Why Is Your Goldendoodle Aggressive? 5 Reasons and Solutions

Goldendoodles are not really an aggressive breed. In fact, they are known to have a generally calm temperament and they are very friendly toward their owners and others around them.

They might still display some aggressive behaviors in certain situations, but it’s easy to train this aggression out of them as long as you know the reason behind it.

So, why is your Goldendoodle aggressive? Your Goldendoodle is aggressive mainly due to a lack of training and socialization early on in its life. Other reasons include being provoked, experiencing separation anxiety, and not receiving enough exercise or a good diet. It’s important to understand the reason behind your dog’s aggression to prevent it.

Keep reading to learn more about what causes Goldendoodle to become aggressive, the signs of aggression in Goldendoodles, and how to train your Goldendoodles not to be aggressive.

Are All Goldendoodles Aggressive?

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Not all Goldendoodles are aggressive by nature. They are not bred to be an aggressive breed as they are cross between Golden Retrievers and Poodles which are known to be two of the sweetest dog breeds out there.

There are some Goldendoodles that might become aggressive at a certain point in their lives, however, this rarely happens and it’s never without a good reason.

A dog’s behavior will always depend on its living conditions and the kind of training it received early on in its life. So, with proper training, Goldendoodles will always grow to be well-behaved and affectionate.

Are Goldendoodles Good Around Other Pets?

Goldendoodles are good around other pets as long as they were properly socialized and trained as puppies.

If they were raised around other pets from a young age, they will easily get along as they get older. However, if they are not introduced to other pets until later in life, they might feel territorial and act aggressively.

Are Goldendoodles Good Around Children?

Goldendoodles are great around children as long as they were properly socialized and trained as puppies.

However, you still need to keep in mind that there are risks that come with leaving your children alone with any dog and that sometimes accidents can still happen.

If you’re going to have a dog around your children, you need to make sure that all their interactions will be supervised by an adult. You also need to be on the lookout for any signs that the dog is becoming aggressive or that your children are unknowingly harming the dog.

What Causes Goldendoodles to Become Aggressive?

As mentioned before, Goldendoodles are not aggressive by nature and will rarely become aggressive without a reason.

So, here are some of the main 5 reasons that could cause your Goldendoodle to become aggressive.:

Lack of Proper Training and Socialization

If Goldendoodles don’t receive proper training as puppies, they’re likely to become aggressive as adults as they won’t know that this kind of behavior is wrong.

If they also don’t receive proper socialization, they will feel threatened in most situations and will act aggressively out of fear.

Being Provoked

If Goldendoodles were provoked by another dog or a person, they’re very likely to become aggressive in order to defend themselves.

Generally, any aggressive behavior from others will result in equally aggressive behavior in the dog.

Experiencing Separation Anxiety

Goldendoodles are social dogs. They love attention and they tend to seek companionship.

If they don’t get as much attention as they are used to or if they are left alone for too long, they will start to experience separation anxiety which might them to act aggressively in an effort to cope or to get their owners to pay more attention to them.

Lack of Physical Exercise

Goldendoodles are highly energetic dogs, so they need to be exercised regularly in order to release their excess energy in a healthy manner.

If they do not receive enough exercise, they will act out and seek other ways to release their energy which can turn into destructive behavior and might escalate to aggression.

Not Having a Good Diet

The quality of Goldendoodle diets will significantly affect their mood and behavior.

If they don’t consume the calories and nutrients their bodies require, they are more likely to act out and become aggressive as a way to communicate their need for a change in their diet.

What Are the Signs of Aggression in Goldendoodles?

As a pet owner, it’s very important to have a good understanding of your dog’s body language, so you can determine whether it’s becoming aggressive and act accordingly.

Here are some of the signs of aggression in Goldendoodles that you need to be on the lookout for:

  • Barking or growling loudly for no reason
  • Grinding or baring their teeth
  • Lowering their head and avoiding eye contact
  • Pulling their ears back until they’re flat against the head
  • Raising their tails in an upright and rigid position
  • Moving their tail back and forth rapidly

If you notice any of these signs in your Goldendoodle, you need to remove your dog from the situation and give it some time to calm down, or its behavior will escalate to aggression.

How to Train Your Goldendoodle Not to Be Aggressive?

Now that you know the main reasons that cause your Goldendoodle to become aggressive, here’s how you can train it not to be aggressive in the future:

Socialize Your Dog at A Young Age

You need to properly socialize your Goldendoodle when it’s young in order to teach it not to feel threatened in most situation

Socialization involves exposing your dog to various new situations and allowing it to interact with different sounds, scents, animals, and people.

The most effective way to socialize your dog is to take it on daily walks in a busy park or to socialization events held by pet shelters where it can meet others and learn how to be around them.

Discipline Your Dog’s Aggressive Behavior Immediately

If your dog starts displaying signs of aggression, you need to discipline it immediately before its behavior escalates.

