The Keeshond Golden Retriever Mix – A Simple Guide with Pictures

The keeshond golden retriever breed is one of the most underrated mixes, not many people know about them but the truth is that it’s a beautiful and intelligent breed, so let me show what you are missing and get to know this mix a little more.

Here is a quick look at the Keeshond Golden Retriever Mix characteristics:

Other Names None 
Weight 45-55 Pounds 
Height10-20 inches 
Lifespan 12-15 years 
Colors Golden, cream, gray, and black.
Health 8/10
Grooming Needs9/10
Exercise Needs6/10
Shedding 7/10
Kid Friendliness 9/10
Pet-friendliness 9/10
Protectiveness 5/10
Good for apartments Yes
Average puppy cost $500-$2,000 USD 

Keep reading to know about their parent breeds, temperament, health, nutritional needs, training, exercise needs, grooming needs, and if they are good family dogs.

Keeshond Golden Retriever Mix Characteristics 

a keeshond golden retriever mix dog

Size: 10 – 20 inches

Weight: 45 – 55 pounds 

Colors: Golden, cream, black, and gray

Coat Type: Double coated/wire 

The keeshond golden retriever mix can have any traits or features from either of their parent breeds. It really depends on which parent has the dominant genes.

However, they are some common things between the parent breeds such as their double coat, the cream coat, and the fact that they are both heavy shedders. This means that you can expect your keeshond golden retriever mix to also be a heavy shedder. You can learn how to handle the shedding better here.

Their nose may have a black or brown nose, and their eye color could be possibly brown, blue, or hazel.

They may be bigger than the keeshond but smaller than golden retrievers.

The keeshond golden mix is going to have a thick, double coat, also, your pup may have a unique facial marking due to his keeshond parent.

Parent Breeds

The Keeshond golden retriever mix is a unique and rare dog, and that’s because both goldens and Keeshonds are quite special in their own rights.

The Keeshonds are a close cousin to the Samoyed, Pomeranian, Norwegian Elkhound, and Finnish Spitz. They were Holland’s favorite dogs during the time of the political unrest and became a symbol of the rebel party. 

The first Keeshonds was bred in 1929 and the American kennel club registered the first keeshond in 1930. They are highly trainable and so smart, the keeshond was bred to be a companion more than a watchdog.

Now, for the dog who holds America’s heart, the highly intelligent, beautiful, loyal, and sociable golden retriever.

The golden retriever was originally bred for the physically demanding job of retrieving prey for hunters. They have a sweet and calm nature, they are one of the best family dogs because they get along with everything, other dogs, kids, babies, and adults.

They are eager to please and well-mannered breeds with tender and loving traits. 


The keeshond golden retriever mix tends to have a sweet, friendly, and loyal nature like their parents.

They are highly intelligent and need to be mentally challenged, they are also outgoing and like to meet new people.

They tend to share their joy with their loved ones so don’t be surprised when your pup is jumping next to you or spinning in circles.

Early socializing helps your pup to grow properly with a good relation with everyone because, in socialization, they expose them to many different people, sounds, experiences, and sights.

Health and lifespan 

The keeshond golden retriever mix can develop many heart issues just like any other breed but they are generally healthy.

There are some health issues that mix can be prone to or may inherit one of them from their parents.

  • Hip dysplasia 
  • Elbow dysplasia 
  • Addison’s disease
  • Cataracts 
  • Patellar luxation
  • Subvalvular Aortic 
  • Diabetes mellitus 
  • Progressive retinal atrophy 
  • Hypothyroidism 
  • Epilepsy 
  • Allergies 
  • Von Willebrand’s disease 
  • Osteosarcoma 
  • Gastric dilatation- volvulus 

So if you noticed any changes in your dog’s behavior or weight, take your dog to the vet as soon as possible.

The lifespan of the keeshond golden retriever mix is between 12 – 15 years and it can be even more if checked regularly with their vet, provided them with a healthy diet, and fulfilled their exercise needs. You can also check these 20 tips to help your dog live longer here.

Nutritional Needs 

You should ask their vet for the right diet for your pup and they will give you some helpful tips as well, but for now, here is a quick guide for the keeshond golden retriever mix’s nutritional needs. 

Most vets recommend that they should eat 3-4 cups of food per day but if your pup is really active, you can feed them even more.

Always leave fresh and clean water for them to keep them hydrated, only feed them high-quality food, and avoid any food that contains fillers.

Make sure that their diet has enough protein, vitamins, and minerals.

This mixed breed is prone to become obese so watch their weight and if you notice that your pup is becoming overweight, you can change their whole diet to something with fewer calories or consult their vet about what is causing the problem because it can be an indication of a health issue.

