Do Goldendoodles Get Cold? 11 Tips To Keeping Them Warm

We all love the winter for the snow, the smell of the rain, and the hot drinks on a rainy peaceful night, but more so we also love cuddling with our dogs and making snow angels with them.

Goldendoodles have fluffy double coats which makes you think that they can enjoy the cold and may not feel the cold like we do, well, yeah, of course, but the question is do Goldendoodles actually get cold? Let’s find out, in this article, I’ll cover all the questions that you are wondering about.

So, do Goldendoodles get cold? Goldendoodles don’t get cold easily, and their thick double coat can keep them warm even as the temperature drops below 45°F (7.2°c) and as low as 20°F (-6°c), but if the temperature drops under 20°F, you should get your Goldendoodle inside to keep them warm.

Keep reading if you want to know if Goldendoodles like the cold and how cold is too cold for Goldendoodles, just keep reading.

How cold is too cold for Goldendoodles?

Below 20°F (-6°c) is too cold for your Goldendoodle to be outside. Goldendoodles can be comfortable till 45°F but below that, it can be a little cold for them and make them and comfortable, you should not let your Goldendoodle go outside when the temperature drops below 20°F.

If you absolutely have to take your Goldendoodle outside when it’s that cold, you should definitely get them in a jacket or sweater and some boots. You can check out this guide to when your golden needs a sweater or jacket in the winter for tips on how to choose and some recommendations.

The cold sensitivity may vary from a dog to another, especially Goldendoodles because they can have different types of coats since their parents are two different breeds.

So it really depends on their overall health, their coat, and how sensitive your Goldendoodle is? Some Goldendoodles have long and thick hair and others have shorter and thinner hair.

happy goldendoodle in the snow to answer do goldendoodles get cold

If your Goldendoodle is more like his poodle parent, they can tolerate the cold a little bit better.

Do Goldendoodles like the cold?

Goldendoodles can enjoy the cold to a certain temperature, they are an active and energetic breed that loves to play in the snow so as long as you make sure that the temperature is proper for your pup or at least give them a jacket or a sweater to keep warm, a pair of boots is also recommended.

Goldendoodles can enjoy everything in winter just like any other dog, they have a coat that is thick enough to protect them to a certain level but you need to always know the temperature so you can actually know when your Goldendoodle can’t tolerate the cold any longer.

Based on my personal experience, I recommend getting your dog a sweater or a coat and keeping it with you all the time in the winter because seriously you will never know when you are going to need it because one second your pup is fine, and then they are shivering out of nowhere.

By the way, do you know what it means when your Goldendoodle’s coat changes? Check out this guide to why do Goldendoodles’ coats change color.

How to keep your Goldendoodle warm in the cold weather?

Keeping your Goldendoodle warm in the cold weather is a priority and there are many ways to do so, let’s know them:

  1. Self-heated blanket
  2. Warm food
  3. Keep them active
  4. Water access
  5. Coat 
  6. Thermometer 
  7. Groom them regularly 
  8. Keep them indoors
  9. Insulate the floor
  10. Always keep them dry
  11. Balanced diet 

Self-heated blanket 

Self-heated blankets can be incredibly useful, it will keep them warm on the coldest nights. However, any type will keep your dog warm during the night and can offer them a peaceful sleeping time.

I can recommend two that I’ve tried and found to be to my dogs’ likings. The first is the one from Toozey, which is really affordable, really nice, and works really well.

You can check its latest price and reviews on Amazon here.

If you want something simpler and with no tech at all, which makes it safer but also less efficient, you should definitely get the Furhaven one. I found that my dogs absolutely love this one, and I had to get more than one to avoid any more squabbles over who gets it.

You can check it on Amazon here.

Warm food

Warm food is your Goldendoodle’s best friend in the cold weather, it keeps them warm and gives them the energy they need during winter.

Try to serve your pup some beef or chicken soup to keep them healthy, you can also offer them warm water by boiling the water and waiting for it to become warm enough for them.

Keep them active

In order to help your Goldendoodle to stay warm, you need to give them enough exercise.

You should always take your dog on a daily walk and have another activity on the side such as playing fetch, tug-of-war, or hide and seek.

Since it’s a little difficult to take your dog swimming in the winter, maybe replace it with hiking.

Water access

Keeping them hydrated in the winter is just as important as in the summer, the water will keep your pup healthy and refreshed.

The water also regulates their body temperature, just make sure that their water is not too cold for them and it’s better if you boil it a little bit and serve it when it’s warm enough.

You can also carry a thermal bottle for them and fill it with warm water and give it to them when you are out.  


Coats can be really practical if you are going on a hike or on a walk at night, even if you are spending a day outside with your Goldendoodle and think that the temperature is fine and they don’t need a coat, you can keep a sweater for them in the car in case the temperature drops and they can’t it.

You can even give them a sweater at home to keep them warm at all times. 


I really recommend getting a thermometer for both summer and winter because it can tell you when the temperature is too hot or too cold for your Goldendoodle and in my opinion, this makes everything easier.

It’s perfect for when you are on a night out and wanna know if it’s too cold for your dog or if you are camping with your pup because you don’t know how cold it might get in the night.

Groom them regularly 

Grooming your Goldendoodle regularly can isolate them from the cold weather, and just like humans, brushing improves blood circulation which can keep them warm, that’s why people with poor blood circulation always have cold feet and frozen limbs.

The lack of grooming can cause them to fall greatly and can lead to bald patches eventually, so always make sure that your Goldendoodle is well-brushed. 

Keep them indoors 

Sometimes it’s just better to keep your Goldendoodle indoors because it’s too cold outside.

