Which Color Labrador Should I Get? A Guide to Choose Right

Labradors are one of the most popular dog breeds and when a family considers getting a dog, they usually go for the Labrador and one of the things they stumble upon is which color should they get? Well, it’s a good question, and don’t worry I got your back in this one.

Which color labrador should I get? You should get a black Labrador if you want a smart and perfect hunting companion, a yellow Labrador if you are looking for a playful and caring family dog, and finally the chocolate Lab if you want a friendly, active, and fun-loving pup.

There is a lot more to know about each of the Labs so keep reading to find out which color Labrador is more suitable for you.

Labrador Colors and What Makes Each of Them Special 

Labrador colors to show which color labrador should I get

You should know that the color of their coat does not affect their personality that much and every dog is unique in his own way, their personality can be formed by the people they are surrounded with and their genetics can also be a factor.

So you can normally find two yellow Labs with completely different personalities and temperaments. However, there are also many, many people that have experience with Labs of all colors and they’ll tell you that, while all Labs are wonderful, there are some things you can expect from each Lab that are slightly different, and making the right choice can make a difference later on.

So, let’s go over each Labrador quickly and see how they differ from one another.

Black Labrador 

Characteristics: the black Labs are known for their incredibly friendly vibes, they are energetic and sweethearts by nature, they are also really intelligent and require little effort.

This social breed is great at sport due to their high energy level, they were bred for work, the black Labs have a natural drive for hunting in their genes.

They can be raised with children and babies due to their delicate nature around kids but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be socialized when they are young.

The black Labradors are people pleasers which means they can be easy to train, also, they are the smartest among all of the other colors which can make training them even easier.

Get it if: you should get a black Lab if you want a partner to run, hike, or even work out with, they are the ideal life-long companions.

They are the perfect dogs for cities because they are quiet and don’t bark as much as other dogs.

Also, if you are looking for a pup to grow old with your baby then you should definitely get a black Labrador.

The black Labs are outstanding rescue dogs so if you are looking for a rescue or a guide dog then look no further because the black Lab is the one for you.

One last thing about Black labs is that some people think they’re more aggressive, and you can learn the truth about Black Labradors aggression here.

Chocolate Labrador 

Characteristics: the chocolate Lab is the biggest Lab compared to the yellow and the black Lab, they are the rarest as well. Chocolate Labs have a nice and tender personality that makes everyone instantly fall in love with them besides their adorable color and cute looks.

They are physically faster than the black and yellow Lab, they are also really sensitive which makes them wonderful around small kids as long as you teach the kids respect and how to act around the chocolate Labradors or any dog really.

The chocolate Labs are great swimmers and they love water and just like all other Labs they are really energetic and they have to take puppy training because sometimes that energy can be a little too much.

Get it if: chocolate Labs are perfect for swimmers or if you have a pool then you must get a chocolate Labrador.

Just like the other two Labs, the chocolate Labrador can be a great companion for your children, however, the chocolate Labs are slightly more tender and sensitive than the other two so if you have a newborn baby then I recommend getting a chocolate Lab. 

Yellow Labrador 

Characteristics: yellow Labs are one of the easiest dogs to train, they are also really friendly and gentle, the yellow Lab gets along with kids, babies, and adults pretty well.

Yellow Labradors are best known for their iconic performance as guide dogs, they are also perfect in the show ring 

Get it if: the yellow Labradors are the ideal family dog due to their companionship skills and how they get along with any living being, plus, they are easy to train and will take little effort compared to most dogs.

Also if you are not a fan of heavy shedders then you should definitely get the yellow Lab, and they are the least maintenance compared to the black and chocolate Labs. 

The yellow Labs are the smallest Labs as well, so if you are living in an apartment and worried about the size of the dog you are getting then maybe you should get the yellow, however, they are not smaller than the others that much and it’s probably not going to be that noticeable because it really depends on the parents. 

What color Labrador is the Smartest? 

Black Lab is the smartest according to the rankings the black Lab is in the top 10 smartest dog breeds so they are considered the brains of their gang, following the black Lab is the yellow Lab.

What Color Lab Sheds the least? 

Yellow Labs shed the least compared to the chocolate and black Labs, however, shedding is different from a dog to another and it really doesn’t depend on the color of their coat so whatever Lab color you choose, prepare yourself for grooming and brushing them regularly.

