Can you have 2 Female Golden Retrievers? A Guide with Pros and Cons

If you are on the fence regarding which gender I should get, but something very interesting happened when I was doing my research. I found a lot of people recommending to not get two dogs of the same gender.

So many people were saying that two female goldens will not get along well that it just didn’t sit with me right, so I made a few calls, did my own in-depth research, and here is what I found.

So, can you have 2 female golden retrievers? Yes, you can have 2 female golden retrievers, however, to make sure the 2 female goldens get along well, their owner has to be firm and establish leadership or the two dogs might fight, but with time they will get used to each other and will become best friends.

Generally speaking, getting a second female golden retriever is fine and they can totally live together well, but you still need to learn about the pros and cons as well as how to introduce them to each other in order to make sure they get along well.

Don’t worry, I’ll discuss all of this right here, so keep reading…

Can 2 Female Goldens Get Along Well? 

an image of 2 female goldens to illustrate how can you have 2 female golden retrievers in the same house

Yes, 2 female goldens can get along well but in order for that to happen, there are a couple of things that you need to know and do.

Usually, golden retrievers get along very well, but any two dogs of the same sex are at a higher risk of fighting due to their constant desire to maintain a hierarchy.

The same is true for either sex, but the challenges with each sex – and the solutions – are a little different.

If you are going to have 2 female goldens, it’s better if you spay them as soon as they are at the right age because the risk of fighting is decreased in spayed dogs.

You have to be their leader and show them a dominant trait because if they think that their owner is weak, they will fight most of the time.

The Pros and Cons of Having 2 female Goldens Together? 

The Pros

  • They will be each other’s company  
  • They will entertain each other if you are busy, or leave them for work.
  • Both of them will love playing together 
  • They will provide exercise for each other 
  • Both of them will shower you with love and kindness 
  • Double the retriever = double the joy 
  • Golden retrievers are friendly and they really love the company 

The Cons 

  • If the 2 female goldens are the same age, they might fight a lot but if your existent female golden is older,  it won’t be that big of a problem 
  • More poop 
  • More vet bills 
  • More doggy fur 
  • And more food 
  • One of them might be jealous of the other and can lead to more fighting.

Why Dogs With Opposite Sexes Do Better Together

Dogs of the same sex are more prone to have lots of conflicts, two female dogs may struggle with dominance issues and the same thing goes with two male dogs. I have made a separate post for living with two male golden retrievers here, so make sure to check it out as well.

Whether male or female, when two dogs of the same sex live in the same home, they will need to determine who is the alpha and who is the beta and they will also fight over toys and their owner’s affection.

The decision-making process of proving who is the alpha might be violent and can change both of their personalities so even if your dog is a sweetheart he might turn to a savage during this process.

It can be a little different when the dogs are of opposite sexes because the male can be the top male in the pack and the female is the top female in the pack and they don’t have to compete over a position.

Tips for peaceful coexistence between the two female dogs 

  • Introduce them on a neutral ground 
  • You have to establish rules and boundaries so they won’t fight 
  • It’s really important to walk them together and side by side 
  • If they tend to fight, do not isolate them, instead, socialize them and never ignore the problem (your dogs are probably fighting over territory, and isolating them into separate territory will make the conflict even worse because they can still smell each other.
  • Whenever they fight, you have to be there and break the fight up as quickly as possible and calmly take them both for a walk to redirect their attention.

How to introduce two female dogs?

  • Introduce them on a neutral ground 
  • Have someone else help you introducing them
  • You can introduce them through any activity so they won’t be too focused on each other 
  • Let them get to know each other and very slowly 
  • Keep their meeting sessions short
  • Have both of the dogs on a leash in the first few meetings
  • Move the meeting to your home and watch for any signs of aggression 
  • Keep the dogs separate while you are away
  • Keep their food area separated 

What is the best age to add a second dog?

If you are getting a second dog, you have to wait for at least a year since you got your first dog because it takes up to 6 months for your first dog to adjust to their new home and another 6 months to bond with you and learn your commands and your house rules.

I have actually made a full guide on adding a second golden retriever to the family here, so make sure to check it if you are thinking of getting a second golden.

You can share this article with your family and friends if you liked it, they might be thinking about adopting another dog and don’t know what gender they should get and I will appreciate it as well.

Related Questions 

Should I spay my female golden retriever? 

Yes, you should spay your female golden retriever, it’s no secret that golden retrievers are prone to cancer, and spaying your golden will lower the chance of getting cancer, also, it will get rid of all the health issues that come up with the early spaying, plus they will be able to grow in a healthy way.

Can female golden retrievers be aggressive? 

Yes, female golden retrievers can be aggressive but it’s very rare, and to prevent aggression in your female golden, you should socialize them properly and choose a good breeder to take them to, physical punishment is never on the table. 

Is it better to have 2 female dogs or 1 of each?

It’s better to have 1 of each, 2 females will fight to the death over proving who is the alpha, they’re more likely to fight than 2 males, however, having 1 of each will be safer because they will not fight to prove their dominance because the female is the top female in the pack and the male is the top male in the pack.

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