Do Goldendoodles Get Jealous? Signs, Causes, and Solutions

If you have a Goldendoodle, you probably experience something that looks like jealousy coming from them whenever you play with another dog or maybe when someone gets too close to you.

So can Goldendoodles feel jealous? And how to know if your Goldendoodle is jealous? In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know.

So, do Goldendoodles get jealous? Yes, Goldendoodles can get jealous; however, it’s not precisely like human jealousy. They think of it more as a competition, and it can also be a result of boredom, or you don’t give them enough attention, so they are seeking some.

Jealousy can be an issue with any dog, but it can be challenging with a social dog like the Goldendoodle that tends to get super

Do Goldendoodles Get Jealous? 

Goldendoodle puppy with owner to answer do goldendoodles get jealous

Goldendoodles can get jealous when they feel like another dog or person will take their place, becoming more competitive than jealous.

It may look like their jealousy, and even their motive to get competitive sounds like jealousy because even humans get a little competitive when we get jealous.

However, they will not show their jealousy the same way we do. Dogs can get creative when getting jealous.

10 Signs Your Goldendoodle Is Jealous?

There are ten signs that your Goldendoodle is jealous that you may notice;

  1. Being Clingy 
  2. Trying to impress you
  3. Getting aggressive 
  4. Being Pushy 
  5. Withdrawing
  6. Scaring people off
  7. Going to the bathroom indoors.
  8. Growling
  9. Taking your personal space
  10. Bringing you their toys.

Being Clingy 

Most Goldendoodles tend to get clingy when jealous. They do it to become closer to you than the person or the dog you interact with.

They may cuddle with you, lick your face, sit on your lab, or licks your hands.

Since most Goldendoodles are prone to separation anxiety, the majority tend to get clingy in that situation. 

Trying To Impress You

Some Goldendoodles will attempt to get your attention by doing some tricks or trying to impress you in any way.

So if you see your Goldendoodles spinning, bringing you more stuff than usual, doing something that you taught them.

They are trying to impress you because you give your attention to someone else (trying to steal the thunder).

Getting Aggressive

Another behavior your Goldendoodle may display when getting jealous is aggression.

They consider that aggression is a way to protect their owner from anyone.

They may also do it to scare the person away from you.

Being Pushy 

One of the things that people notice about their dogs when they are jealous is being pushy.

So they will demand your attention more than usual.


Some Goldendoodles tend to withdraw from the situation when jealous.

So they are the complete opposite of the clingy ones.

Scaring People Off

If your Goldendoodle tends to bark, bite, or be a little aggressive at times, they are more likely to try to scare people off if anyone approaches you or gets too close to you.  

It would be best to take immediate action when your dog does that. Never leave your dog to be aggressive toward strangers. 

Take them to a professional trainer to stop that behavior.

Going To The Bathroom Indoors

Your jealous Goldendoodle may go to the bathroom somewhere they shouldn’t, such as anywhere outside their litter box, or if you tend to take them outside, they will do it inside the house.

However, dogs don’t do that out of stubbornness, so they are not doing that to upset you on purpose. It’s just how dogs can express themselves since they can’t tell you through words.

It may also be a sign of illness, so if your dog did that, you should check and see if there are any other signs.


Growling is also a sign of aggression, and it’s a big problem as well.

They will growl whenever someone approaches you, and it would be better to stop that behavior as soon as possible. If you think your Goldendoodle may have an aggression problem, you must take it seriously, but thankfully, you are more likely to be able to resolve it quickly with Goldendoodles.

You can learn how to stop aggressive behavior in Goldendoodles here.

Taking Your Personal Space

One of the most common signs of jealousy in dogs is taking all of your personal space.

They will try to sit on your legs, next to you, in front of your legs. They will try to fill the space around you as much as possible. 

Bringing You Their Toys.

If your Goldendoodle brings you toys while talking to someone, they are probably bored and seeking your attention. 

You should never give them attention when they seek it, and you should provide them with love and affection throughout the day or at least wait for a while, then shower them with love.

If you give them the attention they want whenever they ask for it, Goldendoodles will distract you whenever they are bored, no matter what you’re doing or whoever you are speaking with.  

Why Do Goldendoodles Get Jealous? 

Goldendoodles can get jealous for multiple reasons;

  • Boredom
  • Lack of affection
  • Insecurities 
  • Stress
  • Genetic Disposition 


If Your Goldendoodle is bored, they can act jealous when they feel that someone or another pet is getting too much of your attention. This is more likely to happen with dogs that tend to be left alone for long.

If you do happen to leave your dog alone for hours every day or every few days, you can learn how to leave your Goldendoodle alone here.

Lack Of Affection

If you are not giving your Goldendoodle, they will be jealous because they need love and affection.


Dogs can be insecure, just like humans, so they need constant recurrence, cuddles, praises, and kisses to know they are good dogs.


Stress is also one of the reasons that can make your Goldendoodle behave jealously.

Genetic Disposition

Goldendoodles can get jealous because of a genetic disposition as well that makes them more prone to feelings of jealously, and then they can be triggered by even the slightest signs of you showing affection to other dogs or even people.

Why Jealousy in Dogs Is A Problem?

jealous dogs

Jealousy in dogs is a problem because dogs can display aggressive behavior.

They may act possessive and bite any stranger who tries to come near you, scare people, or growl at other dogs and people.

Goldendoodles can also have no respect for your personal space. Even if you are around many people, they can get clingy and follow you.

How To Stop Your Dog From Being Jealous?

Here is how you can stop your dog from being jealous;

  • Please don’t give them attention when they are seeking it; instead, provide them with attention throughout the day.
  • Reward your dog whenever they are behaving the way you want.
  • Ignore any lousy behavior like they are not even there.
  • Watch their behavior to find out what makes them jealous and gradually start to avoid it if you can.
  • If you have more than one dog, never give one dog more attention than the other.
  •  Train them to feel safe in their crate.

How Do You Introduce A Puppy To A Jealous Dog?

Here is how you can introduce a puppy to a jealous dog;

  • Find a neutral ground for both of them.
  • Put both of them on a leash.
  • Take them for a walk.
  • Give them a break from the walk and let them approach each other slowly. If anyone showed any sign of aggression, separate both dogs immediately
  • Keep walking again, and after a while, let them approach each other again and repeat till they finally feel comfortable around each other.
  • You can finally take them home after they smell one another with no aggression.

Related Questions 

How To Tell If My Goldendoodle Loves Me?

Here are some signs that your dog loves you.

  • They are always so happy to see you.
  • Dogs bring gifts to their favorite person.
  • Follows you everywhere
  • They like to sleep next to you, on your lap, or anywhere around you.
  • They Look at you with loving eyes.
  • They show you their belly (it means that they trust you).

How Do You Stop A Dog from Being Possessive?

If your dog is being possessive, you can try to give them a toy and command them to “leave” it and show your dog treats in the other, and when they do as you say, reward them with a treat and praise them in a cheerful tone.

Do Dogs Get Jealous If They Smell Another Dog On You?

Yes, Goldendoodles can bite out of jealousy; they may do it in an attempt to scare people off or to pull someone away from you. However, this behavior would appear when you are least expecting it, so you need to look out for any signs of aggression that your dog displays and take action before they bite someone.

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