How to Keep a Goldendoodle Beard Clean? [Without Soap]

Goldendoodles tend to have long shaggy beards that give them their signature teddy-bear look. However, dog beards can easily get tangled or soiled which will give your dog an unpleasant appearance and cause it to develop some skin conditions.

So, how to keep a Goldendoodle beard clean? To keep your Goldendoodle’s beard clean, you need to wipe regularly using a wet cloth or dog-friendly wet wipes to prevent any accumulation of dirt, grease, saliva, and food remains. It’s recommended to avoid using soap to clean your dog’s beard as it might severely irritate the skin on the dog’s face.

Keep reading to learn more about which Goldendoodles will grow beards, why it’s important to groom a dog’s beard, and how to keep your dog’s beard clean without using soap.

Do All Goldendoodles Have Beards?

Goldendoodle with beard covered in snow to show how to keep a Goldendoodle beard clean

The long hairs on the Goldendoodle’s face are referred to as furnishings and they include the dog’s eyebrows, mustache, and beard. These furnishings give Goldendoodles their signature teddy-bear look which is considered a significant characteristic of the breed’s standard.

Not all Goldendoodles will have beards as their presence mainly depends on the Goldendoodle’s genetics and the parent breed they take after the most.

They are a result of a dominant gene called RSPO2 which comes from the Poodle parent’s side. So, the more of the Poodle genes a Goldendoodle carries, the more likely it will grow a beard.

Why Do You Need to Groom Goldendoodle Beards?

It’s generally important to maintain a regular grooming routine for your Goldendoodle that involves brushing, bathing, and trimming especially when it comes to the dog’s beard.

That is because dog beards tend to accumulate dirt, grease, saliva, and food remains which can cause the dog to develop skin conditions such as infections. They are also prone to become severely tangled and matted which can give the dog an unpleasant appearance.

So, you need to properly groom the dog’s beard to ensure it will remain clean and in good shape.

How to Keep Your Goldendoodle’s Beard Clean?

To keep the dog’s beard clean, you can wipe it regularly with a wet cloth or some dog-friendly wet wipes and make sure to pay attention to the area near the dog’s mouth.

You will also need to thoroughly wash the dog’s beard using shampoo or soap on regular occasions. However, you need to make sure to rinse the shampoo or soap completely from your dog’s beard then dry it thoroughly to avoid causing any irritation.

How to Clean Your Dog’s Beard without Soap?

Washing your dog’s beard is a necessary part of its grooming process. However, Goldendoodles have very sensitive faces which can easily be irritated by all the chemicals and fragrances in shampoos and soap leading to experience a lot of discomfort.

So, here are some alternatives you can use to clean your dog’s beard that is natural, harmless, and effective.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is one of the most effective natural ingredients that can be safely used on your dog’s face to remove any dirt and grease.

All you need to do is soak a sponge or a cloth in some vinegar, rub it onto the dog’s beard, then rinse it off with warm water.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is another natural ingredient that can be safely used to clean the dog’s face as an alternative to soap.

All you need to do is mix the baking soda with water to create a paste, rub the paste on the dog’s beard, then rinse it thoroughly with warm water.

You can also sprinkle dry baking soda on your dog’s beard as well as the rest of its coat to act as a deodorant and eliminate any unpleasant odors.

Natural Soap Substitutes

Natural soap substitutes such as soapwort and shagbark are safe for external use on dogs. These soaps are made from saponin-containing plants that were boiled down and strained.

You can get easily find soapwort and shagbark at most natural product stores as well as online stores.

How to Trim Your Goldendoodle’s Beard?

It’s generally recommended to trim your Goldendoodle’s beard regularly to prevent it from getting too long and tangled.

So, here’s how you can properly trim your Goldendoodle’s beard:

  • Use a slicker brush to remove any tangles from the hair underneath your dog’s muzzle, then use a steel comb to gently pull it down.
  • Use electric clippers or blunt-ended scissors to trim the hair to the desired length.
  • It’s recommended to cut the hair shorter near the mouth and top of the neck, then to gradually increase the length as you move down to the neck.
  • Use thinning scissors to blend the hair on the sides of the dog’s muzzle into the hair the neck for a more finished appearance. 
  • Make sure to go slowly with the grooming tools to avoid scaring the dog or accidentally injuring it.

Related Questions

What Tools are used to Groom Goldendoodles?

The tools used to groom Goldendoodles include a steel comb to separate and fluff the dog’s hair, a slicker brush to loosen the tangles, and a bristle brush to remove the loose hairs remaining on the dog’s coat. You might also need some dog clippers or blunt-ended scissors to trim the dog’s hair.

Are Goldendoodles with Beards Low-Shedding?

Goldendoodles with beards are low-shedding. That is because they tend to grow wavy or curly coats which are known to shed less compared to straight coats. However, the dog’s beard as well as the rest of its coat will still require some effort to groom as they’re prone to get tangled.

How Often Do You Need to Brush Goldendoodles?

You need to brush Goldendoodles at least once a week so you can keep their coats in good shape and prevent tangling. However, how often your brush them will depend mainly on the kind of coat the Goldendoodle has because curly coats usually need to be brushed more often than straight coats.

What Are the Main Kinds of Goldendoodle Coats?

The main kinds of Goldendoodle coats are wavy, curly, or straight.  As puppies, all Goldendoodles have smooth flat coats. When they’re older, they will shed their puppy coats and grow their final mature coats. The kind of coat the Goldendoodle will grow will depend mainly on the dog’s genetics.

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