10 Dogs with Pink Noses and Blue Eyes That Will Take Your Breath Away Instantly

Most newborn puppies have pink noses and blue eyes and they look unbelievably cute but it’s not just because of their eye or nose color but because of the way they run, play, or how they look when they are sleeping but the soon they are 12 weeks old all of that changes except in some breeds.

So, here are 10 dogs with pink noses and blue eyes.

  1. Dalmatian 
  2. Samoyed 
  3. Golden retriever 
  4. Husky 
  5. Boxer 
  6. Poodles 
  7. White german shepherd 
  8. German shorthaired pointer
  9. Bull terrier 
  10. Irish setter

Let’s get to know each of these adorable dogs individually, know their personality, and why they have pink noses and blue eyes?

10 Amazing Dogs with Pink Noses and Blue Eyes

Some of these dogs do not have the blue eyes in their standard but they do have it, also, with blue eyes and pink nose or brown eyes and brown eyes, they are amazing and adorable in both ways.


Weight: Male: 15-32 kg, Female: 16-24 kg 

Height: Male: 58-61 cm, Female: 56-58 cm 

Dalmatians have something called the butterfly nose and it’s a result of their genetics, so not all dalmatians have pink noses, it really depends on their genetics.

They also have a unique white coat with black-colored spots, they are one of the most recognized breeds on the planet.

Dalmatians love to be with other people and they liked to be included in their family activities, their high energy makes them great partners for running, exercising, and playing, however, their high energy is not for everyone for some people it can be exhausting to live with.

They were bred to run for miles and that’s why they have an endless capacity for exercise so if you are a skater, jogger, or hiker then they are your ideal companion.


Samoyed as an example of dogs with pink noses and blue eyes

Weight: Male: 20-30 kg, Female: 16-20 kg.

Height: Male: 53-60 cm, Female: 48-53 cm

Samoyed is a medium-sized breed, their blue eyes are not in the breed standard and their pink nose can occur from time to time because of genetics or it can change from black to pink in winter because of a condition called “snow nose” or “winter nose”.

I have discusses the winter nose phenomenon in my post on golden retrievers’ black noses here, I do recommend checking it out to learn more about why dogs’ noses change colors in general.

They are fond of children and children love them because of their affectionate character and joyful smile and did I mention that they are so fluffy which makes them huggable.

They like to be active and busy, so you can keep them active by taking them swimming, running, hiking, or just playing with them.

They have a beautiful white coat that gets dirty easier than you think so their coat needs some work.

Golden retrievers 

Weight: Male: 30-34 kg, Female: 25-32 kg.

Height: Male: 56-61 cm, Female: 51-56 cm.

The golden retriever is a medium-large breed, they were bred to retrieve prey.

Golden Retrievers’ blue eyes are not in the breed standard and they are mostly born with pink or light brown nose and their nose gets darker as they grow older but some golden retrievers have something called winter nose that occurs in the winter and disappears in the spring.

Their nose will turn pink again when they are seniors but this time, it will be permanent.

Golden retrievers are a gentle and kind breed, they are great family dogs and they do well with children, other pets, and babies.

They need to be groomed regularly to keep their coat clean and healthy.

Golden retrievers are an energetic breed, they need 40-60 minutes of hard exercise daily.


Weight: Male: 20-27 kg, female: 16-23 kg.

Height: Male: 54-60 cm, Female: 50-56 cm

Siberian husky is a medium-sized breed, they have a beautiful thick coat that tolerates the cold better than any other dog.

They originated in Siberia and they are wolf look-alikes in both character and looks.

They are independent and have a strong personality that requires some training so they know that you are their leader.

They also escape artists, they may wander away from home whenever they please, that’s why you will need to constantly check your yard for any means of escape.

Huskies can be very destructive so you will need to give them space to run around and play as long as they want.


Weight: Male: 27-32 kg, Female: 25-29 kg.

Height: Male: 57-63 cm, Female: 53-60 cm. 

Boxers are one of few dogs that can have green eyes and the color blue occurs in them more than it happens with other breeds.

They were originally bred to be medium-sized guard dogs.

