13 Dog Breeds That Can Kill Wolves and Protect Your House

Some people think that dogs today are too domesticated to fight off wolves, and this is just not true. When people think of dogs today, they tend to think about the popular dog breeds we all know and love like golden retrievers, labs, huskies, and other fluffy cute pooches.

However, there are still plenty of strong working breeds around that are surprisingly strong and can fight off predators like wolves.

Here are 13 dog breeds that can kill wolves and defend your house:

  1. The Šarplaninac 
  2. Caucasian Shepherd Dog
  3. The Alabai
  4. Kangal
  5. Komondor
  6. The Gamper Armenian Wolfhound
  7. Anatolian Shepherd
  8. Presa Canario
  9. Boerboel
  10. Tibetan Mastiff
  11. Dogo Argentino
  12. The Irish Wolfhound
  13. The Cane Corso

Now it’s time to discuss each of these amazing dogs in more detail and find out what exactly makes them capable of fighting off wolves.

13 Large Dog Breeds That Can Kill Wolves

image of 2 large dog breeds that can kill wolves with a wolf in between

Just because a dog is large, doesn’t make them capable of fighting off wolves. What truly makes a dog able to fight off a wolf is the following:

  • Strong protective Instincts
  • Physical Strength (a muscular build and not just a large body)
  • Strong Jaws
  • Speed and ferocity (Wolves are fierce fighters)
  • Courage and heart

The dogs on this list all have these qualities, and even the most even tempered of these dogs can turn into a wolf-fighting monster if they feel threatened.

Now let’s discuss each of these amazing dogs in a bit more detail:

The Šarplaninac 

Weight: Male: 35–45 kg, Female: 30–40 kg

Height: Male: 56–62 cm, Female: 54–60 cm

The Šarplaninac, also known as the Illyrian Shepherd dog, is a livestock guardian dog that comes originally from the Balkans and have been used for centuries to protect livestock from coyotes, wolves, and other predators.

They have a large, muscular build and strong jaws. They are also smart dogs with very strong protective instincts. They are usually calm but they are very alert and can detect threats quickly and move on to counter them.

However, they can be independent, stubborn, and quite difficult to train, but they can definitely take on wolves and come out on top.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Weight: Male: 50 – 100 kg

Height:  Female: 67 – 70 cm

The Caucasian shepherd, also known as the Caucasian Ovcharka, is a large dog breed from the Caucaus region and is one of the strongest and fiercest dogs around today.

They are alert, dominant, and strong dogs that are known to be able to kill wolves and other predators to protect livestock. Their bite force of 550-700 PSI is easily of the strongest in the dogs world (for reference, humans’ bite force is 126 psi).

They are also very courageous and strong-willed dogs that would jump in the fight instantly, making them very dangerous on wolves and other predators.

The Alabai

Weight:  40–65 kg, Male: 50–79 kg

Height: 60–69 cm, Male: 65–78 cm

Currently known more as the Central Asian Shepherd Dog, this dog is an ancient breed that has always been an excellent livestock guardian. They are bold, curious, and adaptable dogs that can thrive in most conditions without a problem.

They are also quite strong with strong instincts to protect, and their boldness and bravery makes them a threat to any predator, including wolves.

The Kangal

Weight: Female: 41–54 kg, Male: 50–66 kg

Height: Female: 72–77 cm, Male: 77–86 cm

The Kangal is a strong, large dog that comes from Turkey. They have been such excellent guardian livestock guardians for centuries that they are actually still used today for the same purpose.

They are also very important to the Turkish people that it’s illegal to export them out of Turkey, which means you are unlikely to be able to get one easily, although Kangals are legal in the US.

Kangals are calm and even-tempered dogs in general but they have excellent protective instincts that make them able to take on wolves and other dogs.

The Komondor

Weight: Male: 50 – 60 kg, Female: 40 – 50 kg

Height: Female: 64–69 cm, Male: 71–76 cm

They look adorable and have a cheerful personality to match, but if it comes to it, the Komondor can take on wolves.

Lovingly referred to as the “mop” dog, the Komondor is actually a strong and alert sheepdog that has been used to guard livestock for centuries.

They are loyal, loving, and even-tempered dogs which has also made them excellent family dogs, but they still have the protective instincts that made them a threat to predators like wolves and Coyotes.

One surprising fact about them is that they actually don’t shed, and make for an excellent choice for those with allergies.

The Gamper Armenian Wolfhound

Weight: Male: 126–135 lb (57–61 kg) – Female: 100–130 lb (45–59 kg)

Height: Male: 25–26 in (64–66 cm) – Female: 23–24 in (58–61 cm)

This Armenian Dog is one to be loved and feared. They are excellent livestock guardian dogs that are known for their strong instincts, their trustworthiness, and their friendliness to humans.

They are pretty strong dogs, too, with muscular builds and strong jaws that make them capable of taking on predators. They are tough dogs that are used to live in harsh conditions.

The Anatolian Shepherd

Weight: Female: 40–55 kg, Male: 50–65 kg

Height: Female: 71–79 cm, Male: 74–81 cm

The Anatolian Shepherd is another livestock guardian dog that comes originally from Turkey but you can find them in the US.

