Do Goldendoodles Have Hair or Fur? Goldendoodle Coat Types Explained

Goldendoodles have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. They are mostly loved for the unique appearance of their coat which combines characteristics from both golden retrievers and poodles.

However, many owners are still confused about whether Goldendoodle coats have hair or fur.

So, do Goldendoodles have hair or fur? Goldendoodles have hair, not fur. Their hair length ranges from 4 to 8 inches at full growth and it comes in three different textures which are wavy, curly, and straight. It’s very important to maintain a regular grooming routine for your Goldendoodle to prevent its hair from getting tangled or matted.

Keep reading to learn more about the difference between hair and fur in dogs, the different kinds of coats Goldendoodles can have, and the basics of grooming your Goldendoodle.

What’s The Difference Between Hair and Fur in Dogs?

A quick comparison of how hair vs fur look on dogs.

There are some differences between hair and fur in dogs when it comes to texture, growth cycle, and grooming.

Hair has a finer texture than fur which makes the dog’s coats feel smooth and soft.

Hair is also longer than fur and has a longer growth cycle. This means that dogs with hair won’t shed as much as dogs with fur which makes them a lot easier to groom.

Here is a simple comparison that should make things a bit simpler for you:

LayersCan only be single-coatedCan be single- or double-coated
LengthCan be short or long Guard hairs and fluffy undercoat
SheddingLittle Medium-heavy
Usually year-round shedding
Grooming Little grooming needed
Grooming mainly for haircuts
More grooming needed
Grooming is important for thermoregulation
Growth Time Grows more slowly Grows more quickly
ExamplesPoodle and MalteseGolden Retriever and Siberian Huskies

What Are the Different Types of Goldendoodles Coats?

All Goldendoodles have smooth and soft coats when they’re puppies. As they mature, they will shed these puppy coats then grow their final coats.

There are three different types of coats that Goldendoodles can grow with different textures which are curly, wavy, or straight.

So, let’s break down their characteristics:

Curly Coats

Curly coats are also referred to as teddy coats. They are the most desired of all kinds of coats as they’re the most similar in appearance to purebred Poodles.

These coats are also the densest and even though they don’t shed frequently, they still require a lot of effort to groom.

It’s recommended to brush curly coats daily to prevent them from getting tangled and developing mats. It’s also recommended to get them professionally trimmed or shaved 2 or 3 times a year.

However, some Goldendoodles will just not get curly at all. You can learn why some Goldendoodles don’t get curly here.

Wavy Coats

Wavy coats are referred to as fleece coats and they are considered the most common among Goldendoodles.

These coats are not very dense and they don’t shed frequently, so they’re generally easy to groom.

It’s recommended to brush them at least once a week to prevent them from getting tangled and developing mats

Straight Coats

Straight coats are also referred to as flat coats. They are considered the least common among Goldendoodles and the most similar in appearance to purebred Golden Retrievers.

These coats are moderately dense but they shed more frequently compared to the other kinds of coats, so they require some effort to groom.

It’s recommended to brush them once or twice a week to remove any loose hairs that were shed and prevent them from clumping and developing into mats.

What Determines the Type of Coat a Goldendoodle Will Grow?

The type of coat your Goldendoodle will grow is determined by the genes it inherits from its parents and which parent breed it takes after the most.

The gene that’s responsible for curly coats in dogs is called Cu locus and it typically comes from the Poodle parent.

The presence of this Cu locus gene prevents the keratin in the dog’s hair from binding together causing it to curl, while its absence means the dog’s hair will remain straight.

How to Determine the Type of Coat Your Goldendoodle Will Grow?

To determine the type of coat your Goldendoodle will grow, you can get a DNA test to check whether it has inherited the Cu locus gene which causes its hair to curl.

If you’re unable to get a DNA test for your dog, you can determine the type of coat it will have by inspecting the area around its muzzle:

  • If there’s an excess amount of hair on top of the muzzle that gives a mustache-like appearance, then your dog is likely to have a curly coat when it grows.
  • If there’s an excess amount of hair around the muzzle that gives a shaggy beard-like appearance, then your dog is likely to have a wavy coat
  • If there’s a small amount of hair around the muzzle that’s short and neat in appearance, then your dog is likely to have a straight coat.

