The Yorkie Golden Retriever Mix- A Simple Guide with Everything

Both Yorkies and golden retrievers are friendly and intelligent, they are, after all, two of the most popular breeds in the United States, and for a good reason, they make anyone that meets them fall completely in love with them with their tender and playful nature.

It only makes sense then that Yorkie Golden Retriever mix is just as wonderful of a breed as their parent breeds.

The Yorkshire terrier is one of the most adorable dogs ever, they have a strong and independent personality so when you mix both of the breeds, the mix will either be overly friendly or kinda have a temper.

So if you want to know about the Yorkie and golden retriever mix’s temperament, health, exercise needs, training, and grooming needs.

A Quick overview of the Golden Retriever Yorkie Mix:

Other Names Goldenshire 
Weight 25 – 30 Pounds 
Height10 – 15 inches 
Lifespan 12 – 15 years 
Colors Gold, brown, black, and gray.
Health 8/10
Grooming Needs7/10
Exercise Needs6/10
Shedding 7/10
Kid Friendliness 8/10
Pet-friendliness 7/10
Protectiveness 6/10
Good for apartments Yes
Average puppy cost $500 – $2,000 USD 

Yorkie and Golden Retriever Mix Characteristics 

Yorkie Golden Retriever Mix with both parents

Size: Female: 10-12 inches, Male: 10-15 inches.

Weight: Female: 20-25 pounds, Male: 25-30 pounds

Colors: Gold, Brown, gray, black.

Coat Type: it can be either Single or double-coated/ wavy

There is a big difference between the parent breeds so it’s quite tricky to determine the outcome of this mix because it’s all about parental genetic dominance.

The Yorkie Golden mix will be smaller than golden retrievers but bigger than Yorkshire terriers, they may have a long or medium coat.

They may have a black or brown nose that comes with brown eyes as well, their coat is likely to be silky and it can come in many colors such as gold, black, yellow, and brown.

However, their coat color is going to change as they grow older, also, their coat is going to be wavy and not so dense.

Parent Breeds

Let’s know more about their parent breeds to learn more about the mix.

Once upon a time, Scottish people came to England as the result of the industrial revolution to work there and they brought their dogs with them, back at that time, most people had a favorite dog breed called the paisley terrier, which is now extinct.

That dog was interbred with Skye terrier, English black and tan toy terrier then the first Yorkshire terrier appeared. The British kennel club recognized the Yorkie in 1874 but the first Yorkshire terrier club was formed in 1872.

The golden retriever is bred by a viscount lord called Tweedmouth, he really wanted a dog with a soft mouth that can retrieve his prey and still can be suited to his home so that’s how the first golden retriever appeared.

He bred a tweed water spaniel then further breeding the descendants to more tweed spaniels, the American kennel club recognized the golden retriever in 1925.


The Yorkie golden retriever mix is medium-sized with a big personality, they like to prove that they are the alpha so if you are planning on getting them as a second dog make sure to bring them in the opposite sex of your existing dog and vice versa.

If you’re indeed planning on adding a second dog, definitely check out my guide here on adding a second golden retriever to the family. You can follow the same steps and tips with the Goldenshire.

They need lots of attention and care so if you and your family are too busy, maybe you should consider another breed.

The Yorkie golden mix is energetic, playful, and highly affectionate toward their owners and family.

They may have a little attitude and will want to act like the leader so make sure to prove that you are the alpha.

They are barkers so if you want to keep your relationship with your neighbors friendly then you need to train them when they are puppies. 

If you socialized them properly then they should get along with other pets, also, they are capable of spending some alone time but not for too long.

Health and lifespan 

The Yorkie and golden retriever mix is usually a healthy pup but just like all dogs, they can develop some health issues such as hip or elbow dysplasia.

They can also be suffering from health issues due to irresponsible breeding that’s why the breeder should offer you a health guarantee on the puppy.

The lifespan of a Yorkie and golden retriever mix is between 12-15 years and maybe more if you take good care of them.

If you noticed any changes in your dog’s behavior or weight, you should take them to your local vet as soon as possible.

Make sure to give your pup all the required flea shots because they are prone to having fleas due to their long coat.

Nutritional Needs 

Each breed has unique dietary requirements for them, so you should always ask their vet for the right diet for your pup, and will also give you the directions.

There are a couple of things that are mainly in every diet such as protein and vitamins, you can also add omega 3 to your dog’s diet since they are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia.

You can add chondroitin supplements and glucosamine to their diet as well.

You should feed 3-4 cups of high-quality dog every day but if you have an energetic pup, you can feed them even more but watch your pup’s weight, and if they are becoming obese, you can change their diet to something with fewer calories but don’t cut the food portions.

Grooming Needs & Shedding

The Yorkie and golden retriever mix will require a fair bit of maintenance for their coat, you should brush them daily.

comb them gently to remove any tangling in their hair every day, they also need to be bathed regularly and when needed, such as when they come back from playing in the dirt or snow, which is something they are likely to do thanks to their Golden Retriever heritage.

