Do Goldendoodles Get Attached to One Person? Secrets You Must Know

Goldendoodles are sweet, loving, and excellent family dogs, they are incredibly friendly with everyone which makes you wonder if they can get attached to one person?

So, do Goldendoodles get attached to one person? Goldendoodles can get attached to one person, they are really affectionate so when they are raised between a family, they will bond closely to every member but still have like one person slightly more than the others and tend to spend more time with that person.

If you already wandered about then perhaps your Goldendoodle showed some behaviors that indicate that they love one person more than the others a little bit, however, it can be so much more than that, and in this article, I will take you through the whole thing.

Do Goldendoodles get attached to one person?

Goldendoodle cuddling to show how can goldendoodles get attached to one person

Goldendoodles are the perfect family dogs for so many reasons but one of the most important reasons is that they can form a special bond with every member of the family.

However, if their family is just one person, they will focus all of their love and attention on that person.

If it’s just you and your partner, your Goldendoodle may love you both equally or can like one of you a little more than the other and it’s usually the person who spends more time with them but that doesn’t mean that they will not be incredibly happy to spend time with other people as well.

Goldendoodles are not one of the dog breeds that only bonds with one person no matter how big their family is, they are more likely to love anyone who plays with you and gives you attention.

So even if you are a family member and haven’t seen them in a few weeks/months, they will still be attached to you when you come back and it’s like you never left.

Do Goldendoodles have a favorite person?

Goldendoodles can have a favorite person indeed if they bond with one person more than the others, such as the person that spends more time with them than anyone else, bonded with them since a young age, and/or spoils them the most.

Here is how you can know if your Goldendoodle has a favorite person.

  • They refuse to eat when their favorite person is away
  • Tend to spend more time with that person 
  • If the whole family is sitting in a room, they tend to sit close to their favorite person so if they choose you just know that you are special to them.
  • Goldendoodles are happy dogs by nature but they seem even happier when they are around their favorite person.
  • They can be more stubborn if they are missing their favorite person 
  • Sometimes they only listen to their favorite person

Goldendoodles are not the only dog breed that can have a favorite person. For example, Golden Retrievers can have a favorite person as well.

How do dogs choose their favorite person?

It’s totally normal wanting to be your dog’s favorite person, I mean we all want that extra attention, and who doesn’t want to be the one your dog chooses to sit next to or gets so excited to see, it makes you feel so special because it’s really pure love.

So based on what a dog chooses their favorite person, let’s find out.

Just like humans every breed has a preference, for example, some dogs such as huskies tend to like strong personalities AKA the alpha to follow but there are some other dogs such as Golden retrievers and Goldendoodles that can choose the most affectionate person to be their favorite person.

However, most dogs choose their favorite person based on one of these things.

  • Most dogs bond the most with the person who gives them the most.
  • The person who is there for them during their socialization period (between their birth and six months)
  • You probably guessed this one but they can play favorites when there is a person who does all of their favorite things, for example, give them their favorite treat, play fetch with them, and take them for a walk.
  • Believe it or not, they can also choose their favorite person based on personalities, let me explain it better, just like anything in this universe, dogs can bond better with a person who has things in common with them, someone who can match their energy, so your energetic dog may choose the athlete of the family to be their favorite.

Do you have a Labrador? You can also learn how do Labradors pick their favorite person here.

How to become your Goldendoodle’s favorite person?

There are some important things that you can do to become your Goldendoodle’s favorite person so let’s get to them.

  • Spend one-on-one time with them every day 
  • Take them for a daily walk 
  • Make daily time to do any activity with them (doesn’t include the daily walk)
  • Dogs can also love through food 
  • Groom them 

Spend one-on-one time with them every day 

You can bond with your Goldendoodle by spending one-on-one time with them, it can be sitting together and watching a movie or just napping together.

Just 30 minutes a day will turn your relationship from a person they love to the person they love the most.

Take them for a daily walk 

Try to be the one who takes them for a daily walk, we already know how much our dogs love their daily walks.

By taking them on their daily walk, they will associate you with positive things so they will like spending time with you and being around you even more.

Make daily time to do any activity with them (other than the daily walk)

Goldendoodles are energetic, playful, and playing time is their favorite time ever, however, most owners play with their dogs only once a week and there is nothing wrong with that but if you want to be your Goldendoodle’s favorite person, you need to step up your game.

First of all, it’s way better if you make a schedule for you two, for example, take for their daily walk in the morning and make time to play fetch, hide and seek, or tug with them after work and you can count this activity as one-on-one time with them.

Dogs can also love through food 

Dogs can easily make the person who feeds them their favorite person, so maybe try to make some homemade meals and treats for them.

Also, try to make their mealtime the same as yours.

If you want treats that they are guaranteed to absolutely love, check out the treats in my guide to dog foods here. My Goldendoodles love those treats so much and never seem to get bored of them.

Groom them 

Grooming sessions can be one-on-one time as well, so try to make it as relaxing and peaceful as possible.

How to know if your Goldendoodle trusts you?

Here are some signs to know if your dog trusts you:

  • Relaxed tongue 
  • A slightly open mouth 
  • They are confident around you 
  • Rolling over a belly rub 
  • They look to you when they appear to be lost 
  • Makes eye contact with you 
  • Relaxed body language 
  • When they want to cuddle they choose you 
  • Relaxed facial expression 
  • If you are in a crowded you, they sit beside your feet 

Related Questions 

Do Goldendoodles love their owners?

Yes, Goldendoodles love their owners more than anything, their love for their owners is unconditional and timeless, their actions speak for themselves, they try to please their owners by obeying them and bringing random stuff to them as gifts.

Are Goldendoodles clingy?

Yes, Goldendoodles can be clingy, they are prone to developing separation anxiety because they want to be with their owner all of the time and that makes leaving them alone to go to work way harder, so make sure to socialize and train them when they are young.

Can Goldendoodles be left alone?

Yes, Goldendoodles can be left alone for a few hours, they are a pretty adaptable breed if they are socialized and trained properly, they can settle for any situation you leave them in, and the adult Goldendoodles can be left for up to 8 hours.

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