Best Leashes and Collars for Golden Retrievers

A leash is one of the essentials you need with any dog, but choosing one can be a bit tricky with literally thousands of options to choose from.

Thankfully, I’ve had dogs throughout all of my life, and I’ve bought and used tens of leashes and collars over the years, and I feel that by now I know what works and what just isn’t worth it.

So, here are the best leashes and collars for golden retrievers that are definitely worth their money.

The Best Leashes for Golden Retrievers

The classic: PetSafe Strong and Durable Leash

You need to start with a classic leash and this one is my personal favorite, it gives all the control you need and it gives them all the space they want and you can use the long leash for casual walks and the short one for the busy sidewalks and streets.

They are available in multiple widths and lengths, you can choose the perfect size for your dog easier than usual.

This leash can withstand over 500 pounds of stress and the 1 wide leash can withstand over 600 pounds of stress. What these complicated numbers mean is that this is a leash that won’t snap, ever.

Alternative: BAAPET strong leash with reflective threads

This is the second-best leash for me. It’s really strong and it can handle so much. If you have a hyper dog that can make unexpected moves and may even become aggressive, this is the one to get.

This is also a great option when training your dog due to its 5-foot length which gives you a perfect balance between control and freedom and with the right length it won’t get tangled in your dogs’ legs.

This leash is superior in strength to any others, I tried many before settling for this leash with my strong dog that likes pulling.

The more advanced leash: tug 360° Heavy-Duty Retractable Leash

This is more advanced than the first one it will provide you with a quick lock and unlock feature besides it’s easier to roll on and roll off the leash with just your thumb but you will pay a little bit more for these two features.

For me, this modern leash is miles better than the classic ones. Being able to quickly lock the leash to stop my dog from getting too excited and being able to let them roam freely knowing it won’t get tangled makes a very real difference.

Alternative: Fida Tangle-Free Retractable Leash

This one will work very similarly to the previous one. It costs a little bit less and not as strong, but it still works just fine.

It has a quick lock, pause, and unlocks button, it’s easy to roll on and roll off with just your thumb as well.

It’s great for jogging, running, and hiking, or for literally any activity.

The Safety leash: illumiseen LED dog leash – USB rechargeable.

If you like taking your dog for walks after sunset, this leash is a must. It’s LED lights will keep your dog visible and safe during walks no matter how dark it gets.

The lights are completely safe and poses no risk on your dog, and it’s easily rechargeable. It also has a few different modes for the lights, one of them is a very useful rapid flashing mode for emergencies.

It also comes with a lifetime guarantee with NO catches. A pretty awesome deal if you ask me.

If you have more than one dog, you can get one leash for both of them instead of getting one for each.

Double Leash: Vastar Adjustable Double Leash

Walking two dogs with two different leashes is almost always a bad idea – take it from someone who lived with more than one dog their whole life.

If you have just two dogs, this is the leash to get. It’s very simple and affordable, and as easy to use as they could get.

Each side of the dog leash can bear weight up to 110 pounds so for the double dog leashes, it will bear 220 pounds in total. Meaning; you can walk two adult goldens or labs with it with no problem.

The alternative leash: iyoshop dual dog leash.

Walking two dogs together needs a really strong leash and this one is one of the strongest leashes that you can get.

Basically, it’s a climbing rope but it’s still light and easy to clean, it will not limit your dog’s movement and will reduce the feeling of being pulled.

The length of the bungee can be extended from 20 to 35 inches with strong pulling force.

It will give you better control than the regular leash because it sets limits for the dog rather than just to restrain.

Best Collars for Golden Retrievers 

The classic collar: blueberry Personalized Collars

In my first dog, I got them a different collar and it didn’t last long so with my second I got this collar for both of them and it’s just the best.

This collar is made with eco-friendly plastic, the collar does not stretch so make sure to choose the right size for your dog.

It’s also available in 20 different colors, so you can get a couple of them to keep things interesting and to always have something that doesn’t clash with your outfit’s colors – if you are that kind of person.

The Comfort Collar: Black Rhino’s Waterproof Comfort Collar

This collar will give your dog the comfort they need because each collar is lined with a soft neoprene padding that will protect their neck from irritation.

It dries easily if your pooch likes to play in the water or the mud, also, it’s odor resistant.

The collar is lightweight design so it’s perfect for all breeds and it’s tough enough to resist forces from energetic dog breeds such as golden retrievers.

