How Often To Bathe a Labradoodle? (and How to Do It Right)

Labradoodles are just adorable. They are energetic, fun-loving, and playful dogs. But they definitely have a lot of fur; it can either be tight curly locks and sometimes straighter hair with a thick coat. 

Although their thick coat can be a reason for you to love them even more, the thick coat paired with their playful nature can make bathing a long and not-so-easy process. 

How often to bathe a Labradoodle? Labradoodles should be based once every 2-3 weeks, if you are lucky, they can last up to 5 months without a bath. Thankfully, their thick coat is not only beautiful, it is also dirt-repellent, which will make the need for bathing less frequent. 

If you want to know how often to bathe your furry Labradoodle and how this changes depending on things like seasons, for example, how to do it quickly and properly, when it is absolutely necessary to bathe them right away, and how to dry your Labradoodle, keep reading. Your life is about to get a whole lot easier.  

How often should you bathe your Labradoodle? 

Labradoodle in a bath to answer how often to bath a labradoodle

If your Labradoodle is still a puppy, the bathing task will be much easier. As puppies, you can teach them to like bathing. 

Once your Labradoodle turns 3 months, it is your green light to start bathing them. Puppies should be bathed once every 3 to 5 months. If your Labradoodle is grown, it should be once every 2-3 weeks. 

A scheduled bath for puppies will make it easier for them (and you) when they get older.

You should set a scheduled bath for your ‘Oodle. Their dirt-repelling coat will make the bathing easier to manage. 

You should not over-bathe, though. But what does this actually means will depend on many things, and most importantly of those is the season and their activities.

How often you should bathe your dog is also based on what season of the year it is: 

Once every 3 weeks is preferred Once every 4 weeks 
Use cool water to help your “Oodle cool downUse warm water to help them find warmth
Your dog needs moisture but not too much because the weather is not dryYour dog needs more moisture to prevent dry skin
Your dog can bathe outdoorsBathe your dog indoors in a warm temperature 
Doesn’t require a lot of time dry their furNeeds a lot of effort and time to dry their fur 
Not necessary to use a hairdryerIt’s preferable to use a hairdryer 

When must you bathe your Labradoodle Right away?

There are many situations where you just have to give your Labradoodle a bath right away, for example, Labradoodles are quite playful, and during your walk, your dog may even splash into a puddle of mud and get dirty. 

Let’s take a look quickly at the situations where you must give your Labradoodle a bath, even if they had just had one a few weeks or days before:

Playful walks

Yes, their coats are dirt-repellent but they still need to be cleaned properly after a playful and dirty walk. 

Don’t forget, Labradoodles are crossbreeds and have many qualities like those of Poodles, which means they love water games. 

Bad Odor 

If your Labradoodle smells, you should bathe them right away. Bad odor is not typical for these adorable dog breeds. Hence, you shouldn’t ignore it if you notice that they smell. 

Medical condition 

If your Labradoodle has a medical condition that requires you to use a specific medicinal shampoo, you might need to bathe them more regularly as part of their treatment.  I also have a few recommendations for medicated shampoos in my guide to shampoos for your dogs here.


If you have been doing some gardening, it is possible that you have used some chemicals. You have probably warned your Labradoodle not to go out, but they got tempted anyway. 

If Your Labradoodle has been exposed to such chemicals, you should bathe them right away and make sure all the chemicals are out of their coat. 


All dogs can get fleas, however, Labradoodles are more prone to them because of their thick coat, which means fleas can be hidden deep inside their curly locks. 

If you notice fleas on your dog, pick them out and bathe them using an oatmeal shampoo right away. 


If the snow did not stop you from going for a walk with your Labradoodle, then hats off to you. Before going out in the snow, make sure your Labradoodle is warm enough.

The salt that is used to melt the snow on the street can be quite harmful to your dog. It can hurt their little paws. Thus, you should bathe your dog the minute they get home. You should also double-check to see if their paws are salt-free.  

How to bathe your Labradoodle (Properly and Quickly) 

If you follow the steps I explain here, I guarantee you that you will bathe your Labradoodle properly and quickly. 

  1. Cover their ears, eyes, and nose 

If water gets in their ears, eyes, or their nose, the bathing experience will be completely annoying and may be harmful for your Labradoodle. 

You can use cotton balls to cover such sensitive areas. 

  1. Check the water temperature 

Before putting your Labradoodle in the bath, test out yourself first. The water should not be too cool or too hot.

 The most convenient water temperature for your Labradoodle is warm. However, if you are bathing your dog during Summertime, you can make the water a bit colder. 

  1. Wet the fur 

Curls need hydration. To make the bathing easier, you should make sure your Labradoodle’s thick wavy/curly hair is fully wet. 

