How Often Should You Wash A Bernedoodle?

Bernedoodles have beautiful coats that make them stand out among other dog breeds. 

That’s why it’s essential to keep their coats in good shape by establishing a grooming routine and washing them regularly.

So, how often should you wash a Bernedoodle? You should wash a Bernedoodle once every 1 to 3 months to keep their coats in good shape and prevent them from accumulating any dirt. You can wash the dog more often during summer to cool it down when it gets too hot. However, keep in mind that washing the dog frequently will damage its coat.

Continue reading to learn more about the kind of coat Bernedoodles have, how often to bathe them, and how to bathe them properly.

What Kind Coats Do Bernedoodles Have?

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Bernedoodles have three kinds of coats: straight, wavy, and curly. These coats vary in appearance and properties, such as their length, texture, and shedding frequency.

Since Bernedoodles are a hybrid breed, the kind of coat they will have will be determined by their genetic makeup and which one of their parent breeds, Bernese Mountain Dogs and Poodles, they take after the most.

So, let’s discuss the properties of the three kinds of coats that Bernedoodles can have in more detail:

Straight Coats

  • They are commonly known as flat coats or hair coats.
  • They are long and moderately thick with a soft texture.
  • They are not very prone to matting and don’t require a lot of effort to keep in good shape.
  • They have the highest shedding frequency of all coat kinds, which makes them the least hypoallergenic.

Wavy Coats

  • They are also known as fleece coats.
  • They are also long and moderately thick, but they have a softer and looser texture than straight coats do.
  • They’re more prone to tangling and matting, so they tend to require more effort to keep in good shape.
  • They have a lower shedding frequency than straight coats, making them more hypoallergenic.

Curly Coats

  • They’re also known as teddy coats or wool coats.
  • They are short and thick with a coarse texture.
  • They are the most prone to tangling and matting, so they require the most effort to keep in good shape.
  • They have the lowest shedding frequency of all coat kinds, which makes them the most hypoallergenic.

How Often Should You Bathe Your Bernedoodle?

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Bathing your Bernedoodle is an essential part of its grooming routine as it will help its coat in good shape and prevent it from accumulating too much dirt.

At the recommendation of various grooming Bernedoodles, you should bathe your Bernedoodle once every 1 to 3 months.

The frequency at which you should bathe your Bernedoodle will depend mostly on the kind of coat it has.

Bernedoodles with curly coats should be bathed more often than those with wavy or straight coats. That is because curly coats are thicker, and they collect dirt more easily.

You can also bathe your Bernedoodle more often during the summer, as it will help cool it down when the temperature gets too hot. You can learn about the other ways to keep your Bernedoodle cool during the hot summer months here.

What Happens If You Bathe Your Bernedoodle Too Much?

If you do not bathe your Bernedoodle often, its coat will appear neglected, and it will smell bad. However, bathing your dog too much can also negatively affect the dog’s coat.

If you bathe your dog too much, you will be putting it at risk of developing skin conditions that will cause a lot of irritation and dryness.

You might also damage its coat permanently as some shampoos contain chemicals that will prevent the dog’s coat from producing natural oils.

How to Bathe Your Bernedoodle Properly?

Not all Bernedoodles enjoy being bathed, so you might find it challenging to keep your dog calm during bath time.

You will first need to take some measures to prepare the dog for taking a bath and ensure that it will be safe and comfortable. Then, you need to follow some steps to bathe the dog properly and quickly.

So, let’s breakdown at these measures and steps in more detail:

Preparing the Dog Before the Bath

  • Make sure to prepare the bathroom or the area where you’re bathing your dog beforehand. It’s recommended to keep all the bathing supplies you will need within reach. It’s also recommended to have extra towels.
  • If you’re bathing the dog in the bathtub, it’s recommended to put a non-skid mat inside to make sure your dog won’t slip and get injured.
  • You can take the dog for a short walk or exercise it about an hour before the bath time. This will allow the dog to release its energy so they will be too exhausted to make any fuss during the bath time.
  • When coaxing your dog into the bathtub or the area where you’re bathing it, make sure to use a gentle tone that will help reassure it and once the dog is inside, makes sure to give it a treat as a reward for its good behavior.
  • It’s recommended to brush the dog’s coat before getting it as this will remove any tangles, or loose hair stuck on the coat, which will be more difficult to remove when wet.

For my recommendations, check out the best Shampoos for your dog here, and check out my recommended brushes here. I’ve made these recommendations after testing dozens of shampoos and brushes with my own dogs over the years, so do consider them as they can save you a lot of time, energy, and hard-earned dollars.

Bathing the Dog

  • Start with getting the dog’s coat wet from the neck down with warm water. It’s recommended to use a detachable showerhead or a water pitcher to do that instead of soaking the dog in the water or putting it directly under the shower.
  • Try not to pour water directly on the dog’s head as this will irritate its eyes and ears. It’s recommended to use a soft cloth soaked in warm water instead to clean its face gently.
  • Next, you need to apply the shampoo on and make sure to distribute it evenly over the dog’s coat.
  • The shampoo you’re using should be dog-friendly, not human shampoo. Make sure it doesn’t contain ingredients or chemicals that might irritate the dog’s skin or trigger any allergies.
  • Finally, rinse the shampoo off the dog’s coat thoroughly because any remains might cause the dog’s skin to become irritated. You can apply more shampoo and rinse again if necessary.
  • Make sure to give your dog treats throughout the bath time to reward its good behavior and to encourage it to remain calm when bathing in the future.

How to Dry Your Bernedoodle After a Bath?

Once you’re done bathing your Bernedoodle, you need to dry it thoroughly to prevent any unpleasant wet dog smell.

Drying your dog after a bath will also help prevent its skin from becoming irritated or infected.

In order to dry your Bernedoodle properly after a bath, it’s recommended to use a soft towel to squeeze or pat away the excess water from its coat. Try not to rub the towel too roughly over the dog’s coat as this might cause irritate it.

It’s also recommended to use a blow dryer that’s set on low heat to warm up the dog after the bath and ensure that its coat is completely dry. You can learn a lot more about how to dry your Bernedoodle in minutes by checking out my complete guide to drying your dog after a bath here.

Related Questions

How Often Should You Brush Your Bernedoodle?

You should brush your Bernedoodle daily or at least two times a week to remove loose hair from its coat and prevent it from getting tangled. The frequency at which you brush your Bernedoodle coat will depend on the kind of coat it has, as curly coats should be brushed more often than wavy or straight coats.

Can You Use Dry Shampoo for Bernedoodles?

You can use dry shampoo for Bernedoodles. It will help keep your dog’s coat in good condition if your dog doesn’t like taking baths or if you do not have the time to bathe it. You just need to sprinkle an appropriate amount of dry shampoo on the dog’s coat and distribute it with a brush.

How to Keep Your Bernedoodle’s Coat Healthy?

To keep your Bernedoodle’s coat healthy, you need to establish a grooming routine that involves brushing and washing their coat regularly.

You also need to improve the diet and make sure that the grooming products you’re using aren’t harmful to the dog to prevent it from developing any skin condition.

Should You Shave Your Bernedoodle’s Coat?

You should shave your Bernedoodle’s coat if it’s getting too tangled to be brushed. It would help if you also shaved your Bernedoodle during summer to help it tolerate hot weather better. However, it’s not recommended to shave the dog’s coat completely as this will put it at risk of getting sunburned.

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