It will be a lot more effective to stop any negative behavior while it’s still in progress then you can replace it with the desired behavior. If you wait too long to discipline the dog, it won’t be as effective and you are likely to make it confused.

Use Positive Reinforcement to Encourage Good Behavior

The best discipline technique to encourage good behavior in dogs is positive reinforcement.

To effectively use positive reinforcement with your Goldendoodle, you need to identify what motivates it the most, whether it’s treats, toys, or praise, then use that to reward the dog whenever it displays good behavior to encourage it to continue displaying this kind of behavior in the future.

Keep in mind that the positive reinforcement technique is only effective when used to encourage good behavior only. If your start giving your dog rewards without a reason or when it shows bad behavior, you will diminish the effect of the technique and confuse your dog.

Ignore Your Dog to Punish Bad Behavior

If you want to punish bad behavior in your Goldendoodle, you need to avoid using any kind of violence such as hitting your dog or yelling harshly at it as this will only provoke the dog and cause it to become more aggressive.

The most effective way to punish bad behavior in dogs is to simply ignore them and walk away.

Goldendoodles love attention and they usually start misbehaving or acting aggressively as a way to get their owners to pay more attention to them. So, once you stop giving them the attention they ask for, they will eventually understand that bad behavior is not the right way to ask for attention and stop misbehaving.

Establish a Regular Exercise Routine for Your Dog

Make sure to establish a regular exercise routine for your Goldendoodle that involves various physical activities to help it release excess energy and tire it out.

On average, dogs need around 60 minutes of exercise in a day. Some of the exercises you can do with your dog include going on daily walks, climbing stairs, or playing games like fetch or tug of war.

Engage Your Dog in Various Mentally-Stimulating Activities

Goldendoodles are smart and they require mental stimulation as much as physical stimulation or they will get bored and act out.

Some of the mentally stimulating activities you can do with your do is teaching it to a new trick or giving it various puzzle toys to solve.

Provide Your Dog with A Good Diet

Improving your Goldendoodle’s diet plays a big part in improving its behavior.

You need to make sure your dog is eating enough calories for its size and energy levels. You also need to make sure that your dog’s meals contain all kinds of nutrients that its body needs to grow and remain healthy.

It’s recommended to include food that has high levels of protein and Omega-3 Fatty acids. It’s also recommended to avoid low-quality canned foods that contain fillers, sugars, or byproducts.

Try to Keep Your Dog Away Situations that Are too Stressful

Some situations might be too stressful for your Goldendoodle and will cause it to act out and become aggressive. So, it’s best to be aware of these situations and keep your dog away from them as much as possible.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t introduce your dog to new situations. You just need to be prepared for your dog’s reaction and act accordingly to prevent their behavior from escalating.

What to Do If Your Goldendoodle Remains Aggressive?

If your Goldendoodle remains aggressive and you can’t seem to identify the cause behind its behavior, then it might be a good idea to seek a professional trainer to discipline your dog’s behavior

It’s also recommended to consult a vet as there might be a chance that your dog is suffering from a health problem or a disorder that’s causing it to act out and become aggressive

Related Questions

Can Goldendoodles Be Trained to Be Guard Dogs?

Goldendoodles can’t be trained to be guard dogs as they’re not bred to be aggressive. However, they can be trained to be service dogs as they’re very intelligent and perceptive. They can be used in nursing homes and hospitals to comfort traumatized individuals or help individuals with sight or balance issues.

Will A Goldendoodle Attack Its Owners?

A Goldendoodle will not attack its owner unless it was provoked. With proper training and socialization, Goldendoodles will be loyal to their owners and affectionate. However, if they were abused or threatened, they are likely to become aggressive and attack their owners in self-defense.

Are Goldendoodles Hyper?

Goldendoodles are hyper when they’re young mainly because they have too much energy. They naturally calm down as they get older, but some of them might still act hyper due to lack of proper training and socialization, experiencing separation anxiety, not getting enough physical and mental stimulation, and not eating a good diet.

Are Goldendoodles Smart?

Goldendoodles are very smart. They can learn new commands quickly and respond to old commands with little practice. They are also very perceptive of the feelings of others and can always communicate their needs to their owners. However, they need to be constantly engaged in mentally stimulating activities.

Are Goldendoodles Hard to Train?

Goldendoodles are not hard to train. That is because they are very smart and can easily learn new commands in a short time as well as respond to old commands with little practice. However, training your Goldendoodle will be a lot easier if you start when they’re puppies.

How to Train Goldendoodles to Follow a Command?

To train Goldendoodles to follow a command, you first need to establish a command word that you want your dog to associate with a certain action. You need to repeat that word in a firm tone whenever you want your dog to display the action. Make sure to reward your dog whenever it follows the command by giving it a treat.

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