They have a square jaw and they are muscular, they adore their families and have a good sense of humor besides their sweet personality.

They need to be trained early because they can get too big to handle, they also mature slowly so you don’t need to worry when they act like rambunctious puppies for several years.

Just like all dogs, they need lots of exercises so they won’t become bored and destructive. 


Weight: Male: 27-31 kg, Female: 18-22 kg

Height: Standard: 45-28 cm, Toy poodle: 24-28 cm, Miniature poodle: 28-35 cm, Medium poodle: 35-45 cm.

Poodles are one of the most intelligent breeds in the world and that’s why if you don’t train them, they will think that they are the alpha of the family, it’s more common in small varieties.

So obedience training is essential for them and to keep their mind active, they also need lots of training cause bored poodles are destructive.

They need to be groomed regularly because of their fabulous hair and I mean there is nothing more adorable than the haircuts that poodles can get. 

They have weepy eyes that can stain the coat that surrounds their eyes so you will need to wipe down their face gently every day.

White German Shepherd 

Weight: Male: 35-40 kg, Female: 35-40 kg.

Height: Male: 60-65 cm, Female: 55-60 cm.

White German shepherds have the same character as other german shepherds, they look like little balls of fluff.

White German shepherds are known for their quick growth, they reach 50% of their adult size by 4 months, and by 1 year of age, they will reach their adult height and size.

They are known for their loyalty, being protective, and love for their family. They may be aggressive around people who are close to you or strangers because they are trying to protect you.

They are an energetic and active breed so they need to mentally stimulated and they love running or playing outside with their loved ones.

German shorthaired pointer 

Weight: Male: 25-32 kg, Female: 20-27 kg.

Height: Male: 58-64 cm, Female: 53-59 cm.

German-shorthaired pointers don’t like to be left alone because they are people-oriented so if you are going to leave them alone then you need to keep them busy.

Bored GSP can escape easily because like huskies, they are escape artists as well, so before you get a german shorthaired pointer, you will need a six-foot-tall fence. 

They also bark at strangers and loud noises, so they will need to be trained when they are still young because it gets harder to train them when they are older.

GSP are high-energy dogs and they need at least an hour of intensive exercise every day.

Bull Terrier 

Weight: 22-38 kg

Height: 45-55 cm

Bull terriers were originally developed in the 19th century as fighting dogs but now they make one of the best family dogs.

They are sweet and thrive in the company of the people they love, they do not do well when they are left alone for long periods.

They are not suited for cold or damp weather because of their short hair, they will need a little support in the winter so perhaps get them an extra blanket to make sure they are warm in the night and a sweater for your winter walls, also, do not leave them outside in the winter for more than 30 minutes.

Irish setter

Weight: Male: 27-32 kg, Female: 24-29 kg.

Height: Male: 58-67 cm, female: 55-62 cm.

Irish setters make great therapy dogs because they become very attached to the people who are suffering from separation and anxiety.

They do not like being left alone and can show destructive behavior if you left them alone for a long period.

They need to be exercised for at least half an hour each day because they are a high-energy breed and they need room to run and just like any other dog, they need obedience training to channel their stubborn and mischievous nature.

They are also known for their intelligence and independence, training an Irish setter requires consistency and patience.

Irish setters are slow to mature so they will be full-grown dogs with the enthusiasm and activity level of a puppy.

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Related Questions 

Is a pink nose on a dog bad? 

No, it’s not, puppies are often born with pink noses and it’s totally normal, usually, their eyes will darken later but when they are older and have a pink nose it can be harmless or an indication of a medical condition, or it can be just a snow nose.

What does it mean if a dog has a pink nose? 

When a dog loses his dark nose and it becomes pink, it’s because they lose their pigment and it becomes lighter, it usually happens in the winter and known as “snow nose” and “winter nose”,  or it’s normal if they are puppies.

What is the rarest eye color for a dog? 

Green is the rarest eye color in dogs, however, merle dogs are known to have half-and-half eyes, their individual eye is partially brown and partially, however, here are some dogs with the rarest eye color, green.

  1. Chihuahua
  2. Australian sheepdog
  3. Border collie 
  4. Cocker spaniel 
  5. Great Dane 

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