How Long Does It Take to Groom Goldendoodles? Tips to Groom Faster!

Some dog owners might think that dog grooming is easy, but in reality, it can be quite challenging as it involves multiple steps that require a good amount of effort and time, especially when it comes to dog breeds with dense curly coats like Goldendoodles

So, how long does it take to groom Goldendoodles? It takes around 2 to 3 hours on average to groom Goldendoodles. However, the time and effort it will take to groom a dog vary depending on several factors including the dog’s size, the kind of coat it has, its behavior during the session, and the presence of severe matting or fleas in its coat.

Keep reading to learn more about the basics of grooming Goldendoodles, how long it normally takes to groom Goldendoodles, and the factors that affect grooming time.

How to Groom Goldendoodles?

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Establishing a regular grooming routine for your Goldendoodle is crucial to keeping its coat in a healthy condition.

It will prevent your dog’s hair from tangling and developing mats. It will also prevent any dirt or grease from accumulating on your dog’s coat to protect it from infection.

Grooming routines typically involve multiple steps, so let’s break down the basics of grooming Goldendoodles.


Brushing helps prevent tangles and removes any loose hair from your dog’s coat.

It’s recommended to brush your Goldendoodle at least once a week. However, how often you brush your dog depends on the kind of coat it has since longer, curlier coats need to be brushed more often than shorter, straighter coats.

To properly brush your Goldendoodle, you need to divide the dog’s hair from head to tail into smaller sections, then slowly brush through each section using short strokes.

After removing all tangles, make sure to go over the dog’s coat with a bristle brush to pick up any loose hairs.


Bathing helps keep your Goldendoodle clean from any dirt or grease.

It’s recommended to bathe your Goldendoodle at least once every month. If your dog is prone to playing outside and getting dirty, you can bathe it once every week. 

However, keep in mind that bathing your Goldendoodle too often will cause its skin to become dry and its hair to weaken.

To properly bathe your Goldendoodle, you need to wet its coat from the neck down to the tail, then you need to apply shampoo and spread it evenly on the dog’s coat.

Make sure to rinse off the shampoo completely from the dog’s coat and dry it thoroughly because any remaining shampoo or water on the dog’s coat might cause it some irritation or even infection. You can also check out my guide to quickly drying your dog after a bath here.

Getting them dry quickly after a bath is important for many reasons, the most important being that it reduces the chances of the moisture staying in their coats where it makes for a perfect habitat for bacteria, and the other is that your dog will have less of a chance to get dirty again, which they will do if given the chance. Also, it will prevent them from getting the water all over your furniture as they run around and shake it off.

Trimming or Shaving

Trimming and shaving are only required if your dog’s hair is getting too long or it’s severely matted and can’t be untangled.

It’s recommended to trim your Goldendoodle’s coat once every 6 weeks. However, it mainly depends on the kind of coat your dog has since longer, curlier coats are more prone to getting matted than shorter, straighter coats.

The dog’s hair will take from 2 to 3 weeks to grow back, then about 2 to 4 months to reach its full length which typically ranges from 4 to 8 inches. It’s almost never recommended to completely shave your Goldendoodle as their coats play a big part in how they regulate their bodies’ temperature, so you should not do that unless absolutely necessary.

How Long Does Grooming Goldendoodles Take?

The average grooming session for a Goldendoodle, that involves brushing and bathing, should take about 2 to 3 hours. However, the exact amount of time can vary depending on various factors.

So, let’s take a closer look at the factors that affect the grooming time for Goldendoodles.

Factors That Affect the Grooming Time for Goldendoodles

There are many things that will determine how long it takes for you to groom your dog. Grooming your Goldendoodle is an activity that you will have to do consistently and often, and it’s probably the second most time-consuming thing for any Goldendoodle owner right after their exercise routines.

If you are the kind of busy person that has a very limited amount of time in your day, a Goldendoodle may not be the right dog for you. However, if you are dead set on getting a Goldendoodle, and I get that as they are absolutely wonderful dogs, then let’s discuss how these factors can affect the time it takes to groom them and what you can do to make it more efficient.

