

They can be even useful when your dog is limping if the cause of the limping is that their paws hurt. You can learn more about why your dog is limping here.

Related Questions 

Can I put Chapstick on my dog’s lips? 

Yes, you can if you are going to use a brand that is safe for dogs, lip balms provide relief from chapped lips and it protects against the wind and the sun, you can also apply coconut oil on your dog’s lips, olive oil, or vitamin E oil in small amounts.

Can I use shea butter on my dog’s nose? 

Yes, you can use shea butter on your dog’s nose, it protects their nose from the sun, wind, and moisturizes their nose, also, it can be used if your dog have a dry patches on their coat and skin, it will smooth their skin and coat and soothes dry paws.

Can I put chapstick on my dog’s paws? 

Yes, you can put chapstick on your dog’s paws before heading outside your house especially when they are about to walk on snow because of the salt and chemicals that can irritate their paws and pads and the chapstick will protect them.

Can I put coconut oil on my dog’s nose? 

Yes, you can put coconut oil on your dog’s nose, coconut oil is one of the things that you and your dog can use safely, coconut and olive oil are great for your dog’s itchy and dry nose but if their nose doesn’t get better then you will need to consult their vet about it.

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