Best Toys For Golden Retrievers (That Will Stand Heavy Chewing)

Kids are like children in many ways; they need constant care and attention, they bring love and affection into our lives, and they LOVE toys.

Golden Retrievers in particular are very active dogs, and they seem to have endless energy. That’s why it’s always a great idea to have a collection of toys that they can spend their time playing with instead of chewing on your shoes.

From my years of spending more money that I’d like to admin on toys for my goldies, I’ve narrowed down the selection to toys that my dogs actually like and find enjoyable, don’t cost me a fortune, and are pretty durable.

So, without further ado, let’s look at the best toys for golden retrievers that you can get today.

The Must-Have Toys for Any Golden Retriever 

When you get a new dog, there are a couple of things that you need to prepare such as a proper diet for your pup, suitable bedding, and a must-have toy for them.

So to help you get the right toys for them, here are the must-have toys from my personal experience.

The Classic Durable Kong Chew Toy

This is the classic toy that almost every dog needs and likes, it will keep your golden active and can distract them for hours.

It’s really bouncy and you can stuff it with treats, it’s perfect if your pup is teething because it’s great for chewing as well.

You can also fill it with summer treats such as frozen yogurt and frozen fruits.

The Outward Hound’s Hide & Seek Plush Toy

Every dog needs a plush toy, and in my experience, this is one of the best plush toys you can get your dog.

It’s great for many reasons; first, it’s fun to play it, it will keep your golden busy, and will keep them mentally active.

It’s squeaky and soft, and it keeps them engaged as they try to hunt the small animals in the toy.

Kong jumbler football dog toy.

Ready to play fetch? Get this one. The kong jumbler football dog toy is perfect for playing fetch and running around outside with your dog.

It’s durable enough to sustain their heavy chewing and light enough to throw around and keep your pooch running and happy.

Chuckit! Ultra ball

This toy is also great for playing fetch with your retriever, it’s light so it’s perfect for puppies and playing with it in pools or lakes.

It’s soft for their mouth but has a thick rubber core for aggressive chewers.

Ifetch interactive ball launchers for dogs.

If you already have a golden retriever then you already know how active, energetic, and active they are and they want to play most of the time especially if they are adults because when they are still puppies, they spend most of the time sleeping and if they are seniors then they don’t have the energy to play as they did before.

So this will save you lots of time and will avoid your dog getting bored and displaying destructive behavior.

Best Toys for Golden retriever puppies

There are three types of toys that you can get for your puppy.

The best friend 

Just like kids, you should get your puppy cute toys because they will develop some kind of friendship with it, it will be their sleeping buddy and will keep them company when you are too busy.

Smartpetlove snuggle puppy behavioral aid toy.

This toy is awesome, and my puppies always love it. It can comfort them and is very useful in situations where the dog might get stressed. I like using it when crate-training my puppies and it can help them calm down and fall asleep during thunderstorms or fireworks.

Outward hound invincibles squeaky plush toy

This toy is almost indestructible because of a very simple reason; it’s not stuffed, which means it’s not easy for your dog to pull on it and chew on it because there is nothing to chew on.

At first, I thought that my dogs would get bored of it quickly, but it turns out that dogs, much like kids, love a challenge, and mine have been on it for a while.

Because it’s very cheap, I would recommend getting the 4-pack and giving them a different shape every couple of days to keep things more interesting.

Get smart 

Golden retrievers are the 4th smartest breed behind border collies, poodles, and german shepherds.

So puzzles and challenging toys will provide your dog with mental simulations.

My golden retriever needed to get in shape, mentally speaking because they weren’t the smartest pups, so I got them lots of puzzles and toys, but I only noticed the difference with some of these toys and they really had fun playing with them.

I would love to review each one individually but all of them are the same idea and the best thing about the outward Nina Ottosson puzzles is that you can level your dog up to keep track and to notice if there is a difference.

So if one puzzle becomes too easy for your golden, you can get them the next level’s puzzle, it’s a little harder and will make sure that your dog stays active.

So don’t start with the most difficult one, work with them from the bottom to the top.

The Chewing toy 

Chewing toys are one of the most important things in your puppies’ life, the teething process can be harrowing and will make them feel uneasy and the chewing toy helps them through.

I tried many chewing toys with my puppies but here are their favorite chew toys and they work like magic.

Nylabone puppy teething & soothing flexible chew toy

This one is simply the best, I got it for both of my goldens when they were puppies and they are still using it.

Let me tell you why it’s the best in my humble opinion; it’s not only fun for them, but it also promotes their dental health and helps to prevent plaque and tartar buildup.

It’s gentle for their mouth and will ease the pain during the teething process.

Kong- puppy toy natural teething rubber.

This is my golden’s second favorite chewing toy, it helps with separation anxiety, boredom, teething, barking, and management training.