Grooming Needs & Shedding

The keeshond golden retriever mix needs regular grooming because both of the parent breeds have a thick double coat so be prepared for lots of shedding.

Fortunately, the matting isn’t a severe problem as long as you brush them at least three times a week but daily brushing is recommended to prevent the tangling, you should also be prepared for heavy shedding twice a year (when they blow their entire undercoat at once).

Bathe them regularly as well, you can bathe them once a month to keep their coat clean and healthy and with no odor.

Brush their teeth at least two or three times a week to remove any tartar buildup, however, daily brushing is also recommended if you want to prevent bad breath and gum diseases. You can learn how to take very good care of your dog’s dental health and hygiene in my guide on cleaning your dog’s teeth at home here.

Trim their nails once or twice a month because neatly trimmed nails keep the feet in good condition and your house as well.

Check their ears once a week for bad odor, dirt, and redness because they indicate infection if everything is okay, wipe their ear with a cotton ball dampened with pH-balanced ear cleaner. I also have a complete guide on caring for your dog’s ears here which you can check out.

Exercise Needs 

Their exercise needs can be tricky because it depends on which side they are more like because if they are more like the keeshond then they don’t require a great deal of it but they are as energetic as golden retrievers then they need 20-30 minutes of vigorous exercise.

However, in both cases, your dog needs at least one long daily walk.

If your dog is still jumping and running around as if they just woke up then you need to provide them with another activity such as swimming, fetch, hiking, or tug-of-war.


The keeshond golden retriever is highly trainable, they tend to learn faster than most dogs just to please their owners.

Make sure to break their training sessions into shorter ones and use the positive training method because it’s the only one that is going to work with them.

Praise your pup when they are doing well and reward them with their favorite treat every once in a while or toss them their favorite toy.

I know that I mentioned early socialization a lot so that’s how important it is in every dog, not just the keeshond golden mix, it helps your puppy to grow up as a well-mannered pup.

As Family Dogs 

The keeshond golden retriever mix is truly one of the best family dogs, they are loyal and everyone loves them.

They are an ideal choice if you are looking for a second dog or puppy to raise with your newborn baby.

They are suitable for apartments or homes with large yards, they are a companion breed which means that they like to spend most of the time with their family so if you and your family are too busy then maybe you should consider another breed.

As Guard Dogs 

They are not the best guard dogs because both of the parent breeds are incredibly friendly, also the keeshond was bred to be a companion, not a guard dog, however, they may alarm you when they are someone at the door or in the backyard.

So if you are looking for a guard dog then maybe you should get a German shepherd instead.

Where to find them? 

Consider adopting a keeshond golden retriever mix from a rescue group or a shelter, but since they are kinda rare, you can still check a breeder and expect to pay between $500 – $2,000 or even more.

So if you are buying a keeshond golden retriever mix, find a good breeder who will give you health clearance for both of the parent breeds. 

All About the keeshond golden retriever mix in a nutshell 

The keeshond golden retriever mix is a friendly, loyal, and loving dog, they love to be surrounded by their family, and they need to be brushed daily due to their thick double coat, they are generally healthy, and will not make good guard dogs.

If you liked this article, you can share it with your family and friends and you can check out our other article if you are looking for a puppy and don’t know what breed to get.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the keeshond golden retriever mix A Good Family Dog? 

Yes, the keeshond golden retriever mix is a good family dog because both of the parent breeds are amazing family dogs, the mix is extremely friendly, they like to be with their family most of the time because basically they were bred to be companions, also, they get along with other dogs.

Is the keeshond golden retriever mix easy to train? 

Yes, the keeshond golden retriever mix is easy to train because both of the parents are highly trainable, the mix is very intelligent and people pleaser and that makes them fast learners so learning new commands and tricks will not be difficult.

Is the keeshond golden retriever mix good with kids? 

Yes, the keeshond golden retriever mix is good with kids, they are playful and make wonderful companions for anyone, adults, children, and even babies, they have an outgoing personality that makes them fit well with kids, however, they need early socialization just like any other breed.

How much is the keeshond golden retriever mix? 

The keeshond golden retriever mix can cost you between $500 – $2,000 or even more, the keeshond is a rare breed and the breeders know that and they definitely use that to make more money, however, watch out for any scams such as irresponsible breeding which can lead to a puppy with poor health.

Is the keeshond golden retriever mix smart? 

Yes, the keeshond golden retriever mix is smart, they are fast learners, this well-mannered breed can be a little mischievous, they also have great social skills, however, to make sure that your puppy grows up to be a well-rounded pup, socialize them while they are young.

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