Their nails should be trimmed at least once a month if you don’t want their long nails to hurt them while scratching or ruining all your pillows, couches, and rugs. As a rule of thumb, if you can hear clanking while they’re walking (as if they are walking on hooves, not paws), then their nails are too long and are hurting them while walking.

You should also pay attention to their teeth and brush it at least two to three times a week if you are too busy, or daily if you can.

If you have no idea how to groom them, you can take them to a professional groomer and ask for their advice, but I do think every dog owner should know how to groom their dog themselves just as you should know how to groom your own child.

Exercise Needs 

Golden Retriever on a hiking trail

The Yorkie and golden retriever mix need less exercise than the golden and more than the Yorkie.

They should go for a walk for at least an hour per day, the mix loves to be outside so you can take them hiking, swimming, or for a run and they will be happy to accompany you.

Any exercise will keep your pup from being destructive or bored because when a dog is bored their movements become unexpected.

Make a schedule for your pup to keep them busy, this breed likes to be challenged physically and mentally so you can provide them with toys and puzzles to keep them distracted.


Just like any other dog, they need to have proper training and socialization, the good news is that goldenshires are intelligent and should be easy to train. They may not be as easy to train as a Golden Retriever, but they should be easy to train than a Yorkie, which can be stubborn at times.

Make their training sessions short because they tend to lose attention and interest, make sure to praise them when they are well-behaving.

Both the golden retriever and the Yorkshire terrier are people pleasers and the mix will inherit that trait as well so let them know when they are doing a good job with pets, praise, and treats.

The more you exercise them the easier they will be to train, also, proper socialization while they are puppies will help you out during the training.

Only use positive training methods to make training them faster and easier, reward them by giving them their favorite treats and toys.

As Family Dogs 

The Yorkie and golden retriever mix is a great family dog, their medium size makes them suitable to live anywhere in apartments, condos, and houses.

They are playful, loyal, and loving which make them a great pet for every member of your family,  this mix is the sweetest dog to be around, they love to be a part of every family activity and really don’t mind being the center of attention because they know how adorable they are.

They usually get along with other pets but if you are getting a second dog always get them in the opposite gender because two dogs of the same gender can fight a lot to prove who is the alpha.

If you have kids and are thinking about getting a Yorkie and golden mix then you made the right decision because they are great with kids but make sure to get while they are still young and always keep an eye on them while playing with the kids because they are delicate and can be injured easily.

As Guard Dogs 

This adorable breed can be a little feisty for their small size, they have a strong and independent personality that will make them great guard dogs.

They tend to bark when they feel that something is off or when a stranger is in the backyard or at the front door so they will definitely alarm you.

They are very protective of their loved ones and can be aggressive if they are not socialized or if they felt threatened.

Where to find them? 

Check your local shelters before you check breeders because you can save a life.

However, you can also get them from a breeder and expect to pay between $500-$2,000 for a healthy Golden Retriever Yorkie Mix puppy.

The price can change from a breeder to another but if you think that the price is low then make sure that the puppy is in perfect health, the breeders usually offer a health guarantee on the puppy so don’t settle for one if they didn’t offer you one.

Always be aware of any scams so make sure to get them from a trusted breeder.

All About the Yorkie and golden retriever mix in a nutshell 

The Yorkie and golden retriever mix is a friendly, playful, and affectionate breed, they love to be surrounded by their family and playing outdoors in the fresh air, they need regular exercise and grooming, also, proper socialization is essential for them, they are intelligent and easy to train.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the Yorkie and golden retriever mix a Good Family Dog? 

Yes, the Yorkie golden retriever mix is a good family dog, they love spending most of their time with them and participating in their activity, they get along with other dogs if you socialize them properly and they make good watchdogs.

Is the Yorkie and golden retriever mix easy to train? 

Yes, the Yorkie and golden retriever mix are easy to train, the mix is an intelligent dog thanks to both of his parent breeds, they also love pleasing their owner which will make them learn new commands fast, make sure to start training them when they are young.

Is the Yorkie and golden retriever mix good with kids? 

Yes, the Yorkie and golden retriever mix are good with kids, they love to play with them, and even if they are getting tired they will just keep playing so make sure that your kids don’t tire them out, always supervise their time together because they are very delicate and can get hurt easily.

How much is the Golden Retriever Mix? 

The golden retriever mix can cost you between $500-$2,000, they can cost you even more cause it really depends on the breeder, the lower price may indicate that there is something wrong with the puppy so choose a trusted breeder to get the dog from and they should offer you a health guarantee.

Is the Yorkie and golden retriever mix smart? 

Yes, the Yorkie and golden retriever mix are smart, both Yorkshire terrier and golden retriever are highly intelligent breeds so the mix will definitely inherit their intelligence but make sure to socialize them while they are puppies because they can be stubborn.

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