You can stuff it with their favorite treat and I strongly recommend this toy if you are training your puppy because it will make it so much easier on you.

Nylabone puppy chew variety toy and treat

This one is the same idea as the first one but I don’t know why my goldens seemed more fond of the first one even though this one is chicken flavored, it also eases pain during the teething process.

Best Chew Toys for Golden Retrievers (that withstand the biting) 

I’ve put together a list of the best chew toys that withstand biting and will keep your golden entertained for a long time.

West paw zogoflex hurley floatable dog bone chew toy

This toy is a bestseller and for a really good reason, it holds up to aggressive chewers, it’s perfect for playing in water or land.

It’s great for senior dogs and puppies because it’s the safest alternative for them if they love to gnaw.

Zippypaws skinny Peltz no stuffing squeaky plush toy.

If you can’t tell by the 40,000+ positive rating on Amazon, dogs really love this one. The fun colors, the touch and feel, and the durability of it make this a very fun toy for all dogs, and my goldens seem to REALLY love it.

I would recommend getting the 6-pack though and hide three and switch every week or so to keep things interesting.

Here are the best alternative chew toys if your dog had another opinion about the first two. 

Nylabone power chew textured dog chew ring toy.

VANFINE almost indestructible dog squeaky toys

Best Rope Toys for Golden retrievers (For Tug-of-War) 

There are a couple of ways you can have fun with your dog and consider it an exercise simultaneously, and tug-of-war is the best example of this kind of activity.

Pacific pups products.

These ropes are practical and strong, they’re plastic-free so it’s safe for your pup and the environment as well.

They also include flossing toys that are structured to clean teeth and will provide them with some dental benefits, and most important of all, these ropes support saving dogs from high kill shelters, so you would be doing something for your dog, something for the environment, and something for dogs on death row as well.

Puppy teething toys- puppy chew toys- rope dog toy

This one is almost as great as the first recommendation, it’s also made with safe materials so it’s non-toxic and safe for puppies.

It’s the perfect size for small breeds as well in case you have other dogs, it reduces the pain of your teething pup.

You can play tug-of-war, fetch, and other games with these ropes.

If you do have other dogs, check out how to introduce goldens to smaller dogs here.

Premium Mammoth Interactive Flossy chews color rope tug Toy

Feeliong fancy and want to spoil your dog a little bit? Get this one.

This rope toy is great for teeth health and cleaning, the fiber in the tugs floss the pups’ teeth as they chew on them.

It’s also made entirely from Cotton, which is not only better for them and for the environment, it also makes this toy a lot more durable than the plastic ones.

It’s great for large breeds and it’s not suitable for small breeds because it’s a large toy. 

XL dog rope toys for aggressive aggressive chewers – large dog ball for a large dog

It’s safe for all dogs but it’s better for large dog breeds due to its large size, it’s great for tugs-of-war and for chewing.

You can also use it if you have a medium breed, it also includes a ball for fetch.

Best Squeaky Toys for Golden Retrievers

There is no dog that doesn’t love squeaky toys, so here the best squeaky toys for your pup.

Outward hound hide-A-squirrel squeaky puzzle plush dog toy.

I have mentioned this toy in every category and for a good reason, all dogs love this squeaky toy because it’s fun and it keeps them busy.

They are gentle on their teeth and gums, it’s designed carefully for tough biters and for teething puppies.

Outward hound invincibles dog toy – stuffingless squeaky.

This toy is great for keeping them active inside and out, you can play fetch or tug-of-war with it.

It’s not stuffed so you don’t have to worry about any mess and it comes with multiple squeakers.

It’s small so you can carry it for them wherever they go.

Multipet lambchop plush dog toy

This cute toy will make your golden fall in love with it, they might form a bond with it and it will become their favorite toy.

It’s soft on their teeth and gums, it’s fluffy and it has a squeaker which makes the toy perfect for golden retrievers.

Outward hound Hedgehogz squeaky dog toy.

This toy has soft fur as well, this hedgehog is stuffed and fluffy, it’s great for the cuddles that your golden needs.

It has a unique rounded shape that your retriever will love to snuggle with and carry wherever they go.

This toy is suitable for all breeds because it has four sizes so if you have a large dog you can get this toy in a big size for them.

Best pet supplies dog squeaky chew toys.

This toy is stuffing free but that doesn’t mean that it will be fun-free, your dog will still enjoy playing and chewing on this squeaky toy.

It has a squeaker in the head and another one in the tail, this toy is also perfect for every size whether you have a golden retriever or Shih Tzu.

Softest Plush Toys for Golden Retrievers

Who doesn’t love soft plush toys, I mean I still have a favorite plush toy, they are fluffy, soft, and so huggable and every dog needs one to keep them company.

Outward Hound Hide-A- Squirrel squeaky puzzle plush dog toy.