The Basics of Grooming Your Goldendoodle’s Coat

Curly goldendoodle to answer do goldendoodles have hair or fur

Lack of grooming can cause your dog’s hair to form tangles which can develop into severe mats that are difficult to remove. It can also cause an accumulation of dirt, grease, and bacteria on your dog’s catch which makes it prone to infection.

That’s why it’s very important to maintain a grooming routine for your Goldendoodle that involves regular brushing and bathing in order to keep its coat healthy.

Now, let’s break down the basics of grooming your Goldendoodle’s coat.

What Tools Do You Need to Use for Grooming Goldendoodles?

There are 3 kinds of tools you need to use for grooming Goldendoodles, let’s take a closer look at them:

A Steel Comb

This kind of comb is useful for parting your dog’s hair into smaller sections before brushing it. You can also use it to style the dog’s hair after you’re done with the grooming process.

It’s not recommended to use it on any tangled areas, as it might get stuck and cause the dog a lot of pain.

A Slicker Brush

This kind of brush is ideal for grooming Goldendoodles with curly coats.

It will help loosen any tangles in the dog’s hair, however, it’s not recommended to use directly on the dog’s coat if there are no knots or tangles as it might scratch its skin.

A Pin and Bristle Brush

This kind of brush is ideal for grooming Goldendoodles with wavy or straight coats.

The bristle side of the brush will help loosen tangles while the pin side of the brush will help remove any loose hair remaining on the dog’s coat.

How to Brush Your Goldendoodle?

To properly brush your Goldendoodle and prevent matting, you need to start by dividing your dog’s hair from head to tail into smaller sections, then brush through each section slowly using short and quick strokes.

If you come across any mild tangles in the dog’s hair, use your fingers to gently split the tangle then brush through the hair to loosen it completely.

Once you’re done brushing all of the dog’s hair, make sure to go over the coat with a bristle brush to pick up any loose hairs.

How to Bathe Your Goldendoodle?

To bathe your Goldendoodle, you first need to wet its coat from its neck and all the way down to its tail.

Next, you need to apply the shampoo and make sure to distribute it evenly on the dog’s coat.

Finally, rinse off the shampoo from the dog’s coat and make sure there are no remains left as it might cause skin irritation.

Once you’re done, make sure to dry your dog thoroughly and pat away any excess water.

Other Useful Tips for Grooming Goldendoodles

Here are some other useful tips you need to keep in mind when grooming Goldendoodles:

  • Do not brush your dog’s coat when it’s wet as this will cause more tangles to develop.
  • Make sure that you’re using the right kind of brush for your dog’s coat type and make sure to clean the brush from excess hair regularly.
  • Brush in the direction of hair growth and get down to the dog’s skin where mats are prone to form.
  • Be careful not to tug too hard at the dog’s hair while brushing and try not to press down too hard on its skin to avoid scratching it.
  • Apply natural ingredients such as cornstarch or coconut oil on the tangled areas in your dog’s coat to loosen the tangles.
  • When bathing the dog, do not get water directly on its head as this will irritate the delicate membranes in its eyes and ears which can cause infection.
  • Read the ingredients of your dog’s shampoo to ensure that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that would irritate your dog’s skin.
  • Make sure to reward your dog with treats throughout the grooming session to keep it calm and encourage good behavior.

Related Questions

When Do Goldendoodles Change Their Coats?

Goldendoodle change their coats when around 6 to 8 months of age. They will shed the puppy coat and grow their final adult coat. The adult coat of the Goldendoodle will be different from its puppy coat as it will be denser and stiffer. Its texture will also vary depending on the dog’s genetics

How Fast Does a Goldendoodle’s Hair Grow?

Goldendoodle’s hair can take around 2 to 3 weeks to grow, then it will take about 2 to 4 months to reach its full length. The speed of the dog’s hair growth will depend on the dog’s genetics as well as the cause of hair loss. The full length it will reach typically ranges from 4 to 8 inches.

How Often Do Goldendoodles Need to Be Bathed?

Goldendoodle needs to be Bathed at least once every 1 to 3 months. This will help keep their coats clean from any dirt or grease as well as prevent them from developing mats. Keep in mind that bathing your dog too frequently can cause its hair to weaken and fall out.

Does Bathing Help Remove Mats from A Goldendoodle’s Hair?

Bathing does not help remove mats from a Goldendoodle’s Hair. That is because the moisture will get trapped in the dog’s hair which will make the mats very difficult to detangle. To remove mats from Goldendoodles, you need to brush their hair while it’s dry or shaves off the hair completely.

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