Expert Recommendations of Tried and Tested Items

Hello and welcome to my recommendations page. In my years with dogs, I have tested so many products. What I recommend will be mostly based on my own experience and what I believe to be the best option available.

Keep in mind that I may not always recommend the “best of the best”, because sometimes the best of the best is overkill for your needs and just too expensive.

But this doesn’t mean I will limit my recommendations to just cheap items. The word that best describes my recommendations would be “a bang for the buck”. Sometimes an item is worth investing in it for the value it offers. This value can be found in the safety, comfort, or longevity aspects.

Here are my recommendations:

  • Dog Grooming
    • Best Brushes & Undercoat rakes for Golden Retriever
    • Best dog clippers for Golden Retrievers
  • The Best Dog Food for Golden retrievers at every age
  • Toys for Golden Retrievers (that can last for years)
  • Collars, leashes, and harnesses (that will definitely not break)
  • Comfortable and affordable crates, houses, and beds for Retrievers