When to Give Labradoodles Their First Haircut?

These fluffy creatures need coat care. If you are a parent to a Labradoodle, grooming is probably one of the greatest concerns about your puppy. 

How to groom your Labradoodle is dependent on their coat type. You may think that all Labradoodles are the same, but interestingly enough, Labradoodles have many coat types. 

Since Labradoodles have characteristics from Poodles and Labrador Retrievers, they can either have a straight coat like Labrador Retrievers, wavy hair, or curly hair like Poodles. 

Curly-haired Labradoodles are mostly the most desired, they are also the most high maintenance. 

So, you might be wondering when to start trimming/cutting your Labradoodle’s coat. 

When to give Labradoodles their first haircut? You should cut your dog’s hair when they are 4-6 months old. Make sure you give them their first Haircut when they are fully vaccinated and that they have already lost their puppy fur. 

If you are wondering when to cut your Labradoodles’ hair for the first time, how often to cut their hair, and how to prepare your Labradoodles for their first haircut, keep reading as I answer all of these questions and guide you to a safe (and stylish) first haircut for your puppy:

When to give a labradoodle first haircut? 

labradoodle getting haircut to show when to give Labradoodles their first haircut

So, if you are starting to wonder whether you should be giving your Labradoodle their first haircut, then you are probably starting to notice your Labradoodle’s growing. 

Or maybe you are just planning ahead. In all cases, good for you! 

Your Labradoodle’s first haircut should happen when they are 4 to 6 months old. They should also be fully vaccinated too. This is for safety reasons. If your Labradoodle is vaccinated, it is less possible that they would be infected in the process. 

Your Labradoodle should also have finished changing their coat completely, which means they should have lost all puppy fur. 

The sooner you start with the haircut process, the easier it will be on your doggo.

Remember, your dog has to stand still for a long while (sometimes up to 2 hours) for the groomer to do their job. Of course, it is easier to make a puppy stand completely still if they are young and their training is still fresh in their mind.

The first time you take your puppy to get a haircut, go easy on them. This means you should only trim the hair and not go for a full-on haircut. 

What should you do for your Labradoodle’s first haircut? 

Giving your Labradoodle a haircut can be challenging for you and quite scary for them. Your Labradoodle has to be warmed up to the idea that tools would be touching them. 

To make the haircut process easier for your dog, you should groom them regularly as soon as you adopt them. 

If your Labradoodle has curly hair, brushing their hair regularly (and by regularly I mean daily) is a must. 

When you brush their hair regularly, you make it easier in many ways. For instance, if you brush their hair regularly, you make them get used to the idea of a tool (a brush) touching them. 

You also make sure their hair does not clump or be matted, which means it can allow you to determine the length of their hair when they get a haircut. If your dog’s hair is too knotted when they get a haircut, you might need to cut it shorter than you expected. 

How to prepare your Labradoodle for their first haircut? 

Firstly, you need to start from a young age. 

The younger your dog is when he gets a haircut, the easier he will get used to it. 

It would also be easier for you to manage the process, as you have to make your dog stand still for approximately 1.5 hours, while the groomer or you (if you are brave enough) cut their hair. 

This is crucial to understand: the first time you take your puppy to a groomer, you should start with a light trim. 

Secondly, you should purchase quiet scissors.

Sounds are scary. Not just for dogs, but for humans too. The sound of scissors may be directly associated with a negative feeling. Thus, you should make sure you buy scissors that do not have a loud sound and introduce them to the sound slowly. 

The first time your pup sees a scissor doesn’t necessarily have to be the first time they get a haircut. 

FYI, purchasing your own dog scissors is way healthier than using those of the dog groomer’s. 

Thirdly, you should play with their ears. 

Making them know that you are there for them and that you wouldn’t hurt them is essential. If you play with their ears, you help them calm down, which will make the process faster and easier. 

Fourthly, you should have treats with you. 

Associate the experience with something positive. Having treats on hand will be exciting for your dog and will help them overcome any negative feelings they have about getting a haircut. 

In short, make the experience fun for them. 

How often should Labradoodles get haircuts? 

Normally, you should give your Labradoodle a haircut every 2-3 months.

How often you should give your Labradoodle a haircut depends on the coat type that we discussed earlier. 

  • If your dog has a curly (least-shedding coat) coat, then you will need to give them less cuts. 
  • If you brush your dog’s hair daily, you also lessen the need for haircuts.

In the warmer months, your Labradoodle can get hot easily, which means you have to give them regular haircuts. In winter, your Labradoodle needs their thick coat to stay warm. 

Labradoodles are playful by nature, which often means they can roll around in the dirt and get themselves dirty, which means they would need a haircut more often. 

If you are dealing with a professional groomer, it might be useful to consult them on how often you should get your Labradoodle a haircut. 

Related Questions 

How often does a Labradoodle need a haircut?

Normally, you should get your Labradoodle a haircut every 2-3 months. However, if you groom your dog’s hair daily, you might be able to give them fewer haircuts throughout the year. If you are going to a professional groomer, it might be helpful to ask for their advice. 

How Short Can I Cut my Labradoodle?

Generally, you should cut your Labradoodle’s hair ½ to 1 inch short. However, if their hair is matted, you might need to go shorter or even shave it in certain areas. In summer, it is advisable to cut your Labradoodles hair short so that they don’t get too hot and In winter, you can let it grow a little so that it keeps them warm. 

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