The modern collar: dogrook rechargeable dog bark collar

I am not a fan of shock collars and I think that there are more effective ways to train your dog, so, to be honest, I am not going to recommend one, however, I am going to recommend this no-shock barking collar.  

If your golden is a barker then you are going to like this collar, it can help with stopping the barking if you use it correctly.

To learn how to minimize your dog’s barking, check out my post on are golden retrievers loud barkers here.

The Safety Collar: LED dog collar USB rechargeable.

If you are going for nightwalks, this collar is an essential (and it goes very well with the LED leash recommended earlier).

But why get an LED collar if you are already using an LED leash? In case you want your dog to go off-leash for a bit and want to still be able to see them as they run around the park at night.

You can also change the light between slow flashing, steady mode, or rapid flashing with one click.

It can be charged with and USB but the cable is already included and its battery will last for multiple walks.

Alternative: Blazin’ safety LED dog collar – USB rechargeable with water-resistant flashing light.

Let your pup be shiny like a Christmas tree with this awesome collar, it can be charged from any device and runs over 8 hours.

It can also track your dog so if you are hiking together and your dog loses their track and you guys are separated, you can easily track your pup and find them before anything bad happens to them.

It’s affordable and will provide you with the same features as the most expensive collar will.

Best Harnesses for Golden Retrievers 

The classic harness: Rabbitgoo adjustable, padded, 2-leash harness

When it comes to large breeds like Goldens and Labs, harnesses are highly recommended. They give you more control and are more comfortable for the dog.

This harness is a classic, and it works just fine for any large breed and I’ve found that it’s the one my goldens have found the most comfortable.

It’s easy to put it on them and take it off, it gives them the support they need without pulling or choking them.

It’s designed with 2 metal leash rings, you can use the chest attachment clip to stop your pup from pulling on walks.

It’s ideal for training large dogs to walk on a leash, and it’s easily one of the best – if not the best – option for the price.

Alternative: voyager all-weather Mesh Harness.

This one is a little different but it’s better if you take your dog for lots of walks in the rain.

The reason it’s not my main recommendation is that it’s trickier to get the right size for your pup as you have to measure your pet for this one and don’t count on their breed or weight.

It’s lightweight so your dog could feel free and walk around without feeling tied up and it will protect your dog in three layers of security.

The safe harness: Noxgear illuminated & reflective harness

This cool harness can change into 8 super bright solid colors which make it eye-catching and impossible for any driver to not see them.

It will charge quickly and it’s long-lasting, this vest is perfect for all seasons, it’s light enough for not making them hot in the summer and if you are worried to take them out in the rain with this vest, well, don’t, it’s rainproof.

How to Measure Your Golden Retriever to choose the right fit? 

For Collars: 

  • First of all, when you are measuring your golden retriever, you should always while they are standing up even if it’s for a collar.
  • You should be able to fit two fingers between your dog’s neck and the collar easily.
  • The collar should not be tight around your puppy’s neck.
  • Do not consider their weight because it will not give an accurate width or length. 

For Leashes: 

In the leashes, it’s easier to know which size you should get for your dog because it depends on the breed size.

  • For a large breed such as golden retrievers, get a 1×6 leash, it’s the widest and longest leash and it’s the perfect fit for large breeds and medium breeds as well.

For Harnesses 

Whether it’s for a new one or the first one ever, you should measure your golden before getting a harness because each one has a different size or they might change the design.

  • Start with the behind of their front legs and allow about 10% for their comfort.
  • The girth should rest close to their front legs.
  • Their weight can be used as a guideline but don’t depend on it because it will not give an accurate width or length.

Do you want something that’s a little more illustrated? check out this video from Chewy:

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Related Questions 

Are dog harnesses better than leashes?

Yes, harnesses are better than leashes in many ways, the harness will prevent your dog from getting tangled up in the leash, they also offer better control over your dog which can be perfect between the crowds and busy streets, also, if you are training a dog then harness will make the process easier.

Do dogs wear a collar and a harness?

Yes, dogs should wear both collars and harnesses, just because your dog is wearing a harness does not mean that you should abandon the collar if you are training your dog and want the most effective training then you should put both of them on your dog.

Do harnesses calm dogs down?

Yes, they do, the harness kinda puts a pressure on their torso which calms them down, however, this is just a theory or it could be that your dog isn’t used to wearing a harness and it’s a strange feeling for them so they are trying to figure out what is going on.