Can You Have 2 Male Golden Retrievers?

If you already have a male golden retriever and want to get another but you are worried that they might not get along or fight a lot then you came to the right place.

There are many myths and conceptions about having two male dogs in the same household, so let’s see what’s true and what’s a myth.

Can you have 2 male golden retrievers? Yes, you can have 2 male golden retrievers, goldens are happier when they have company, it’s true that the 2 male golden retrievers might fight to prove who is the alpha but male goldens actually fight less than female goldens and the owner can prevent the fighting by establishing their authority.

There are, of course, some pros and cons you need to know before you make the decision, along with the plan on how to make sure they get along well, so let’s get into it.

Can 2 Male Goldens Get Along Well?

two golden retrievers playing to answer the question of can you have 2 male golden retrievers

Yes, they can, I won’t say all male goldens because every rule has an exception, some males get along just fine and some have issues with their perceived competitors.

in fact, 2 male goldens are actually less likely to fight than 2 female goldens, and most of the time they will fight for the same reasons such as who is the alpha and how is the beta, the attention and affection of their owners, and of course toys.

They also fight over food even though you feed them both equally, that’s why it’s always recommended to give them separate food areas because they may leave their bowl and go out from the other’s food.

If you already have a male golden and want to get another retriever and don’t know what gender you should get, I would recommend getting a golden of the opposite sex to avoid the trouble and it’s not just my opinion, it’s what the experts recommend as well.

Dogs of the opposite sex are less likely to fight each other than dogs of the same sex.

However, if your mind is set on a specific golden and it happens to be a male as well then it’s no problem, it really depends on their personality and their level of dominance.

So I am going to tell you a few tips to help you get both of the males’ goldens along well.

The Pros and Cons of Having 2 Male Goldens Together? 

The Pros

  • It will help your dog socialize 
  • They will be playmates and brothers for life
  • They will grow up with a better mental health
  • Each  dog will keep the other active by playing
  • More dogs, more joy in your home  
  • They will be better physically  

You can learn about even more reasons why golden retrievers are better in pairs here.

The Cons 

  • They may not get along 
  • They may fight a lot 
  • More mess in your house 
  • Double poop 
  • More vet bills 
  • More hair on your furniture 

How to Introduce Your Second Dog to the Family? 

  • After choosing the second dog with the right gender and age, keep the dogs separated for a minimum of 24 hours, this step is really important to keep a balance in your house and will create a much smoother transition.
  • When you first bring the new dog inside the house, do not allow him to run loose inside the house, keep them on a leash for several days until you know their behavior inside your house.
  • You should use a baby gate or a bedroom to separate the second dog’s area in your house, it will help the second dog to relax and adjust to his new environment.
  • If both dogs seem to be calm and easy-going then 24 hours of separation will be enough. 
  • Make sure that your new dog doesn’t get stressed out because they are going through a lot and they have a lot to process so if your first dog doesn’t give them their space, you should consider a bigger separation for them.
  • Time for the first meeting: after the separation and both of the dogs are chill, you can introduce them by taking both out for a walk.
  • Ask someone to help you with this process
  • Walk with your first dog in front, both of the dogs should be on a leash.
  • The new dog behind you with the person who is helping you.
  • Make the space between your first dog and the dog that is walking behind you, about 10 feet away.
  • Slowly work your way to get them closer together.
  • When you feel that they are both calm, allow them to smell each other.

Watch for any signs of aggression such as showing their teeth, ears back, stiff erect tail, and growling.

  • If you did notice any signs, separate them immediately and keep on walking.
  • Keep their first interaction short and nice.
  • Repeat these small interactions several times until both of the dogs are calm around each other.
  • When they are calm, you can finally bring them inside the house and always let your resident dog enter first and let them welcome the new dog.

Tips for peaceful coexistence between the two male dogs 3

  • It’s not really a tip if you already got the second male dog but most of the experts recommend bringing in a much younger golden than your current one.
  • Keep their food areas separated 
  • Do not give them treats in front of each other 
  • Take them walking together 
  • Whenever they are fighting, stop the fight immediately and distract them with any activity.
  • Give them your attention equally 
  • Let all of your family know the rules, for example, don’t let one of your family members play with one of the dogs and leaves the other.

In a nutshell

Yes, you can have 2 male golden retrievers in the same house and everything will be alright. The trick is really not in the gender itself but in the way you introduce the new dog to the original one and to the family.

Golden Retrievers are very mellow and friendly dogs, and they get along with other dogs very well faster than almost any other breed. But before you make up your mind, you do need to know what you will need to do before you get the dog.

For that, you need to check out my guide on adding a second golden retriever to the family here. You can also check out if your golden retriever even needs another dog here.

You can share this article with your friends and family if you found it useful, they might be considering getting another dog and this article might be a helpful source and certainly, I will be thankful for it.

Related Questions 

Should I fix my male golden retriever? 

Yes, you should, wait for their ideal age to get them neutered which is around one year after their sexual maturity, it will help your golden to grow properly and it reduces the risk of early onset of orthopedic problems, also, neutering them will make your dog more loving and a little bit calmer.

Are boy or girl golden retrievers better? 

Boy golden retriever is better, especially if they are neutered because they are more likely to show affection, care, and attachment towards you, also, boy golden retriever is more likely to get motivated by a treat.

When is it too late to neuter a male dog? 

There is no age limit, your male dog can be neutered from around six months old but the exact age is different, it depends on their breed, however, you can consult your vet to see if it’s too late and they can also check if there is something associated with their health.

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