Do Golden Retrievers Need Another Dog? Simple Answers from Experience

I wish I could spend every waking moment of my time with my golden, I truly do, but things like work, family committments, and other stuff will always take me away from them, leading to them staying home alone.

But golden retrievers are very social animals, and they don’t like staying alone for long. So, do they need another pooch to keep their company at all times?

Do golden retrievers need another dog? No, golden retrievers don’t need another dog and are content being the only dog in the house, however, getting a second dog can be helpful if you don’t spend enough time with your dogs as they will be able to keep each other’s company and won’t be as lonely.

Of course, there are pros and cons to getting another dog, and you need to learn how to do certain things the right way to ensure that the two dogs actually get along well. So, let’s get into it…

Does Your Golden Retriever Need a Companion? 

two golden retrievers standing on grass to illustrate when do golden retrievers need another dog

Golden retrievers do not “need” a companion as long as their owner gives them all the attention and the love they need.

So yes, if you give your golden retriever plenty of time to play with them, take them for a walk, and just spend some quality time with them, they won’t need a companion.

However, if you can’t give them the attention they need and don’t have the time to spend actively with them, then getting a companion can be really useful.

The Pros and Cons of Getting Another Dog 

To make an important decision like getting another dog you have to make a pros and cons list, so here it is to help you out.

The Pros 

  • When you have two dogs, it will make puppy training easier.
  • It doesn’t actually cost that much more to have two dogs than it is to have just one
  • They will keep each other engaged and entertained 
  • They will help If your dog is suffering from separation anxiety 
  • They will keep others active
  • Two dogs mean more love
  • Some dogs are lonely without being around other dogs 
  • Another dog will make your dog feel more secure and vice versa 
  • Two dogs will give you more joy in your life and fun
  • You and your family won’t fight anymore who is going to play or pet the retriever because now you have two to give them love and attention.

The Cons 

  • Training the two of them can be tricky 
  • If one of them has a bad habit, they might teach it to the other 
  • Twice the potty pickups 
  • You will have to clean up after two dogs instead of one 
  • One of them might get jealous of the other and can act on their feelings 
  • You will have to train each of them separately to make sure that they will follow your guidance and commands effectively when they are together 
  • Twice the toys laying around on your floor 

Dog Breeds That Get Along Well with Golden Retrievers 

Before you get another dog to be the companion to your golden retriever, you need to take a quick look at which dog breeds are great companions for a golden retriever, the breed needs to have a similar level of energy and personality.

So here are the dog breeds that get along well with golden retrievers.

  • Pekingese 
  • Boston terrier 
  • Collie 
  • Pug 
  • Another golden retriever 
  • Beagle 
  • Poodle 
  • Portuguese water dog 
  • Labrador retriever 

If you can indeed get two golden retrievers, then this is how I would go about it. You can learn here why are golden retrievers better in pairs. I also made a complete guide on adding a second golden retriever to the family which I highly recommend you check out before making a decision.

6 Signs Your Golden Retriever May Need a Companion 

If your dog is lonely or needs a companion, they will display some signs, so here are the signs to help you tell if your dog wants to add another pup at home.

  1. They are depressed 
  2. They hate leaving the dog park 
  3. They are fans of other dogs 
  4. Your current golden retriever is well trained 
  5. They know how to share their food or toys 
  6. Your golden retriever looks bored most of the time 

How to Introduce Your Golden Retriever to Another Dog? 

  • When you are taking another dog home, keep them in a room, or if your house has two floors, keep one of them upstairs and the other downstairs for at least 24 hours.
  • When you introduce your golden retriever to another dog, take them both out, don’t introduce them inside your home.
  • Get someone to help you 
  • Take them out for a walk, walk in front of your golden retriever and the other dog with the person who is helping you behind you.
  • Pause and allow them to sniff each other for a minute then stop them and continue to walk.
  • Repeat till they look relaxed and chill around each other.
  • Finally, when they are both relaxed, you can take them both home.
  • Give your golden retriever the permission to go in first and then allow them to welcome the other dog.
  • Allow the dogs to spend more and more time together and of course under your supervision.
  • Do not give them treats when they are in the same area together.
  • If any of them showed any signs of aggression, separate them immediately.
  • You can allow your golden to show his authority around the new dog.
  • Keep their food area separated 
  • Give them both love and attention equally.

How long does it take two dogs to get along?

It can take up to one month for your old and new dog to get along and accept their position in the pack, in that time you need to give each dog his space and do not pressure them to get along so they won’t get stressed out around each other.

Also, share your affection between them equally so your old dog doesn’t feel jealous and the new one doesn’t feel left out.

Will your dog get jealous if you get another dog?

Yes, your dog can get jealous if you get another dog if you introduce the other dog in the wrong way or if you give the other dog more attention and love than you give them. However, if you love both dogs equally and introduce them right, neither dog will get jealous of the other.

Don’t forget that your dog is used to being your companion and your best friend and having another dog around might make them feel insecure or neglected

So the key to getting another dog without making your dog jealous is to give them your attention equally and allow your first dog to show his authority every once in a while.

Is having two dogs easier than one?

No, having two dogs is not easier than one as it can take a lot more work sometimes, I mean you have to clean after two energetic dogs whether it’s poop-wise or mess and toys-wise.

However, if you think about it, it will not take so much work as you have expected.

If you schedule everything right, it will not be hard and the pros will definitely outweigh the cons.

You can make their vet check-ups, their bath time, and their walks at the same time as well.

They will save you some time because now your dog won’t be bored and depressed because you are too busy to play with them.

You can also save some time by meal-prepping their meals for a week in advance. I have some excellent recipes in my post on golden retriever foods that are perfect for this (because that’s how I do it), so make sure to check it out if you’re looking for meals you can prepare for the whole week in advance.

Getting another dog will leave your dog with better emotional mental health and it will be easier to train them.

What breeds of dogs don’t get along with golden retrievers?

Most aggressive dogs such as American pit bull terriers and Kerry blue terriers may not get along with golden retrievers, but of course, there are always exceptions.

You already know that being around your dog cheers you up so can you imagine being around two dogs and at the end of the day getting a second dog will mean saving another life and guaranteeing that they will have a better life with a home, they will be safe and loved.

If you liked this article, you can share it with your friends and family, they might be considering getting another dog and wondering if their golden retriever needs a companion and certainly I will appreciate it.

Related Questions 

Do Golden Retrievers Prefer a Companion? 

Yes, golden retrievers do prefer a companion, they do very well with other animals and dogs and they might feel more secure with a companion, however, if their owner can provide them with all the attention and affection they need, a companion won’t be needed as much.

Do Golden Retrievers Do Better with Another Dog? 

Yes, golden retrievers do better with another dog because they spend all their time playing together, they’ll have a companion when you go to work and leave them alone, they feel mentally better with another dog, goldens are a friendly breed and giving them a companion will make them really happy.

Do Golden Retrievers Get Lonely? 

Yes, golden retrievers get lonely just like humans, and every time you leave them alone, they have no idea when you are coming back or why you left them alone, or where you have gone and all of that can lead to them being anxious and stressed and another dog will distract them from all of that.

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