Completely wet hair will be easiest to detangle and will absorb shampoo and conditioner better, just like humans. Speaking of curls, you can learn how to prevent your curly dog from getting matted here.  

  1. Shampoo

While applying shampoo, you should gently rub it in your Labradoodle’s coat. Make sure to use circular motions that allow the shampoo to travel to the root. 

After you apply the shampoo, you should make sure that it is completely rinsed out. If shampoo stays in your Labradoodle’s coat, it might dry their skin. 

  1. Conditioner

Although most dogs don’t require conditioning, it is essential to Labradoodles. Curls need love, if you are a curly-haired person, you understand. 

It might be useful to detangle their hair while the conditioner is in. After that, make sure you rinse out the conditioner completely too. 

Use shampoos and conditioners that are made for dogs, not humans. 

  1. Dry them with a towel

If you are lucky, you will need only one towel to dry your dog. How many towels you will need depends on your Labradoodle’s size. 

Normally, people use three medium-sized towels to dry out their Labradoodles. 

  1. Squeeze the remaining water out of the fur

Using a towel alone is not enough, you should make sure all the water is out of their fur so that their skin does not get dry. 

Using your hands here is essential to squeeze out the remaining water. 

  1. Hairdryer 

This step is optional. You can use your hairdryer to speed up the process. Make sure to hold the hairdryer away enough to not hurt your Labradoodle. 

  1. Ear care 

After bathing your Labradoodle, you should remove the cotton pads you have inserted in your dog’s ears. Due to their floppy ears, they do not get enough air circulation, which can be a pretty cozy environment for bacteria. 

Water in your Labradoodle’s ears will also be irritating, so you should check that there is no water stuck there. 

How to dry your Labradoodle after a bath 

As I have mentioned before, Labradoodles have a thick, curly fur coat, which makes it very hard to dry them after a bath. 

You should make sure that you are using high-absorbency towels to dry your Oodle with. Some people claim they use up to 5 high-absorbency, medium-sized towels. Laundry day is about to get messy. 

Labradoodles are very playful creatures, they might mistake your attempts of drying them with play-time. They might think you are petting them and get excited. 

It might be better to use a hairdryer to dry your Labradoodle in Winter. When the weather is cold, it is honestly annoying (and cold) to have wet hair/fur. Thus, you would be doing your Labradoodle a favor. 

In all cases, it is best if you dry your Labradoodle thoroughly. 

Make sure there is no water in your dog’s ears, eyes, and nose. If you find water in these sensitive areas, you should use cotton swabs to suck out the water. However, just like humans, you should be careful not to stick it in too much. 

Drying your Labradoodle will require a lot of effort and time, which is inevitable. But, it is essential that you do it correctly so that you prevent them from getting any serious skin issues such as dandruff or dry skin. 

I actually have a complete guide just on how to dry your dog quickly after a bath here that is definitely worth checking out as I’ve packed years of experience into this post.

Bathing and drying your Labradoodle is also considered to be valued quality time between you and your dog. So, try to enjoy it as much as possible. 

One More grooming tip 

To make sure your Labradoodle’s coat is healthy, you should comb it daily. Yes, I know that is a lot of hard work, but it would save you a lot of time during washdays. 

Brushing your Labradoodle’s hair daily will stimulate the health of their skin. You could also use coconut oil to soothe their skin and make sure they have a moisturized and shiny coat. 

You should also be gentle with your doodle’s fur, as much tugging and pulling can hurt them. 

Related Questions 

Do Labradoodles like baths? 

Yes, most Labradoodles like baths. If your Labradoodle is still a puppy, it is completely in your hands to make them like baths. If not, you are still in luck. Labradoodles are crossbreeds and since they are partially poodles, they like to swim too. 

Labradoodles enjoy the water in general, which means they don’t mind bathing too. 

Can you Bathe your labradoodle once a week? 

No, you should not bathe your Labradoodle once a week. Overbathing your dog might lead to skin issues such as dry skin and dandruff. As a rule of thumb, you should bathe your Labradoodle once every 2-3 weeks. Sometimes you can wait up to 5 weeks if your Labradoodle hasn’t rolled in dirt or got anything yucky off the street. 

Can Labradoodles swim? 

Yes, it is most likely that Labradoodles enjoy swimming. They are bred from Poodles, which enjoy a swim too. However, some doodles require some encouragement and love to gather the courage to swim. 

How often should you wash a Labradoodle puppy?

Labradoodle puppies often stay indoors. Thus, they require less bathing time. You can bathe your pup once every 4- 6 months and it will be enough for them. 

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