I have a complete guide on which retriever sheds the least here which you should definitely check out to learn more about the shedding of each retriever. I also have a separate guide on how to control your dog’s shedding here which is full of useful tips and pointers.

Which Colour Lab is the Biggest? 

Chocolate Lab is probably the biggest Labrador because they weigh more than yellow and black Lab, yellow Labs are usually taller and slimmer than the chocolate Labs, also, the gender of the Lab is a huge effect because male Labs are typically bigger than the females.

Which Colour Lab is Best for Home? 

The black Lab is the best for home due to their calm nature and temperament, Labradors, in general, are perfect family dogs and suitable for families with children, and Labradors in all colors, shapes, and sizes are loyal, caring, and great with every living thing.

Which Color Lab is the rarest? 

Chocolate labrador is the rarest Lab because there nine possible B and E gene combinations, only two can produce the chocolate coat so if it was just up to nature, then chocolate Labs may be the rarest Labrador color.

Which Colour Lab lives the longest? 

Black and yellow Labs can live more than chocolate Labs by about 10 percent longer, but of course, the biggest thing to determine how long a dog can live in the care their owner takes of them, so you can get whatever color Lab you want and just make sure to take good care of them.

There are some things you can do to help your dog live longer, and you can start by checking out these 20 ways to help your dog live longer here.

What color Lab is the smallest? 

Yellow Labradors are the smallest based on a UK study that found that the Yellow Labs weigh less than black and chocolate Labs, but the biggest factor to determine what color Lab is the smallest is the gender of the dog.

What color lab is the calmest?

Black Lab can be the calmest one but still, it’s really about the dog’s personality, surroundings, and how you train them, all Labs are calm in general and it doesn’t depend on their coat color and it can also depend on the puppies they grew up with.

What Color Lab is the most hyper? 

Chocolate, black, and yellow are equally energetic and their temperament does not depend on the color of their coat, however, there are a few things that make each one of them unique in their own way but their energy level isn’t one of them. 

Which color Lab is the healthiest? 

The yellow Lab is healthiest and right behind the yellow is the black Lab because they live 10 percent longer than chocolate Labs, the average lifespan of the yellow and black Lab is 12 years while the chocolate Lab lifespan is only 10 years.

However, the health of your dog is really up to you, so you can determine whether your pup is going to be healthy or not based on what you feed them, the amount of exercise they get and having a regular check-up with the vet.

Which Color Labrador is the most expensive? 

The most expensive color Lab is chocolate because it’s the rarest one of them so typically, they are the most expensive one, and since black is the most popular color in Labradors, they can be the less expensive one.

Why are silver Labradors bad?

Silver Labradors are not bad, there is no bad dog, however, the silver Lab can suffer from some health issues just like any other dog, they are prone to joint problems and obesity.

There is also the problem with the color dilution gene which is not common in other Labs, the gene dd which gives the silver look can be associated with some coat problems such as hair loss or known as “color dilution alopecia”

This problem is common in most dogs who have the color dilution gene such as Weimaraners, however, that issue is not that threatening but also it’s not curable and can lead to recurrent infection in the hair follicles.

Not all silver Labradors suffer from this problem and coat dilution doesn’t always lead to coat and skin problems.

Don’t let the color of their color be a struggle when you are deciding which color Labrador should you get when you can just go adopt or get Lab that you are comfortable with their personality and temperament, and just give them a home to make them feel loved as they should be.

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I hope it was a helpful source that got you a little bit closer to making your decision, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

Related Questions 

Are Boy or Girl Labs better? 

Boy Labs are more protective than girl labs, boy labs can also be more affectionate and could be more attentive than girl labs, and the boy Labs can be more active and energetic till you neuter them then they will be calmer, however, both genders are playful, loyal, and lovable.

Are Labs good indoor dogs? 

Yes, Labs are good indoor dogs, they are in fact one of the best indoor dogs, compared to other dogs, they are quiet and calm so you can easily keep them indoors, however, they need to be trained and socialized to make sure that your pup can respond to the basic commands.

Do Yellow Labs shed less than black labs? 

Yes, yellow Labs shed less than black Lab and compared to the black, and chocolate, the yellow Lab shed the least, also, a trick that Lab owners do is getting a light-colored carpet when they have the yellow Lab and dark carpet when they have the chocolate or black Lab.

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