So in the days when you can’t do anything except laying on the couch or the bed with comfy clothes, a hot drink, and a blanket covering you from head to toe just stay comfy and bring your Goldendoodle to cuddle with you, it will make them happier than ever.

Remember that Goldendoodles are not built for the cold, they are not like huskies or even poodles, so don’t risk bringing them outside on a day with a really low temperature because they can get affected by the cold and expose them to frostbite and other health issues related to cold.

Insulate the floor 

If your Goldendoodle has a specific place they like to sleep in or just lay there such as a certain spot on the floor, kennel, or a doghouse, you can insulate the floor.

Using an insulated floor mat can make such a difference because you may not know that but actually there is a large amount of heat that gets through your Goldendoodle’s body when they are in direct contact with the floor.

It can also prevent your dog’s body from losing its heat.

Always keep them dry 

You already know but I am going to say it anyway. Goldendoodles are an active and energetic breed that tend to love a mess, such as diving in a mud pool, jumping on any water they see, or just playing in the snow.

They may do it no matter what the weather is, so even though you can stop it most of the time, sometimes it’s just out of our hands and we have to deal with it, so no matter what your dog did, make sure to clean them as soon as you get home and to dry them immediately.

I have a dedicated guide to drying your dog as quickly as possible after baths right here that you should absolutely check out. The tips in there can surely help you keep them dry in any weather when you really don’t want them to stay wet.

Balanced diet 

A balanced diet is a key to everything, want your Goldendoodle to have a better coat? Be more active? Prevent some diseases they are prone to? No matter what it is, the answer will always be a balanced diet.

Most people don’t know the power that a balanced diet holds, so never underestimate it, when your dog has a low body temperature they will burn more calories, so you should increase how much you feed them but in moderation.

You shouldn’t just increase the calories because you can actually harm them with that method, so before you increase the amount of the number of meals, you should consult their vet for the proper diet for them and I am sure they will be way more helpful since they know the history of your pup. 

Do Goldendoodles need a coat in winter?

If your Goldendoodle has a thick and long coat, they probably don’t need a coat in winter unless the temperature is below 30°F then it’s better to give them one to protect them from the cold, you also need to give them a blanket in winter because at night the temperature drops greatly.

Whatever the temperature is you should always check on your dog first, they will tell you if there is something wrong so watch for any signs that your dog is cold, here are the most common ones to help you out a little bit.

  • Shivering 
  • Lifts their paw off the ground
  • Tucked tail
  • Barking 
  • Seeks places for shelters 
  • Changes in their behavior 
  • Shaking 
  • Hunched posture 
  • Looking anxious 
  • Reluctance to walk 

The best winter gear for your Goldendoodle

  • Coats 
  • Snow boots


Coats or sweaters can offer exactly what your Goldendoodle needs, whenever you are going with your Goldendoodle and feel that the temperature is going to drop, make sure to give them the coat or the sweater.

Even at home your dog can get cold and may need a sweater or a blanket so always watch them closely to pick up one of the signs.

Here is my favorite coat for Goldendoodles is the Kuoser Cozy Waterproof Windproof Reversible British Style Plaid Dog Vest Winter Coat. They seem to be really comfortable wearing it and it doesn’t bother them while it does its job of keeping them warm at all times. It’s also really affordable, the highest quality for the price, and surprisingly easy to clean.

You can check its latest price on Amazon here.

Snow boots

Even if your Goldendoodle doesn’t get cold, I still recommend getting snow boots because it’s not just about keeping them warm, it’s also about protecting their paws from the snow.

Snow has chemicals and salt that can dry out their paw pads and leave them with cracked and chapped paws which is really painful for them so the snow boots can prevent that from happening.

However, if you are not a fan of the snow boots, you can still prevent that from happening by making sure to clean their paws as soon as you arrive home so they don’t get the chance to lick the snow off of their paws and after cleaning them, apply coconut oil or vaseline to moisturize.

The best snow boots I’ve gotten for my dog are still the XSY&G Dog Boots. They are Waterproof Dog Shoes and they do splendid jobs protecting their legs from snow and cold. They are quite comfortable, easy to get on and off my dogs, and very well made for their affordable price.

Check them out on Amazon here.

How do I know if my Goldendoodle is cold while sleeping?

If your Goldendoodle makes one or a few of these signs, they are cold while sleeping and you should give them a blanket.

  • Shivering 
  • Making whining sounds while sleeping
  • A light shaking in their jaws
  • Shaking 
  • Tucking their tail
  • Hiding their face 
  • Seeming anxious 

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Also, if you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us. You should also check out this article on how can Goldendoodles tolerate hot weather where I discuss how to keep them cool in the summer.

Related Questions 

Can Goldendoodles withstand the cold?

Yes, Goldendoodles can withstand the cold due to their fluffy and thick coat, it helps them tolerate the cold, however, it’s better to keep in mind that Goldendoodles aren’t a cold-weather breed, they can tolerate the cold till it falls below 45°F, they can feel uncomfortable and need some protection.

Do Goldendoodles need jackets in winter?

Your Goldendoodle doesn’t need jackets in winter because they have thick and fluffy to help them to stay warm, however, they may need a jacket if the temperature drops below 45°F, or you are taking them for a walk in the night because the temperature may drop so you have to be prepared. 

How do you get snow out of a Goldendoodle?

You can get the snow out of a Goldendoodle by soaking their paws in warm water to melt the snow on their paws and for the rest of their body, soak a towel in warm water as well and gently wipe the ice or place it on it till it melts, after you remove the snow, make sure to put coconut oil on their paws.

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