Why Do Dogs Parade Their Toys? 5 Reasons & What to Do

I have several dogs and they all have different personalities and habits but they all agree on one thing, parading their toys.

It’s an adorable way to greet me every day and I have absolutely no problem with it because they make my day, and no matter how awful my day was, they can put a smile on my face.

However, I wanted to make sure why they do it even though I have a small idea about it. so finally I decided to look it up and see what this is all about, and here is what I found out:

Why do dogs parade their toys? Dogs could be parading their toys as a way to show that they are happy and excited, they want to play, they are trying to make you happy, they are trying to share them with you, or they are showing their toys off.

That was the short answer, but it’s definitely not the whole story. Keep reading to learn more about the meanings this behavior holds and what you really should know about it.

5 Reasons Why Dogs like to parade their toys 

Here are 5 reasons why dogs like to parade their toys:

  1. They are happy and excited 
  2. They want to play 
  3. They are trying to make you happy 
  4. They are greeting you 
  5. They are showing their toys off
  6. They are letting out their extra energy   

Let’s discuss each of these causes briefly to understand it a bit better;

They are happy and excited

Your dog could be parading their toys because they are happy and excited and they are using their toys to show that.

If they do it when you come back home from work or anywhere else, then the reason is probably that they are quite excited to see you. Dogs can show happiness and excitement in different ways, and this could be your dog’s special way of showing you how happy they are that you are back home.

They want to play

They can also be parading their toys because they want to play with you and that is how they can get your attention, you should give them attention throughout the day and not just when they ask for it.

Try to make time to play with your dog so they can burn some of their extra energy ( taking them for a walk or running doesn’t count as playing time and you should make time for both).

If they are constantly bringing their toys to encourage you to play, it’s a sign that they feel they need to bring your attention to them to have their needs met, which is not a good thing, actually. Your dog should trust that you are going to do what you should do without them asking to.

And while this may seem like a harmless thing, it will show in other situations that are more serious, such as when meeting an aggressive dog, in which case they will try to intervene themselves instead of leaving the lead to you. This could end up badly.

What I’m trying to say is this; ensure you dedicate time to your dog’s playtime and go play with them before they feel they have to ask you to do so.

They are trying to make you happy

If you show any sign of happiness or excitement when your dog does that or when they bring you anything, then they will keep doing it to make you happy.

We know that dogs are loyal and love nothing more than their owners, also, they will do anything to make you happy and if bringing you toys makes you happy, they will keep bringing you things and it doesn’t have to be toys, they will bring whatever they can find.

They can also start doing it with your guests and family members.

They are greeting you

Dogs are always excited and happy to see us after a long, hard, and stressful day at work and there are many ways they can greet you one of them is parading their toys for you. It’s kinda like bringing you a gift.  

They are showing their toys off  

One of the possible reasons they are parading their toys is they are showing off their toys. Just like kids, dogs get really excited about new toys, so they may parade their toys to show them off to you or your guests. 

They can also do it with old toys that they have just recently “rediscovered”. You know how kids would get bored of a toy for months and then suddenly fall in love with the same toy again and start playing with it and showing it off again for no apparent reason? dogs do that as well.

They are letting out their extra energy 

Every dog needs daily exercise to keep them active and healthy and in the energetic breeds such as golden retriever, labradors, and German shepherds, they need daily activity to let out their energy.

If they don’t get their daily dose of exercise, they will start behaving abnormally such as chewing on your furniture, running hysterically in the house, and they will show destructive behavior. They may even become aggressive, which you can learn more about in my post on golden retriever aggression here.

It’s not just what they will do but also what will happen to them. Lack of exercise might lead to hair loss, weight gain, aggression, destructive behaviors, and in extreme cases, depression.

So if they are not exercising enough, they may try to release their pent-up energy by parading their toys and playing with them, and even though it’s an adorable way, if they do it out of boredom or lack of activity you need to keep them active and play with them daily for at least 30 minutes beside their daily walk. 

Other Ways Dogs Parade their toys

Here is how dogs may parade their toys in other ways – some are subtle and some are not very much so.

  • They can just put their toys in front of you 
  • They can hold them in their mouths
  • They can only parade their favorite toys (if you noticed that your pooch has a favorite toy and they bring you their favorite toy or display it for you in any way, it means that they trust you) 

Why do dogs parade their toys outside?

If your dog takes their toys outside, then they’re being possessive, if they’re possessive they won’t let anyone touch or come near their belongings such as their toys, food, or even you, you will find them guarding their food when they’re eating and gets angry or jealous when you interact with other dogs.

Why does my dog grab a toy when I come home?

If your dog grabs a toy when you come home, they are greeting you, they are happy to see you and they bring the toy to you as a gift, if they can’t find a toy, they will bring whatever is the closest to them, it could be dirty laundry, a shoe, or a towel.

Why do dogs bring toys to bed? 

Dogs bring their toys to bed to make sure they are safe as they may consider their toys as their companion, and it may not just be their toys but any important belonging, they will bury their toys in their bed just like when they used to bury their food, also they want to wake and find their toy is next to them just like babies.

Why does my dog throw his toys in the air? 

It’s an action that dogs used to do when they are hunting they basically do it to kill their small prey and no matter how cute and kind they may seem, they need to follow their instincts every once in a while by attacking their toys, or it could be another way of letting out some pent-up energy.

Why does my dog sit on his toys?

Every dog thinks of their toys as their buddy and they will try to protect them from anything, they may also sit on them to keep their toys safe, and if they do that they will probably bury it in their bed when they are asleep for the same reason.

Related Questions 

Why do dogs put their toys in your face? 

Your dog may be putting their toys in your face to get your attention especially if they do it a lot and when they do it you give them the attention they are seeking, they are trying to get you to play with them, or they are just playing and they feel safe playing around you.

Why does my dog always give me his toys? 

Your dog could be giving you their toy because they want to play with you, they are trying to get your attention, they are trying to give you a gift, they are telling you that they trust you, they are trying to cheer you up, or they think of you as their leader and they are making sure to have a place in your pack.

Why is my female dog whining and carrying a toy? 

Your female dog may be whining and carrying a toy because they have a desire to play with you and that is how they are requesting to play with you and it could be the only way you respond to them and they will do it every time they want to get your attention. 

Do Dogs bring their owners’ Gifts? 

Yes, all dogs will try to give their owners some gifts such as toys, branches, anything they find in your backyard, or even a sock and if you accepted their gift with a smile or any sign of happiness they will keep bringing you gifts and they may start bringing gifts to other members of your family and guests.

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