They are intelligent, steady, and proud dogs that are strong enough to take on predators such as wolves and coyotes without much trouble.

They are also intelligent and independent, which can make training them quite tricky, especially with their large size.

The Presa Canario

Weight: Female: 38–50 kg, Male: 50–59 kg

Height: Female: 56–61 cm, Male: 60–65 cm

The Perro de Presa Canario, also referred to as the Canary Mastiff, is a large dog breed that make for great livestock guardians.

They may not be as large as other dogs on this list, but they have strong muscular builds that gives them enough physical strength to take on predators.

Even more important is that they are quite dominant, territorial, and alert dogs which makes them a real threat to predators like wolves. In a one-to-one fight, I expect Presa Canario to have good chances against a wolf.

If you are planning to get one of these puppies you should know that training them is not easy and they are known to be quite stubborn. Thankfully, they are quite friendly to humans and have an overall gentle and calm nature.

The Boerboel

Weight: Male: 65–90 kg, Female: 50–65 kg

Height: Male: 64–70 cm, Female: 59–65 cm

The Boerboel is a large mastiff dog that has its origins in the Soth of Africa. They have a distinct black mask, short coat, and a strong bone structure.

The Boerboel is a muscular dog that is dominant and territorial, which makes them difficult to train but also make them excellent guardian dogs. They are also quite confident and brave, making them a legitimate threat to predators such as wolves.

The Tibetan Mastiff

Weight: Male: 45–73 kg, Female: 34–54 kg

Height: Male: 66–76 cm, Female: 61–71 cm

The Tibetan Mastiff is a large, muscular dog that has a very distinct look thanks to their coats which they have developed to adapt to the attitude they are used to live in.

These dogs are quite stubborn although they tend to be very gentle and even aloof dogs once trained and socialized.

They are also quite strong dogs with impressively strong wills and protective instincts. They are very dominant and territorial and they don’t like intruders of any species, making them very dangerous on wolves and other predators.

The Dogo Argentino

Weight: Female: 35–40 kg, Male: 40–45 kg

Height: Female: 60–65 cm, Male: 60–68 cm

The Dogo Argentino is not as large as some of the dogs on this list, but they definitely deserve a place on this list thanks to their muscular build that makes them quite strong, their strong protective instincts, and their fighting prowess.

They were actually developed as fighting dogs, which means they can give predators such as wolves and coyotes a very hard time. They are also very loyal and territorial dogs, and they would jump at predators without a second thought.

The Irish Wolfhound

Weight: Male: 140 to 180 pounds – Female: 115 to 140 pounds

Height:  Male: 32 to 35 inches – Female: 30-34 inches

The Irish Wolfhound is a very interesting and unique dog. They have a long history as guardian dogs in Ireland, and they are very beloved dogs in the country.

Their distinct appearance have made them the subject to many myths over the centuries. They have a long history of fighting off predators such as coyotes, wolves, and even more dangerous predators.

In the last century, they have slowly turned more domesticated and became calmer and gentler, but they are still fierce dogs that will not hesitate to fight and kill wolves to protect their families.

The Cane Corso

Weight:  Female: 40–45 kg, Male: 45–50 kg

Height: Female: 58–66 cm, Male: 62–70 cm

The Cane Corso is an excellent guardian and working dog. They are of Italian origin and they are wonderful dogs.

They are reliable, stable, and even-tempered but they also have strong protective instincts and are very suspicious of strangers and intruders.

They are also very expensive and a good Cane Corso could cost you $10,000. In a one-to-one confrontation with a Coyote, the dog would come out victorious every single time.

This is it. This is my list of the dog breeds that can kill wolves. Can you think of more dogs that should be on this list? Make sure to contact me here with your thoughts and I’ll be glad to add them to the list!

If your problem is coyotes, not wolves, you should definitely check out these amazing large dog breeds that can kill coyotes here.

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Related Questions

Can a big dog kill a wolf?

Yes, a large enough dog with strong protective instincts can fight off a wolf and even kill them. Some livestock guardian dogs have been used to fight and kill wolves and protect farms for centuries. Some examples of dogs that can kill wolves are the Kangal, the Alabai, and the Irish Wolfhound.

However, not any large dog is able to take on wolves. Domesticated dogs such as Labradors and Golden Retrievers will not have much of a chance against a wolf because they are too-good-natured to take on experienced fighters like wolves.

Can a Pitbull beat a wolf?

No, a pitbull can’t beat a wolf. Wolves have three-times the bite force of pit bulls and are much better at fighting than even the strongest pit bulls out there. Wolves also hunt in packs and are much faster than pit bulls. They also use predatory tactics and fight to kill not injure.

However, a strong pitbull can still be a threat to wolves because wolves know that any injuries mean a death sentence in the wild, so the wolf might prefer to just avoid the fight with a big dog to avoid the consequences from their own pack, not fearing the dog himself.

Can a dog join a wolf pack?

No, a dog can never join a wolf pack. Wolf packs never admit strange animals to their packs and are not accepting of even other wolves. Wolves will also never make friendlies with dogs because they are too different and wild, which dogs are very domesticated by now.


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