What Clipper Blades to Use on Goldendoodles?

Grooming Goldendoodles can be a challenging task for some owners, especially when it comes to trimming their coats.

Electric clippers are a must-have for giving your Goldendoodle a quick and consistent trim, but you need to make sure you’re using the right clipper blade.

So, what clipper blades to use on Goldendoodles? The clipper blades to use for Goldendoodles are finishing blades. It’s recommended to use sizes #7-10 for body trims or de-matting. While, size #15 blades are used to trim sensitive areas such as the dog’s face, ears, and pads. Make sure to prepare the dog’s coat before trimming it by brushing it.

Keep reading to learn more about different kinds of clipper blades, the best blades to use for Goldendoodles, and how to keep your blades in a good condition.

What Are the Different Kinds of Clipper Blades?

groomer using clipper on dog to show what clipper blades to use on Goldendoodles

Some electric clippers come with detachable blades that can be easily removed and replaced.

These blades come in different kinds with different sizes, so it’s very important to choose the right one for the kind of trim you want to give your dog.

Now, let’s take a quick look at the different kinds of clipper blades you can use:

Finishing Blades

Finishing blades are also known as fine-tooth blades or full-cut blades. Their sizes usually have an “F” after the number (3F, 4F, 7F, etc.)

They are mostly used for all-over smooth trims and to give the dog’s a finished look.

They are the most ideal for dogs with fine, soft coats that are groomed regularly. It’s not recommended to use them to trim dogs with thick or matted coats

Skip-Tooth Blades

Skip tooth blades have a gap between each tooth, just as their name suggests.

They are mostly used for rough trims on severely matted coats. They are also used for blending or giving the dog’s coat a layered, tousled look.

You need to be very careful when using this kind of blade as the dog’s skin can get caught in the gaps between the teeth.

Wide Blades

These blades are similar to regular finishing blades except they’re a little wider.

They’re suitable for use when grooming large-sized dogs, however, they might not fit standard kinds of clippers

How to Choose the Right Blade Size?

Blades in different sizes will indicate how short or long the dog’s hair will be after it’s trimmed.

Basically, the lower the blade number, the longer the dog’s hair will be. So, a #5 blade would leave the dog’s hair length at 1/4 of an inch from its body, while a #10 blade will leave the hair at left 1/16 of an inch from the body.

Choosing the blade size will mostly depend on the kind of trim you’re giving your dog and how long you want its hair to be.

How to Choose the Right Blade Material?

Most clipper blades are made of stainless steel or ceramic material. They are also infused with carbon, chrome, or silver.

  • Carbon-infused blades have a harder cutting surface and may stay sharper longer.
  • Chrome-infused blades have more rust resistance.
  • Silver infused blades have antimicrobial properties

Choosing the right blade material will mainly depend on the benefits you’re looking to get out of each material.

How Often Do You Need to Trim Your Goldendoodles with Clippers?

Trimming your Goldendoodle with clippers is usually needed if its hair is getting too long or if it’s severely matted.

It’s generally recommended to trim your Goldendoodle’s coat once every 6 weeks. However, it mainly depends on the kind of coat your dog has since longer, curlier coats are more prone to getting matted than shorter, straighter coats.

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What Is the Best Clipper Blade to Use for Goldendoodles?

The best clipper blade to use for Goldendoodles is a finishing blade.

It’s recommended to use a size #7 or #10 for regular body trims and de-matting. But, If you want to keep the dog’s coat longer, it’s recommended to use a #3 or #4 blade.

It’s also recommended to use size #15 blades when trimming sensitive areas such as the dog’s face, ears, and pads.

Make sure to prepare your dog’s coat before trimming it by brushing it thoroughly and removing any loose hairs.

How to Maintain Your Clipper Blades?

Since clipper blades are very important to your dog’s grooming process, you need to keep them in a good condition.

Here are some tips you can follow to properly maintain your clipper blades:

Oil the Blades

It’s recommended to oil your clipper blades every day in order to keep them smooth.

To oil the blades, you can apply a few drops of coconut oil or olive oil on each side of the blade while it’s attached to the clipper, then you need to turn on the clipper to make sure oil is sufficiently distributed across the surface.

Clean the Blade

It’s generally recommended to clean your clipper blades at least once a week, but it mostly depends on the frequency of use.

To clean the blades, you can submerge them into a bowl of cleaning solution for about 5-8 seconds and make sure to wipe them dry after.

Use a Cooling Spray

Clipper blades are prone to heating up in the middle of use. It’s usually recommended to switch the blade when that happens, but if you do not have any spare blades, you can apply a cooling spray on the blade as the clipper is running.

Sharpen the Blade

It’s recommended to sharpen your blades regularly to ensure you’ll have the best trims.

However, for your own safety, it’s best not to attempt sharpening the blade on your own and to get a professional to sharpen the blade for you

Related Questions

Can You Trim Goldendoodles without Clippers?

You can trim Goldendoodles without clippers by using scissors or trimming shears. However, you need to make sure that kind of scissors or shears you’re using have blunt-ends to avoid accidentally injuring your dog while trimming it. You also need to prepare the dog’s coat before trimming by brushing it.

What Tools Are Used to Groom Goldendoodles?

The tools used to groom Goldendoodles include a steel comb to part the dog’s hair, a slicker brush to loosen any tangles, and a pin and a bristle brush to remove any loose hair remaining on the dog’s coat. You might also need some dog clippers or scissors if you’re going to trim the dog’s hair.

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