The size of the dog

The size of your Goldendoodle plays a significant role in determining how long its grooming session will take.

While Goldendoodles are not particularly huge, larger dogs will typically take more time to groom compared to smaller dogs.

The kind of coat the dog has

Goldendoodles have 3 main kinds of coats which are curly, wavy, and straight.

These kinds vary in texture and length. So, the curlier and longer the dog’s coat is, the more time it will take to groom. You can learn more about the kinds of coats Goldendoodles have in this article on do Goldendoodles have hair or fur.

The dog’s behavior

The dog’s behavior also plays a significant role in determining how long its grooming session will take.

Some Goldendoodles get too excited or scared when they see the grooming tools and they’ll have trouble remaining still, so they will usually take a long time to groom.

There are other Goldendoodles, on the other hand, that will remain calm throughout the session and won’t cause any hassle, so they will take much less time to groom.

The presence of severe matting in the dog’s coat

Matting refers to severe tangling in the dog’s coat. It’s different from regular surface tangling because it extends right down to the dog’s skin and it takes a lot of time to get loose.

The more severe the matting is in your Goldendoodle’s coat, the longer time it will to groom, and in some cases, you might need to shave your dog’s coat completely to remove the matting.

The presence of fleas in the dog’s coat

Flea infestation mostly occurs due to the dog coming into contact with other animals when they’re outside.

If your Goldendoodle has a flea infestation, it will take a longer time to groom because you need to comb the dog’s coat thoroughly to get the fleas out.

Accidents or Allergic Reactions

Even if you’re being very careful throughout the grooming session, you might accidentally injure your dog with one of the grooming tools or your dog might have an allergic reaction to one of the grooming products.

This can make grooming take longer as you will need to take any necessary precautions to treat your dog or even take it to a vet.

Waiting Time

If you’re taking your dog to a professional groomer, there might be a long wait time if the place is crowded with other dogs which could add an or two to the actual grooming time.

Your own expertise

It’d undoubtedly going to take longer if you don’t really know what you are doing and have to follow a video or a guide.

With time and practice, you will become more experienced with grooming your dog and you will be able to cut down the time it takes significantly, but you should not be surprised if it takes you long to even do the simplest things like brushing them at the beginning as you struggle with establishing the routine, the connection, and the rhythm.

How to Groom Your Goldendoodle Faster?

As mentioned before, grooming can take a lot of time and effort which can make it inconvenient for busy dog owners to maintain a regular grooming routine on their own without seeking a professional groom.

So, here are some tips you can follow to make grooming your Goldendoodle easier and more time-efficient:

  • Try to maintain a routine of regular brushing as much as possible to keep the dog’s coat in a good shape. The longer you don’t brush your dog, the more likely it is to get matted and the longer it will take to groom later on.
  • Make sure you’re using the proper grooming tools and products for your dog’s coat. This includes shampoos, combs, brushes, clippers, and scissors.
  • Avoid brushing your dog’s while it’s wet as this will cause its hair to become more tangled. Always brush the dog before giving it a bath.
  • You can apply some natural ingredients such as cornstarch or coconut oil on the dog’s coat before grooming to loosen any tangles and make brushing easier.
  • Make sure to praise your dog and give it treats throughout the grooming session as this will help keep it calm and encourage it to behave well in future sessions.

Related Questions

What Kind of Tools Do You Need to Groom Goldendoodles?

The kind of tools you need to groom Goldendoodles mainly include a steel comb to part the dog’s hair, a slicker brush to loosen any tangles, and a bristle brush to remove any loose hair remaining on the dog’s coat. You might also need some dog clippers and scissors if you’re going to trim the dog’s hair.

When Do Goldendoodle Grow Their Adult Coats?

Goldendoodle grow their adult coats after shedding their puppy coats which typically happens when they reach about 6 to 8 months of age. The kind of adult coat they will grow varies in texture depending on the dog’s genetics. It will also be a lot thicker and stiffer compared to the puppy coat.

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