Probably the softest toy I’ve touched, so much so that I think I may love it more than my dogs, but my dogs are the ones that get to play with it the most. Word of advice; if you have kids, keep them away from this one as they will want to have it for themselves instead of leaving it to the dog.

It’s gentle on their teeth and gums, it’s a great toy for puppies and adult goldens.

You can take them wherever you go due to their size, it’s great for games such as fetch, hide and seek, and you can make puzzle games out of them.

If they do destroy it then you will need to replace it immediately.

Multipet duckworth plush dog toy 13

This toy is so huggable and most dogs use it as a pillow due to its soft feeling and fluffiness.

It’s easy to wash and the squeaker will still work after washing it. Also, it’s a tough toy so if your dog likes to play rough then this toy is perfect for your pup.

It’s soft and gentle for their gums and teeth, you can play fetch and hide and seek with it.

Chuckit! Indoor ball for small dogs and puppies dog toy

It’s safe for all dogs, it’s lightweight so it’s great for playing fetch, it creates a great bond between you and your dog.

It has a suitable size so it’s easy to hold it in their mouth, it’s always in bright colors that your dog is able to see.

goDog Gators with chew guard technology tough plush dog toy. 

This fun toy is fluffy, soft, and has a squeaker, it can be for a gentle and playful fight but it can be easily destroyed.

It’s very soft and most dogs like to sleep while cuddling this toy so it will definitely bring them joy and peace.

Best Puzzle Toys for Their Mental Health

Golden retrievers are an intelligent breed, they are the fourth smartest dog breed and they need to stay active, physically and mentally.

So here are the best puzzle toys for their mental health.

Like I mentioned above Nina Ottosson puzzles have many levels so you should start with the first one and work with them on the way up.

Nina Ottosson by outward hound – interactive puzzle game dog toys.

This is level one (the easy one), you should always start with the beginner’s level because your dog can feel down if you started with a higher level and they couldn’t solve it.

It will keep your dog mentally stimulating, it features 9 hidden compartments and they are covered by 9 removable dog bone pieces.

You should hide their favorite treats in the compartments and elevate the bone.

It reduces their boredom and any destructive behavior.

These puzzles are both level two (intermediate), you can choose either of them if you want, they are both the same idea.

It’s like hide and seek, you should hide the treats under the flippers, and your pup will need to take sequential steps to release the final rewards.

All of these puzzles are level three (advanced), place your dog’s favorite treats in all of the 24 compartments in the removable tray, slide it back into the game to hide the treats then encourage your dog to seek them out.

There are no removable parts so it’s safe for your dog so they won’t swallow any small parts.

It will keep your pup busy and will prevent any destructible behavior. 

Level 4 (expert), this one is the most challenging puzzle and your dog needs to have mastered the previous puzzles so they can solve this one.

Place your dog’s favorite treats under the sliders, in the outer tray, and in the center treat compartments to hide their treats and let them play.

After mastering all the puzzles you are going to notice the difference in your dog’s IQ and the way they act.

What Makes a Great Toy for a Golden Retriever? 

When you are choosing a toy for your golden retriever, there are a couple of things to consider.

First: It should never be a choking hazard. Meaning the toy should not break down into small pieces easily. It should also be the proper size for them.

This means that as your dog gets older and larger, they can’t keep playing with the same toys they used to play with when they were puppies.

They toy should also be soft enough to not damage their teeth, gum, or skin. It should not cause much friction on their paws.

Golden Retrievers are also heavy chewers, so they need durable toys, otherwise you will find your budget get stretched quickly as they go through toys like they go through crackers.

Also, the type of toy depends on the purpose, so if you want a chew toy for your teething puppy then you should look for hard rubber toys or if you want a toy for a game of tug-of-war, a rope would make a great toy for them.

If you found this article useful and you liked it then you can share it with your friends and family, they might be wondering what to get for their dog and this article can be a helpful resource for them and I will certainly appreciate it as well.

Related Questions 

How do I keep my golden retriever entertained?

Golden retriever needs to be entertained and kept busy by walking, playing fetch, give it toys, teach them how to swim, give it some puzzles to solve, walk it with other dogs, provide them with chew toys, play tug-of-war, and you can even use a dog walker or take them to doggy care.

What do golden retriever puppies like to play with?

Golden retriever puppies are energetic and are up for many activities such as playing in a backyard, teach them how to swim, train them how to run carefully, try hiking, they love to play with squeaky plush toys, fetch balls, and play tug-of-war with their owner and family.

How do you mentally stimulate a golden retriever?

You can mentally stimulate your golden retriever with these tips.

  • Let your pup explore and sniff on walks.
  • Always teach them some new tricks.
  • Let them work their way for food such as placing their meal in a kong wobbler toy
  • Get them puzzles
  • Teach them the name of their toys
  • Engage in more interactive play with your dog
  • Play with them some free shaping games