Do Labrador Retrievers Have a Favorite Person? How to Win Your Dog’s Heart

Labradors are America’s favorite dogs, and they are beloved all over the world because they are basically perfect family dogs. But have you ever wondered if you are your dog’s favorite one in the family? Do labrador even play favorites or do they just love everyone equally?

So, do labrador retrievers have a favorite person? Yes, Labrador Retrievers can have a favorite person. A Labrador Retriever’s favorite person will be the one they spend the most time with and the one they grew up with, however, labs have a large capacity to love and they will still bond with everyone in the family and love them equally.

So, yes, Labradors will have a favorite person even if they don’t show it all the time, and in this article, we are going to find out how do they choose their favorite people and how you can become your Labrador’s favorite person.

Do Labrador Retrievers Have a Favorite Person? 

labrador retriever looking at owner to illustrate why do labrador retrievers have a favorite person

Labrador retrievers are America’s sweetheart and they have one of the most unique characters but what about their personality traits.

Labradors are a friendly, eager to please, playful, and lovable breed and they will adjust with every member of your family.

They are not an only-bonding-with-one-person breed, they are more like everyone-they-meet-is-a-friend kind of breed.

However, they can have a favorite person and often they will slightly like to spend more time with that person but it will be hardly noticeable for anyone who is not that person.

Choosing one person to be their favorite is a natural canine behavior so it’s really not personal, and I have discussed this in more detail in my post on do golden retrievers choose their favorite person here.

Labradors will bond with each member of the family, they tend to know what kind of people they need to go to for this kind of activity, for example, if they want to play fetch, they will go to the most energetic person in the family and if they are looking for some cuddles, they will go to the kindest family member and it’s usually the youngest child.

If you have a Lab you will never feel excluded from their affection.

How does your dog choose their favorite person? 

There are few things to consider when it comes to how your dog chooses, their favorite person.

  • They need their quality time.
  • Personality matters 
  • The dominant 
  • The socialization period 

Let’s quickly go over each of these;

They need their quality time 

Labs are like any other living being, they need attention and that’s why they choose the person that spends the most quality time with them to be their favorite.

So, if you shower them with love and attention, it’s guaranteed that you will hold a special place in their heart.

Engage your lab in some fun activities such as fetching and tug of war or even hiking, it will teach them to associate you with love, fun, and safety.

Personality matters

You know how people tend to bond closely with people who have the same interests and hobbies, well, dogs do it too but instead of similar interests, it’s about having a similar energy level.

Labs are highly-energetic and they love playing and any physical activities, so typically they will choose their favorite to be someone who is active, energetic, and adventurous.  

The dominant

Labs also tend to choose someone that they see as a leader, a person with a dominant personality, and with that person, they will form one of the deepest bonds.

That person is usually the provider or the protector of the family and dogs always see that person as the “favorite” and worthy of their ultimate love.

The socialization period 

The socialization period is usually the best time to get to know your puppy and to leave a good impression. 

The person who spends most of the time with the puppy is more likely to be their favorite person.

However, that doesn’t mean you should only spend a decent amount with them before they turn 6 months old and then spend less time with them or give them less attention and expect that you somehow have saved your place in their hearts.

Even though dogs are very loyal, distance can affect your relationship with them, they will not like you any less, but they can have another special bond and since you are not giving them the attention they need, you might slip into second place.

How to know if you are your dog’s favorite person? 

Here are 10 signs that you are your dog’s favorite person.

  • They get so excited and enthusiastic when you come back home, it will be shown in a positive, happy, relaxed body language and they will display tail movement and they will not show attitudes that are related to stress or fear.
  • They are focused on you (always giving you close attention) such as looking at you when you talk to them or paying attention to everything you do because these actions mean that you are someone they feel close to and the attention you receive should be directly proportional to the love and affection they have for you 
  • They tend to kiss you or lick you and it means that they feel safe with you, want to show you affection, and seek to please you.
  • They will protect you no matter what, however, you should never try to encourage your pup to be aggressive or violent.
  • They will follow you wherever you go, especially if you are outside the home and that sign shows that you have a positive relationship, however, you have to know the difference between being attentive and developing separation anxiety.
  • Your pup will always comfort you. Dogs can perceive certain human emotions such as sadness so that’s why your dog will always comfort you when you feel down.
  • If you are their favorite person they will let you hug them, I know what you think that all dogs let anyone hug them because they simply love hugs, but here’s the tricky part, most dogs are not very comfortable with being hugged because they feel a little trapped, but when it comes to their favorite person, they will do anything to please them.
  • If they choose to play with you then it’s a clear indicator of a healthy and positive bond between you two.
  • Your pooch will not leave your side, they will be your loyal friend which will never abandon you.
  • They will choose you over anyone else, you will just know it, they pay more attention to you than anyone else, crave your affection, and they will never leave your side.

If you checked one or a few of these signs with your dog then congratulations on being your dog’s favorite person, they will literally do anything to make you and you should always shower them with love and attention because no one deserves it more.

How to become your labrador retriever’s favorite person? 

Here are the two keys to becoming your labrador’s favorite person:

Quality time is the best 

The answer is already too obvious: spend as much quality time with them as you can, the one-on-one time will make your lab appreciate you.

You can take them hiking, swimming, for a walk, or playing fetches with them, you can even be the one to socialize them.

Socializing and training them when they are young is really great because you get to be in one of the most important periods in their life, plus, if you are the one who is training them, they will be more focused on you and you will be the one the shows them the most love and showering them with affection.

You can even let them sleep in your room at night, just make any time you are spending together counts.

However, it’s really not hard for your lab to love you, they will love you just for being around them and treating them well.

Make them feel like you are in charge 

Like I mentioned before, dominant personalities attract them because it makes them feel like you are their leader and they are part of your pack.

You don’t have to shout or be loud to prove that you are dominant, you can just train them the basic commands and they will feel like you are the one in charge.

You can also bribe them, I mean to be the one that provides them with meals and treats.

Always be associated with the fun and good things, protect them if they are scared from thunder, cars, or fireworks to let them know that they can trust you.

Are Labrador Retrievers Loyal to one person? 

No, labrador retrievers are loyal to their whole family and not only one person, they tend to build a strong bond with every family member and will protect them whenever they are threatened or in danger, they will also bark to let their family know that strangers are around the house.

If you liked this article and it was useful to you, you can share it with your family members and friends, they might be thinking about getting a labrador and they want to be their favorite person and I will definitely appreciate it.

Related Questions 

Why do dogs pick a favorite person? 

Just like humans, dogs choose a favorite person like we choose a best friend, someone who matches their energy level to play and share their activities with, however, there are some dogs that the only bond with one person such as basenji and dogs that share their love with everyone.

How to know if your dog trusts you? 

Here are some signs to know if your dog trusts you 

  • Rolling over for a belly rub
  • Looks you in the eyes  
  • Relaxed tongue
  • They are confident around you 
  • Relaxed body language 
  • You are the one they come to for cuddles 
  • Relaxed facial expression 
  • They look to you for guidance 
  • A slightly open mouth 

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