How to Make a DIY Eye Patch for a Small Dog + 3 Best Eye Patches

Eye injuries can be painful, and require special treatment; one of the very popular solutions recommended by vets is the eys patch, which is used in the healing process of many conditions like pink eye, Glaucoma, Cherry eye, eye dryness, Corneal damage, and Blepharitis.

Eye patches can sometimes be hard to find, which is why you have the option to make it yourself with the simplest materials that lay around in just about every household.

So, How to make an eye patch for your dog? You can make an eye patch for your dog by getting a piece of soft fabric, cutting it into a round shape, then cutting slits to place a stretchy cord for adjustable sizing, lastly, try it on your dog, adjust it so it is secured but comfortable and tie a knot at the right size to sew it.

Keep reading this article to discover where to get good eye patches, how to make one yourself, and how to ensure your dog’s safety while wearing an eye patch.

Why would you get an eye patch for your dog? 

If your dog’s eye is clouded, red, or has a discharge, or if he keeps one eye closed or tries to rub it, he may have an eye condition. Infection, corneal ulcers, injuries, irritation, pink eye, and issues with their eyelids are the most common eye disorders in dogs.

 Only a veterinarian can determine what therapy should be given to a dog with an eye issue and whether or not an eye patch should be worn. The right sort of dog eye patch is available from veterinarians.

The following are examples of common dog and puppy eye problems that may need the use of an eye patch:

  • Conjunctivitis is a condition that affects the eyes (or pink eye)
  • Glaucoma
  • Cherry eye is caused by an issue with the third eyelid
  • Eyes that are dry
  • Corneal damage (serious condition)
  • Blepharitis

I have discussed dog eye problems in much more detail in my post on golden retrievers eye problems, make sure to check it out, I think you will find it very useful.

Where to get an eye patch for your small dog? 

It might be difficult to find an eye patch that a tiny dog can accept. A bespoke one from a veterinarian may be required on occasion.

This might be costly, and it can take a long time to find and get. Most dog owners want to avoid using eye patches on their pets because they are only used for a short time.

Fortunately, there are a few items online as well as some DIY dog eye patches to consider.

You can find an eye patch for your small dogs on amazon, eBay, and many other platforms if you don’t want to do it yourself.

There are a few situations under which a tiny dog could require an eye patch. If you must use one, be extra cautious and choose one that is gentle and safe to use.

Only apply an eye patch for a medical problem if the experienced animal health specialist recommends it.

When it comes to costuming or persuading your dog to wear an eye patch, be extremely cautious. Be cautious and avoid putting the dog’s eyesight at jeopardy. They must be able to see well in low light.

How to make your own DIY eye patch for your small dog in 5 steps 

In five easy steps, you can make your own DIY eye patch for your small dog:

1st step

Cut a square-shaped piece of felt about 1.5 square inches in size from felt material. You’ll need high-quality felt purchased in a ream from a fabric store. Your dog’s eye will itch if you use cheap felt.

2nd Step

To make the corners of the felt patch more rounded, cut a little curve of about 1/2 inch off each corner. To see how it fits so far, hold it up to your dog’s eye. If you have a tiny dog, the patch will most likely need to be smaller. Trim the patch all the way around to make it smaller while keeping the form. It should completely cover the eye, leaving a small amount of cloth to spare all the way around.

3rd step

At the top and middle of the patch, cut two vertical incisions. Each incision should be roughly a quarter-inch long and 1/2 inch in from the patch’s left and right borders.

4th step

Pull the elastic cord through the patch’s slits. Beginning at the rear of the patch, thread the cord through the first slit and then the second slit, returning to the back of the felt patch. Pull the cord through the slits until the patch is evenly distributed over the cord.

5th Step

 Attach the patch on the top of your dog’s head. It should go immediately above the covered eye, beneath the healthy eye, around the back of his head, and under the ear of the covered eye to keep it in place.

Make a tight knot behind your dog’s head. Make sure it’s a tight fit so it won’t fall off, but not so tight that the dog is uncomfortable or blood flow is restricted.

Here is a short video showing how to make your own DIY homemade eyepatch for a small dog:

The best Small dog eye patches on Amazon

It might be difficult to obtain a medical-grade premade eye patch for tiny dogs. Many veterinarians manufacture their own eye patches or purchase human eye patches and package and sell them for dogs.

It is best to choose a soft and safe eye patch with no sharp corners or staples for attaching. Because they are both little, small dog eye patches should be fairly inexpensive.

Typically, only used as directed by a veterinarian for a short period of time to treat a medical issue. Made of soft, safe, and medically acceptable materials, but not long-lasting if your dog decides to scratch or gnaw on it.

