Why Does My Golden Retriever Burp So Much? Causes and Solutions

I make sure that my golden retriever’s diet is healthy and right for them and I avoid giving them anything that would upset their stomachs such as ice cream, anything with garlic, chocolate, or anything containing the sweetener xylitol.

However, lately, my golden retriever started to burp quite a lot and I had no clue why, so I started doing my research, and here’s everything you need to know in seconds;

Why does my golden retriever burp so much? Your Golden retriever is burping so much because there’s too much air in their stomach which happens when your dog drinks or eats too fast, and they could also be burping because there’s too much water in their stomach.

This was the short answer, and now that you know why it happens, it’s time to know what you should do about it and when it serious (and when is it not). For the answers to these questions and more, keep reading ..

What is Burping in Dogs? 

Golden Retriever relaxing inside the house to illustrate the answers to why does my golden retriever burp so much and what they need to do about it

It’s when your dog expels gas from their stomach through their mouth sometimes it could make a noise but most of the time it doesn’t.

Burping is not as heavy as vomiting but if a small amount of vomit comes up while they are burping, it should be a matter of concern. 

Why Do Dogs Burp?

The most common reasons dogs burp are:

  • Eating too fast 
  • Their diet 
  • Gastric-dilation-volvulus 
  • medications 

Eating too fast

Dogs burp due to the air they have swallowed and that’s how they remove it from their stomach.

This often happens when dogs eat or drink too fast. Usually. this only happens when your dog gets really hungry and then eats, but some dogs also eat fast all the time and those dogs do need to be trained to eat more slowly.

Check out this video on how fast some golden retrievers could eat their food:

The way this golden retriever eats is bad for their health for numerous reasons, chief among them is that they are swallowing so much air that they will definitely burp later.

Also, if you have more than one dog and they tend to eat each other’s food they will learn to eat fast before the other one eats it.

If you have just one dog and are wondering if you should get another one, I highly recommend you check out my post on whether golden retrievers are better in pairs. I think you will find the pros and cons list there pretty useful.

The diet 

Diet could also be the cause of your dog’s burping as some food can be the reason why they are burping, so avoid any food that could cause them gas which will lead to burping.

If they eat something they are allergic to, it will upset their stomach and can make them burp.

Dogs who like eating raw food will burp too and it will smell bad. This is called sulfur burp and it’s the result of the digestion of protein.


This is an illness that can cause burping. You know it as bloating, and it may sound simple, but it’s not, and it’s very serious. Bloating is when the stomach is filled with air and it’s unable to expel because there is a twist that blocks off their gut.

Here are the symptoms of the gastric-dilation-volvulus:

  • Drooling 
  • An anxious look 
  • Retching without producing anything
  • Stretching 
  • Distending abdomen 
  • They cannot stand 
  • Excessive burping
  • Pacing 
  • Painful abdomen 
  • They will try to vomit but they will fail 
  • Restlessness 
  • Swollen abdomen 
  • Rapid breathing 
  • Look of distress  

What to do if your golden retriever bloats?

If your golden retriever is bloating, rush them to the vet. There are no home remedies for bloating and you should not try to treat it yourself. The only way to save your dog’s life is to rush them to the nearest vet the moment you notice the bloating.


If your dog is taking a certain medication, burping could be one of the side effects. Make sure to check the medications papers or ask your vet right away if the medication or the combination of meds they are taking could be causing them to burp.

If the burp is because of the medication they are taking, it would smell like a rotten egg or fish.

What to do when your dog burps? 

If the burp is only with noise and there is no vomit or bad smell, you can raise their bowl to their chest level, if it doesn’t stop or some vomit starts to appear then you should take them to their vet.

Prevention of Burping in Dogs 

Here is what you can do to prevent burping in dogs:

  • Make sure that your dog does not eat so fast (some bowls are specially made for this problem) 
  • Leave them excess for freshwater all the time 
  • Do not use an elevated bowl for their food or drinks 
  • Instead of feeding them two large meals, feed them multiple times through the day but in small amounts 
  • Do not take them for a walk or do any activity for at least an hour before or after they eat.
  • Avoid feeding them food that would upset their stomachs like ice cream or anything they are allergic to.
  • If you want to change their diet do not do it suddenly but do it slowly over several weeks.
  • If they are only eating dry food or just wet food try to mix between them.
  • Feed them at least 30% high-protein 
  • Make sure that their dry food do not have fat or citric acid in the first four ingredients
  • Avoid any brewer’s yeast products 
  • Make sure that their dry food has rendered meat with a bone in one of the first four ingredients 
  • Drinking water too fast should be avoided 
  • If they are on antibiotics probiotics give it to them 2-4 hours apart 

I found this slow feeder bowl from the Outward Hound to be surprisingly effective at making my dogs eat more slowly. You can check this slow feeder bowl on Amazon here or by clicking on the image below:

Is burping a sign of bloat in dogs?

Yes, burping could indicate that your dog is bloated, they will also appear uncomfortable and they cannot rest, their belly will look large and distended, it means that their stomach is full of gas and fluids, to make sure that it’s bloating you can pat on their stomach and if it sounds hollow then it’s bloated. 

Can bloat in dogs resolve by itself?

No, bloating will not resolve by itself it needs medical help such as surgery or the vet can treat it. You should never ignore bloating or signs of bloating in dogs as bloating could be fatal in hours.

Causes of bloat 

  • Eating too much 
  • Raised food bowls 
  • Increased age 
  • Eating very fast 
  • Drinking too much water very quickly 
  • Stress 
  • Genetic factors 
  • Exercising before or after eating 

How long does bloat take to kill a dog?

Bloating in dogs is a life-threatening condition can kill your dog in a few hours if not treated by a vet, and unfortunately, most dog owners take too long to rush the dogs to their vets, and by the time they arrive, it is already too late and there is nothing the vet could do to save the dog’s life.

What relieves bloating fast? 

  • You can take your dog for a walk or do some simple activities (not running)
  • You can put some peppermint oil capsules in their food ( if they ate too much just give them the peppermint oil without any food)
  • You can massage their belly to relieve any gas (if the massage seems to cause them any pain, stop immediately, and take them to the vet)

What breeds of dogs are prone to bloat?

Credit: The Spruce Pets

Dog breeds that are more prone to bloating:

  • Doberman pinschers
  • Weimaraners
  • Great Danes 
  • Irish setters 
  • Old English sheepdogs 
  • Standard poodles 
  • Saint bernards 
  • Gordon setters 
  • Basset hounds 

Any dog breed can have bloat, but it’s kinda common in any large and deep-chested breeds.

Can overeating kill a dog?

Yes, overeating can kill dogs, it’s a common cause of death in large breed dogs. When large dogs overeat, their stomachs unusually bloat with gas which leads to gastric-dilatation-volvulus, which prevents the dog’s stomach from deflating and it occludes their local blood flow, in the end, it will lead to tissue death.

Can I give my dog Pepto Bismol for gas?

Yes, experts, drug administration, and the U.S. food administration have approved to use of Pepto Bismol to help settle your dog’s stomach, Pepto Bismol can reduce the gas and alleviate diarrhea too.

Related Questions 

Why is my dog burping and throwing up?

Your dog could be burping because they eat and drink too fast, and they could be vomiting and burning because they ate something they are allergic to or something that contains too much dairy and they are lactose intolerant, also the voting could indicate a much bigger problem. 

Why does my dog burp in my face? 

If your dog burps in your face then they are not doing it on purpose because burping is involuntary and it just happens that when this happens they are in your face, however, if they do it whenever they see you it means that they are burping all the time and it means they are probably ill.


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