It doesn’t make sense to spend an arm and a leg on a little dog eye patch when there are more cheap alternatives.

Here are the best dog eye patches you can find on amazon:

FCAROLYN Silk Eye Patch 

  • Both sides are made of 100% top-quality natural silk, making you feel comfortable and calm.
  • The strap is fully adjustable from 13 to 25 inches.
  • Don’t let any light in.
  • Use for one-time eye care and protection.
  • APPROXIMATELY 2.3″ * 3.1″ PATCH SIZE (Small)
  • Silky and delicate to the touch, both sides are made of high-quality natural silk.
  • A band that can be adjusted.
  • Especially after surgery, use for one eye care and a shield.
  • The lazy eye must be trained to operate properly in order for eyesight to grow properly.

Syhood Silk Eye Patches

  • These eye coverings are composed of artificial silk, which has a silky touch and a smooth and soft surface that provides a comfortable wearing experience.
  • Elastic strap: you can change the size of the headband to your needs, it’s simple to use, making it appropriate for most head types.
  • Practical tool: a useful aid in reducing weariness, improving sleep quality, and providing you with more energy to work and study.
  • These soft eye coverings are appropriate for eye care and protection, will not affect your skin or vision and may be used for a variety of reasons.
  • Reusable: wash in cold water with soap to clean, reusable, and may be used for a long time

AKOAK 1 Pcs Black Adjustable Soft and Comfortable Pirate Eye Patch

  • It’s made of high-quality cotton that’s breathable and comfy to wear, and it won’t irritate your skin. 
  • size: 1.97″x1.57″
  • An adjustable strap allows you to get the right fit.
  • Extremely comfy and adaptable because of the adjustable strap.
  • A stretchy rope that is soft and adaptable for additional freedom of movement.
  • The eye patch is silky, long-lasting, fashionable, and comfy. It is not flat, which helps to prevent eye strain. 
  • It’s useful for patching your eyes on a regular basis if you have an eye problem.

Are eye patch costumes safe for your dog? 

You may dress up your dog in a safe and polite manner without hurting or disturbing it. For both owners and dogs, the experience may be unique, gratifying, and enjoyable.

When placing any eye patch or covering near a dog’s eye, extreme caution is required.

Any item that isn’t properly fitted to your dog might cause damage. Puppies and dogs are prone to attempting to remove any patch that has been placed over the eye.

Any rough regions or portions of the eye patch might scratch or harm your dog’s eye. Attempting to remove the eye patch with the claws and paws might result in unintended self-harm.

It is extremely dangerous to injure a dog’s eye with an incorrectly fitting eye patch or as part of a costume. Take care not to take such risk if it  can be avoided

Only in rare cases will a tiny dog require an eye patch for more than a few days or a week or two.

Eye patch use should typically be watched at all times to ensure that the dog is comfortable and that the patch does not become dislodged and eaten. 

Other Ways To Protect Dog Eyes When Eye Patches Do Not Work

When an eye patch does not work, dogs have a few more choices for protecting their eyes if they are injured or after surgery.

A plastic cone can be used as an alternative to a dog eye patch. The dog is unable to claw or scratch at its own eye while wearing a plastic cone. If the dog is healing, this can help avoid additional injury. 

Now that you know what you need to know about eyepatches and small dogs, you should also take a minute to learn what it means when your dog’s eyes turn blue here.

Related Questions 

Where to get eye patches for my dog? 

You can get eye patches for your dog online from Amazon and eBay; it is possible to get ones for humans and use them for your dog. Another option is to make one yourself with the right choice of fabric and some easy-to-find tools.

What can I do to keep my dog’s eye from getting hurt?

To keep your dog’s eye from getting hurt through pawing or scratching at the eye, most dogs with eye injuries will need to wear an E-collar. The collar will also shield the eye from any dangers in the home. Unless your veterinarian grants you permission, the E-collar should be worn at all times.

How long does it take for a dog’s eye injury to heal?

It takes up to five days for a dog’s mild eye injury to heal; Corneal abrasions heal in three to five days on average. Antibiotic drops or ointments are used to prevent bacterial infections, as well as to alleviate spasms and discomfort. More severe conditions take a longer time to heal.

What is the best way to treat a dog’s eye injury?

The best way to treat a dog’s simple eye injury is with an Elizabethan collar to prevent scratching, as well as antibiotics and/or atropine eye drops. Antibiotic eye treatments cure and prevent bacterial infections, while atropine eye drops widen the pupil and reduce discomfort in your dog.

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